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    Thread What is a good custom ROM for Lenovo Z2 Plus?

    I'm looking for a Nougat based ROM for this phone. I have a score of 156K on Antutu V7.0.4 on stock ZUI 2 Android 6.0.1, which I think is fairly decent. I don't care about customisations. All I want is a ROM that does not gimp the SoC's performance or reduce battery life/efficiency or have too...
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    Thread Lenovo Z2 Plus API libraries

    Hi. I own a Lenovo Z2 Plus with stock OS 6.0.1. Is there some way to install graphics API runtimes onto this device without having to flash a new ROM? Because I know for sure that most of all custom ROMs gimp your phone's true potential. I happen to like the stock OS as well. The API libraries...