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    Thread Any way to reset/reflash Intel manage engine firmware and BIOS on Lenovo x1 Yoga?

    Hello. After recent firmware and BIOS updates on my lenovo x1 yoga 2nd Gen, mainboard of this laptop do not turn off completely after OS shuts down. Resulting that it never come back from restart/sleep and never turn off completely upon OS shutdown. Can anyone of you suggest a possible way to...
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    Thread Please help about hardware overlay for GSI ROM on MTK device

    Hello. I got infinix note7 X690b MTK6768 android10 device on which I'm trying to use GSI ROM based on android11. One of the dev made an overlay for my device and committed to THH trebble project at github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations so the overlay is present in THH releases. But still...
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    Thread App Bug XDA app is not accessible for Visually Impaired users with android accessibility service

    Hello. I'm an older user of XDA and love to have the forum app on my phone for staying connected always. But after discontinuation of previous app, Me and many of my friends are in a big trouble. I'm a visually impaired person, use assistive technology such screen reading software to operate...
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    Thread Unable to connect Infinix x690B with Maui Meta tool for IMEI restoration

    I did use Maui Meta tool in the past to restore IMEIs on slitely older MTK devices, but My current phone is based on MTK6768 with secure boot, needed the IMEIs to be written after flashing firmware. I can use SP flash tool with "sec boot" utility to flash ROM successfully, But unable to connect...
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    Thread looking for factory images for nokia6.1

    It would be great help to the community if someone could share factory images for this device of android 8 and 9. It can be use to reflash from scratch, or downgrade the device to android8 like me..
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    Thread How to get warranty back of a new galaxy device after rooting

    Hi there. I've discovered "tryangle away", but someone said that its development has stop. So, now, I want to know is there any possibility to get my warranty back on my new galaxy a5-2017 after i did rooting it? I read somewhere that it needs to reset the flash counter to 0, which is not...
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    Thread How to: disable/remove sound alive from a5-2017?

    Hi there. I'm a visually impaired user of a5 but my prefered TTS engine "ETI eloquence" sound is not fine on this phone. I observed that its a result of its conflict with sound alive feature of the phone, therefore, i'm looking a way to completely disable, or remove sound alive for better...
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    Thread a5-2017: Proximity sensor stop working ocasionally

    Hi. I got new a5-2017 2days ago and observed that its proximity sensor ocasionally stop working for unknown reason. At such time, I need to reboot the phone to fix it instantly. Its looking related to the software, not a hardware problem, because it get fixed after restarting the device. I'm...
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    Thread Try angle away for a5-2017 sm-a520f

    Hi devs! Here i'm asking that is there a suitable version available of t"try angle away" app for sm-a520f, to reset the flash counter? Sorry if it is being discussed somewhere, i didn't find by searching. I'm a new owner of a5-2017, so i need this to safeguard my warranty.
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy j2 2015, little problem in stock ROM

    Hi friends! This is Abdullah, a visually impaired user of j2-2015 (SMJ200H) with v5.1.1. A little problem is that the call volume on headset/handfree is too slow as compared to other models. I've tried different headsets, but it is the default configguration of j2. For this issue, i've been...