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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][I01WD][9] LineageOS 16.0

    I cant find where to change the vibration intensity, can someone point me to the correct location. Thanks
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    Post Stuck at fastboot mode..

    So if you are in fastboot mode this means you should still be able to fast boot flash. When in fastboot don't select anything (on the screen with the option to start your phone), plug your phone into your computer and move (cd) to your platform tools folder. Open a terminal or ADMINISTRATOR...
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    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.3][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.3.1-0 TeamWin Recovery Project 9/2

    Here is my experience: Lineage for me is really broken, after a while if I reboot my phone I eventually get stuck in a bootloop, I always customise many settings and haven't narrowed done what the issue is. I was hoping this official TWRP would help with this (constantly reinstalling everything...
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    Post Asus Zenfone 6 Google Camera APK/Gcam Mod

    Gcam works well for me (looks great), its a little laggy when opening and usually always starts with it crashing but opening it straight away a second time always works. Thank you
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    Post Root and custom ROM support

    I basically tried every combination of boot loader unlocking for a Vivo phone and I managed to get success (past errors where adb fast boot refuses to connect to the phone) but the unlocking always fails. Either you get a (remote: uncloak fail) when using the command fastboot bbk unlock_vivo...
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    Post Vivo nex first steps in usa?

    Thank you very much, I will go through it now and report back :) EDIT: I didn't want to uninstall things that I felt were risky but everything I did "uninstall" using the guide was "safe" I accidently closed console so I dont have a complete list of what I uninstalled (stupid mistake) BUT it...
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    Post Vivo nex first steps in usa?

    Is there an ADB guide to delete all the bloatware off the phone, or is it just a generic process I can find on youtube?
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    Post Vivo Nex third party launchers central topic

    I sent a PM to the facebook team KOLIOSIS linked and they replied instantly with an account.
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    Post First update from Vivo

    I just got another update, haven't had time to go through the changes but on first glance I dont like what they did with the "button" prompts at the bottom of the screen. Looks like on silly flat line instead of the old distinguishable swipe areas :(
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    Post Root and custom ROM support

    Yes it does, the main Vivo facebook account is very helpful and will give you one. They responded to me instantly :)
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    Post Vivo Nex third party launchers central topic

    Getting the launcher choice to stick is the main problem causing the home swipe up, it may show that it is default but restarting the phone will return it back to funtouch every time which is very annoying. Similar problem occurs when using a non rooted version of youtube vanced, the phone...