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    Thread how to clipboard from swype keyboard?

    I know if you long press the mic button on the Samsung keyboard, you can select the clipboard from the pop up thing. is there a way to access the clipboard from the Swype keyboard?? maybe a Swype-key shortcut? thanks Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread how to get voice commands back?

    is there any way to get voice commands "navigate to" "map of" "call ..." "note to self" etc back? I don't use s-voice, Google now is turned off. the Google search doesn't seem to work. just brings up a web search of "navigate to Dragon Buffet" but not actually the navigate. Sent from my...
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    Thread any rom have an international market fix baked in?

    any rom have an international market fix baked in? Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread old Google voice search

    can anyone tell me how to get the old Google voice search? the grey one with voice commands? the new Google-now search app is not cutting it for me, and yes, Google now itself is turned off in options. and i really don't like the s-voice either... Sent from my SPH-L900 using xda...
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    Thread txt resize/reflow in browser zoom

    i changed the text size in settings to small, but now when i use the browser, the text reflow to page size doesn't work to my zoom level, it only works to the "default" double tap size. is there a fix or work around for this so text reflows to the width i zoom in? thanks Sent from my SPH-L900...
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    Thread is there a way to get a browser status bar?

    I can't find any thing since "status bar" is the name of the info bar, Android status bar. I'd like to keep the stock browser, I'm on sense 4.1, I'd just like a traditional browser status bar at the bottom when I "hover" on links or even when long pressing something. I post this here cuz this...
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    Thread any help with phone switch at sprint?

    i have the lte, and i've got screen discoloration and dead spots. Is there any hope i can exchange it for a [refurbished] galaxy siii instead of them replacing it with another evo lte? how would i even go about asking them for this in a way they might be receptive to? thanks
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    Thread Sprint Galaxy S3 stock, in settings "tethering: usb / bluetooth"

    Is the "tethering" in settings different than the wifi hotspot, which they want to charge 29.99 a month for? because i notice the hotspot is wifi, but the network settings that just says "tethering" has a usb and bluetooth options only, no wifi... so if i tether through the bluetooth or usb...
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    Thread [Q] replacement parts anywhere yet? oh yea, its not gorilla glass...

    I knew it wasn't gorilla glass before i bought it, but i read the ifixit teardown and it seems people think its gorilla glass 1... its not. Anyway, i broke my screen. very easily, i might add - set something on it, which i unfortunately do all the time with my transformer p, but anyway, does...
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    Thread Bluetooth sound, can you reprogram to have overplay instead of pause?

    I think this is a Android thing more than evo thing, but can anyone point me to a mod where secondary sound, like navigation for example, plays OVER primary Bluetooth sound, like music playing, instead of silencing it(it doesn't pause the sound, it just mutes it)... I just use audio, not phone...
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    Thread is there a way to make voice listening longer between pausing?

    this is more Android ics than evo, but is there any way to make Android 'listen' longer between pauses before it stops listening and goes to the processing? if any voice input, be it commands, note to self, translate (this is a killer seriously), search, type, texting, etc etc, it starts to...
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    Thread anyone figure a hack to default YouTube links to YouTube app instead of browser yet?

    anyone figure out a hack to default YouTube links to YouTube app instead of browser yet?
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    Thread can someone make a hack where volume doesn't work on lock screen?

    when screen is on, but lock screen still on, volume should work if a media player is going, but otherwise, the volume buttons shouldn't control ringer volume unless you unlock it first. I'm finding in my pocket or when I check time, volume is constantly changed to volume all the way down or all...
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    Thread works on the evo, lte on off, plus phone info advanced menu

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.andirc.lteonfoff check it
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    Thread how to get mirror app on your phone unhidden, plus other hidden stuff

    your evo has a mirror app built in. its hidden. I used minimalistic txt, add new widget --> minimalistic text--> click on "start another activity" --> then press on "select an activity or shortcut" --> then scroll down to "camera" and the second choice is "mirror". that'll give you a link to...
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    Thread [Q] can someone grab the htc clock apk off a rooted evo 3d for me (us) ?

    pretty please? mine is borked with that 1.5 update
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    Thread [Q] can someone grab the htc clock apk off a rooted evo 3d for me (us) ?

