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  1. khaosxiii

    Post Could not remount /System

    mount -o rw, remount /
  2. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] [polaris] ArrowOS 11.0 [OFFICIAL] [WEEKLY]

    Confirmed - having this issue on clean flash w. latest twrp ... you can skip setup, but even going back to it later it's the same issue Black Screen as OP described. Downloading the non-GAPPS version now to see if I can get through setup ... Been using ArrowOS October2020 for daily since then...
  3. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] [polaris] ArrowOS 11.0 [OFFICIAL] [WEEKLY]

    Yeap - Thanks - if there's a way to decrypt in TWRP plz let me know (I can certainty clear data and copy the rom over via MTP and flash again - junt not sure how to decrypt permanently from TWRP or if there is a way without flashing another stock ROM) I think my issue is actually somehow...
  4. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] [polaris] ArrowOS 11.0 [OFFICIAL] [WEEKLY]

    Tried to flash this while still encrypted ... hitting reboot loop - forever loading of arrow logo (could be because I am on M1803D5XE and not Intntl Version Too?) What's the best way to permanently unencrypt via TWPR nowadays? Do I have to install Arrow 10 and then unenecrypt from there? A++...
  5. khaosxiii

    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

    No - will try debloat package suggested after this
  6. khaosxiii

    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

    Looks good ... but wasn't the original purpose of Paranoid Android to avoid some of the more invasive Android Apps? (Looks like everything is included here). Is there a way to remove Google Search from the Home/Screen/Launcher? I don't want to use it at all.
  7. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    Yes - EDL Trumps any hacks/workarounds possible as the issue is inherently that a Global ROM will not boot on a locked CN Phone - AND you can't flash a CN ROM ontop of a Global ROM AND you can't unlock the phone again if you have cleared cache/etc. from some other failure (and why you are doing...
  8. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    Thank you for the link - checked out everything there. I actually put these elf files in my images directory and played around w/ test point flashing ... I was never successful, but there was some interesting behavior in the tool as if this could work (possibly on the device it is designed...
  9. khaosxiii

    Post [GUIDE][MI A2 / MI 6X] How to unbrick from ARB (EDL state)

    Started checking out these patched Programmer files for Xiaomi Mix 2S as I am currently stuck on M1803D5XE (CN Model)- Err: "This MUI Version cannot be installed on this device" with locked bootloader ... Posted about it here...
  10. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    Looks like there is more auth then I thought - I went ahead and disconnected my internet completely to find out that I'm only passing the initial MD5 hash locally ... and then there is additional auth after that .. . It's an interesting theory though - maybe someone is willing to help out ...
  11. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    Update: Proof of concept Complete and Successful: ================================= Record Server Response: =================== -Downloaded ROM which is able to be flashed w/ XiaomiADB.exe - in this example: miui_MIMIX2SGlobal_V10.3.5.0.PDGMIXM_640d089ad0_9.0.zip This ROM: Passed MD5 Hash...
  12. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    Still messing around w/ this ... so far: This is what a Successful Response looks like: This is what a Failed Response looks like: Invoke Web Request w/ the same Post string: To me this looks like the same response to the same POST Request, made at a totally different time (from...
  13. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    General Problem Statement: Users that have a CN handset, purchase it unlocked; and accidentally lock it while installing a Global ROM (via the default option presented in MiFlash.exe flash_all_lock.bat) receive the error when attempting to boot their device and are bricked: This MIUI...
  14. khaosxiii

    Post c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    No help at all huh ... Been trying XiaomiADB.exe today ... overall very impressed - I am wondering how the auth works ... Since I can successfully flash a Global ROM and then just can't boot = Error: This MIUI Version can't be installed on this device, even though the side-load/flash is...
  15. khaosxiii

    Thread c.mi.com X-Post Accidentally performed MiFlash w/ Lock from CN Device to Global ROM

    Title says it all... I purchased a CN version Mi Mix 2s (M1803D5XE - shipped unlocked w/ Global ROM) and didn't even realize it until I had some Magisk Errors and then later accidentally flashed in Fastboot w/ the option to re-lock the phone (default MiFlash Option). Once you relock a CN...
  16. khaosxiii

    Post FTV Cube and USB Storage?

