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    Post [ v2.0 BETA ] BuilduntuVM - Compile Android ROMs with Windows or Mac OSX

    could anyone upload version2.0? i can not download from the link or the torrent thank!
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    Post [Q] Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 Unlock/Root issue

    wait for me I am doing reverse-engining for the bootloader(little kernel) of my CM1 when i am free... hope i can find some useful inf that can help CM1 user
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    Post OnePlus One LK (Little Kernel) Bootloader Debugging with IDA

    i have same question i want to analyse the SBL of my Panasonic CM1 but i dont know how to do
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    Thread the ROM built with target "aosp_hammerhead-eng" doesn't boot

    Hellow xda!! Nice to meet you!! this is my first post! and i want to ask a question about building AOSP for my Nexus5. I have successfully built the android-5.0.1_r1(Lollipop) for my Nexus5. The output-image(boot,recovery,system..etc) can be flashed and boot successfully. but the rom is...