    my 3d got that ridiculous 1.5 update and killed my root. i can't get it... thanks a million someone
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    Thread How to: Polaris Office on EVO. Its system-hidden

    http://blog.onthegosolutions.com/index.php/2012/05/01/hidden-power-saver-menu-htc-one-x/ this trick to access the power save menu, do the exact same thing, only after you check "start another activity" --> the select "select an activity or shortcut" --> stay on the activity list and scroll down...
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    Thread how to access the hidden power save menu on evo

    http://blog.onthegosolutions.com/index.php/2012/05/01/hidden-power-saver-menu-htc-one-x/ How to access the hidden power save menu. works on our evos too. awesome
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    Thread Swype keyboard down to just 2 pages?

    so,I always use swype, have on all the evos. this one, if you press the number/symbol button, you get a second page, and if you press again, you get a fancy arrow and edit page, but no page with keys on it. is the "number"page dead for good now, the one that arranged the numbers in a grid...
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    Thread [Q] backup without root, or root 1.5 without RUU???

    I had root before the update s-on locked me with 1.5 now. so, how can i do a backup without root, OR how can i root a 1.5 without wiping clean with RUU?????
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    Thread [Q] notification reminders ???

    So, i'm pleased with the stock text messaging app in ICS finally, except no notification reminders. so, back to Handcent, which has become such a bloated slowware now, but i can live with that. i'm used to it. Then i see no notification reminders in gVoice. no notification reminders in gTalk...
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    Thread [Q] face facial recognition lock is not secure at all

    it does not use luminosity or depth or focus points to match. i can quickly (quicker than actually looking at it properly...) unlock it by holding up with all: a photo of me a black & white photo of me an out-of-focus pic of me on a laptop screen a self-pic of me on my old evo screen so dont...
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    Thread [Q] help! how to back up and install polaris office off my evo 3d?

    Seriously, no polaris office??? so can someone explain how i can 'move' my polaris install off my 3d and onto the lte? i'm not seeing how with the backup apps. must i root both phones just to do this?? that seems excessive
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    Thread [Q] Browser frustrations!! Browser Gestures. Ominibar/awesome-bar gone for good???

    I really like the phone, but the browser is the weak point for me. its just buggy, the text resize-when-zoom puts it JUST too wide, and bla bla bla, finally something to complain about. youtube links wont associate with the youtube app. i'm upset. thats another thread. thanks apple. Anyway...
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    Thread [Q] wifi network order, priority list, etc any way to set the order?

    How do you set wifi priority, so it'll stay on the one i want it to connect to, not the strongest, or first one it saw, etc etc. can i order the 'saved' networks in any kind of priority list?
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    Thread is there a way to change to lock screen sound?

    i know in settings you can turn on a 'click' sound when the phone screen sleeps or locks or unlocks, but its a click camera-type sound. is there a way i can change the sound it makes? maybe someone knows the path to the sound file i can just copy another file over it, rename it the same...
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    Thread [Q] HTC clock app, desk clock

    The old HTC clock would turn to a nice desk clock with just a dim digital time when in landscape. The LTE's clock ha the time displayed like it is in settings in a bright white and highlighted bar. TERRIBLE for use as a nighttime bedside clock!!! anyone have the old sense 3 version of the...
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    Thread [Q] change all app drawer from left-right to up-down

    in the 'all apps' drawer, anyone figure out how to change the screen-swipe to up-down from left-right, without installing a new launcher???
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    Thread [Q] can someone point me to the button-mapping thread?

    LOVE my new EVO LTE (hardware) -- waiting on a couple software fixes for a few things. i remember reading a thread where you could map an ICS android's dedicated camera button to voice search on soft-press. You know, the one-push of the button, instead of the holding-it-down which brings up...
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    Thread HDMI input for android

    1) PLEASE DON'T BAN ME, i did read and understand the warning as: I am still posting here as, although the device i have is 4 androids ( EVO, EVO 3D, TRANSFORMER PRIME, ARCHOS A10|1T:8000), all with HDMI port (except the 3d, which has HDMI output through the USB port with a converter thingy)...
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    Thread 3D sites other than YouTube?

    anyone know of any? I'd like video sites, streaming, or even some tube knock-off site! just somewhere to actually use the 3d... I was told Vimeo had 3d videos, but either they don't have a proper web player or I just simply couldn't find any there. so, someone must know!! but if none, I'd also...
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    Thread [Q] a virtual touchpad/trackball for evo? for on-screen navigation

    is there any on-screen virtual touchpad or trackball that would permanently dock at the bottom of the screen that would move a 'mouse' like pointer or selection area on-screen? with the evo having just a large touch screen, there's no way to 'highlight' things without just pressing it with your...