    Been messing with this for mos ... Came from a T95Z which mounts drives with no issue ... Fire TV can only natively mount FAT32. So far I've tried to side-load Paragon NTFS which won't work without Google Play Services ... that hasn't worked ... There are some other solutions like Stickmount...
  17. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] CyanogenMod 13.0 Builds [6.0.1_r74][2016/12/5][Linux+CAF+Google+CM]

    Thanks for all of the help in here guys - understanding that integrated Cortana is not included in Nightlies how can we get it working on this ROM? As far as I can see on the CAPPs page it's not listed either ... but I will install CAPPs anyway... NOTE: After accepting the Agreement Terms on...
  18. khaosxiii

    Post [List][Closed!]XDA-Exclusive Invite List

    THANKS!!111 xzile and timmaaa - so Excited - I'm gonna have so much fun with this thing!!11 Amazing Handset and longevity should be great
  19. khaosxiii

    Post [List][Closed!]XDA-Exclusive Invite List

    Everyone Wants this Phone Baaad I am Agree to TOS
  20. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] [4.4.x] CyanFox Rom [OFFICIAL]

    Clean Flash ... maybe something to do with me running an old radio version ... ¿ Phone was encrypted due to Exchange Policy - and I've had an issue w/ multiple 4.4 Roms + TWRP 2.3.1 where I can no longer unencrypt in TWRP - but the unencrpyt PW works fine when booting and the phone boots or...
  21. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] [4.4.x] CyanFox Rom [OFFICIAL]

    All of this, and not being able to make outbound calls about 90% of the time. No Thanks :eek:
  22. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][4.4] CM 11 Unofficial - Beta 7 11-22-13 (Discontinued due to new device)

    Great ROM So Far! Switched from TWRP to CM to flash (Could not flash w/ TWRP - failed all day even after format etc). Did not need to format system when flashing - did of course clear cache, dalvic and factory reset (Came from Hyperdrive RL16) Can't wait for future updates - GOOD WORK!
  23. khaosxiii

    Post List Of Ports (Alphabetical Order)

    ATT SIII Thread is invalid. sucks ... there is a 9300 port but no D2ATT ...
  24. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] Ubuntu Touch Preview [02/27: Alpha Update #1]

    Will be checking this out ... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2431316 ( Ubuntu Touch for the d2att - dank101)
  25. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] Ubuntu Touch Preview [02/27: Alpha Update #1]

    bamp ... I see Ubuntu Touch 1.0 is being released in a week - can we follow these instructions or is there a pre-release nightly to get 1.0 going on the Fire? Everything is pointing here from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/otter
  26. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] Ubuntu Touch Preview [02/27: Alpha Update #1]

    quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip from here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/quantal/mwc-demo/ worked! (2-21-13 Build) April 5ths from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/ does not work :( Any chance on getting this working...
  27. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] Ubuntu Touch Preview [02/27: Alpha Update #1]

    TY! I Upgraded from TWRP 2.1.1 to (w/ SmirKit) and now the first file flashes for a long time (before it only took 2 seconds) So it looks like the issue was my old Recovery :good: Thanks Guys - any word on why the edited date on the files is today? (will I see something different -...
  28. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM] Ubuntu Touch Preview [02/27: Alpha Update #1]

    Having some issues flashing this ... (I may be using an old version of TeamWin Recovery ... could that be it? - it's been a while ) ... 1st thing: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/ Modified Dates on files here are April 5th (saw some people reporting...
  29. khaosxiii

    Post [Q] firefirefire bootloop problem can you help?

    Just wanted to indicate my experience: 1.0A Charger = Boot Loop 1.3A Charger = Booted! Yay!
  30. khaosxiii

    Post [Q] How to get covers to work in Kindle App ICS

    Same issue here - kindle app from android market when opening .mobile files that are moved to /sdcard/kindle. Also randomly some purchased books do not show covers. Redid the books w/ Calibre and same thing - the reason this is so annoying is because the same files show covers on native...
  31. khaosxiii

    Post [DEV][WIP] CM9/Ice Cream Sandwich

    Just wanted to add that the MetroPCS LG Esteem waso nly $300 ... I think that's cheaper then the Verizon Version of the 910 (right?) - only problem is that Metro just discontinued the phone - this should make for some cheaper ones avail on CS though - as people may switch "up" to the new MetroLG...
  32. khaosxiii

