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    Thread Anyone tested GTS/GTR 2nd Version

    A lot of reviews but all seems to be biased favoring buy. None of them are speaking about any issues or problems. Is the watch that really good?
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    Thread What is the life expectancy of Amazfit devices?

    Hey Guys, Like most of you; I own Pace, Stratos (1 & 3) My pace battery dont stand for a day these days My Stratos 1 has started to develop dead pixel and spreading fast . See here Amazfit Dead Pixel This was bought mid 2018 And the new stratos 3 has so many problems that one thread is n't...
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    Thread Wi-Fi doesn't work anymore on my device

    This might sound stupid. Being fan of Mi device, I had bought Mi6 from a second hand market after loosing one in CAB. The guy was using it and did factory reset in front of me. Since i did not had the option to test the device completely; took the device happily and installed China developer...
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    Thread [Request] need SHW-M250K PIT FILE

    My dear friends, I have tried pit files available from different locations and ended up having corrupt Internal storage. The device recognize only 1.8 GB and the PC just 1 GB. After converting the device to I9100 i am able to see the Internal storage but not in the native mode. Request if you...