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  1. Mostsh

    Thread wiping cache partition will reboot my phone!

    hello there, i have been searching this thresd but no answer. im on 4.2.2 stock takju, When selecting the 'wipe cache partition' in stock recovery, the system reboots after a couple of seconds. I think it used to return to the recovery menu. Is that normal? even with "fastboot erase cache"...
  2. Mostsh

    Thread odin problem

    hi there, im just wondering why odin multidownloader 4.xx did not recognize my s2, while odin 1.xx & 3.xx recognize it. any idea?
  3. Mostsh

    Thread S2 turning off

    Hello there i have s2 stock 4.1.2 and when i long press power button, menu doesnt appear. The phone turn off! How do i fix that?? Thx in advance
  4. Mostsh

    Thread music player issue

    hello guys, i flashed my S2 via odin to JB 4.1.2 the problem is that music player can not see all my mp3 files stored in usb storage. so i can not set what i want as ringtone any idea?
  5. Mostsh

    Thread AOSP??

    sorry for my noob question :D what is AOSP & AOSPA ???