    Post Re-rooted Samsung Admire

    Living in Metro Dallas ... Got root easily from this guide: http://androidforums.com/admire-all-things-root/412730-root-one-click-root-samsung-admire-sch-r720-windows-mac-linux-9-12-2011-a.html Phone is still new so i'm still messing around with pm list packages ... disable etc (after looking...
  33. khaosxiii

    Post Tmobile G2 (Vision) Touch Screen dead spots

    OK ... so I was able to verify a huge deadspot in the center of the screen with Kids Paint ... and also the square coloring page on Zebra Paint. It seems like the best steps to very were: -DL Kids Paint from the Market -Start drawing in curved circular motions - a straight up and down motion...
  34. khaosxiii

    Thread Tmobile G2 (Vision) Touch Screen dead spots

    Been having some odd issues with the G2 lately. Got it on launch - waited the mos for root and then rooted and have been flashing ROMs ever since. Had vision unity on the phone forever and suddenly started experiencing touch issues. I'm in Dallas so it's been 100+ degrees out forever - on a...
  35. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][Sept26][VISION] Virtuous Unity 2.39.0 Sense 3.0 based on Pyramid

    Getting hard freezes on this ROM after every install, with wiping every way I can think of in ClockWorkdMod - just flashed back to virtuous 1.0 - no issues (was on Pyromod previously) Will try this and then I may have to format my SD if there's something residual on the swap i guess...
  36. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][5/6/2011] Virtuous Fusion :: Gingerbread Sense 3.0/3D (v1.0.0)

    Agreed! Running Set CPU w/ new kernel @ 1.09/245min (1.2 will freeze with LWP for me). Profile = Screen Off:368Max/245Min - I find this saves battery big time and is just fast enough to only give a tiny lag for a split second out of a wake but nothing too bad. OC speeds it up like WOAAA!!111...
  37. khaosxiii

    Post [WIP][soon/11]TrollogenMODS Sense + Goodies! (vx.x)

  38. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][5/6/2011] Virtuous Fusion :: Gingerbread Sense 3.0/3D (v1.0.0)

    Watched IT Crowd forever today - looked amazing - better than PlayOn :cool:
  39. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][5/6/2011] Virtuous Fusion :: Gingerbread Sense 3.0/3D (v1.0.0)

    Boot into recovery -Clear everything, dalvik etc -Flash Rom -Reboot Fixed ... Same thing is happening to everyone that is flashing from the GUI Anyone have an issue with calendar widgets? HTC Agenda widget would not display - so I settled for the first one Flashed the update fix from...
  40. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][5/6/2011] Virtuous Fusion :: Gingerbread Sense 3.0/3D (v1.0.0)

    Would love to see a launcher mod 1st thing :D Big waste of space compared to AWD ... (I remember a virutous mod that would at least turn the art icon thing into something of your choice - then we were only down one shortcut ...)
  41. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][5/6/2011] Virtuous Fusion :: Gingerbread Sense 3.0/3D (v1.0.0)

    Performed flash from GUI in CW on "Ultimate Droid" ROM and experiencing the same - I've never had an issue flashing a ROM from GUI Previously - Odd... -Will reboot and wipe/flash again from recovery - sure that will fix it. EDIT: Ahh yes ... funny thing was too that it had some other...
  42. khaosxiii

    Post [LIST] Top Android Games

    :bowdown: to Worms!!!111 Stuck on Challenge Level 45 my self - I will get passed it eventually though :D
  43. khaosxiii

    Post [app] netflix

    PlayOn > this :D
  44. khaosxiii

    Post Is it feasible to port windows phone 7 to the g2

    I think it'd be cool to dual boot instead of having to go out and purchase a whole new phone. For now the closest we've got it Windows 3.1 over aDoxBox ... rofl!
  45. khaosxiii

    Post [NEWS] T-Mobile & Sprint merger is possible

    True - any opposition from the gov quit when they took M$ to court and they realized that they had more money to spend on lawyers then the government could ever muster. After this exon mobile merged, making the largest company ever known to man and there has never been a peep about monopoly...
  46. khaosxiii

    Post [ROM][07/18/11] Virtuous Sense v2.0.0 :: Enhanced & Optimized Stock ROM (2.42.405.2)

    Thanks for the lengthy response and commitment to answering all of our questions. I downloaded Pershoot's Kernel (froyo) from Clockwork Extras and flashed that and I'm no longer having the issue of not being able to power off the screen. Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA App