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    Thread Need Tablet buying advice

    Hey guys, i decided to buy a tablet, but i dont know which one. my first and biggest criteria is that i can flash and run any official good rom (no nightly, beta, etc) like LineageOS or any other good rom i dont care about the specs neither if its a new device or not and i wanted to spend...
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    Thread [solved] Firmware update [1]system flash loop

    hi guys, ive finaly got the 0PKVIM[email protected]60201_20.05_018_F_release_479349_combined_signed.zip firmware update running, everything gets patched fine (bootloader, boot, recovery etc) till the point where it installs [1] SYSTEM, it says...
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    Thread Error mounting /sdcard!

    cant mount or format internal flash was at formatting the internal flash when suddenly the phone crashed now i dont have any rom installed and the kernel says cant mount /sdcard the only thing i can do now is change kernels(via fastboot) and acces the recovery menus
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    Thread Cant acces sd card

    Ok guys i think i messed up my phone, i tried to flash cyanogenmod 9 but thats didnt worked so i wiped and formated everything possible via the recovery so i can start from zero the problem i have now is the only thing i can do is access recovery (doom kernel v1) but if i mount usb storage it...
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    Thread Need Help

    okay guys i need some help at the moment i have doomkernel and sspeed rom installed on my xperia s but i only have big problems for example the phone crashes very often and the battery drains like hell what i want now is install stock kernel and stock rom and ONLY add root access so i need...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia S Stock rom

    where can i find a stock rom? because the KA08 Xperia SSpeed custom rom drains my battery like a ***** it lasts max. for an hour -.-
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    Thread Stolen Phone

    okay guys i have a real problem... my 3 months old htc sensation xe was stolen and i dont have any thief protection apps installed but i just noticed that its possible to install apps from the computer over the google market now my question is... what can i do using this option to get my phone...
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    Thread [Q] Permanent BeatsAudio?

    Is it possible to turn on beats audio manually to use it with winamp, youtube and other apps that play music? I have HTC Sensation XE