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  1. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROOT GUIDE] SamPWNED32 - Samsung J3 prime SM-J327T/SM-J327T1

    can you provide a working download link to this please im on baseband and build SH2 and would like to see if this will root it.
  2. mrdreamers4u

    Post (ROM) |ALPHA| [5.0.1] Ideal ONE UI Port {WIP}

    I tried to install Safestrap but it didn't work and boot to it after installing it anyone know why? i did install busybox btw. i do use flashfire but i want SS also so incase of soft brick or something like that. because im assuming if i backup using FF i cant use it if i cant boot into the...
  3. mrdreamers4u

    Post (ROM) [5.0.2] Taste Of Nougat |T.O.N|

    flashfire keeps crashing :(
  4. mrdreamers4u

    Post [GUIDE] Install Custom Rom [TouchWiz] In The i337 ATT [Updated-03-02-17]

    Does anyone have the download link for Thor Rom wifi fix? The one here don't work.
  5. mrdreamers4u

    Post [Q&A] [GAPPS][2015-06-01] Open GApps for Android 5.1, 5.0, 4.4

    What's the difference between all the gapps? How do i know which one to get?
  6. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] BLISSMALLOW [P51xx][UBER][03.08.2016]

    What's the best gapps to get for performance for this rom?
  7. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ ROM ] - Dhollmen KIT-KAT 4.4.4 - 2015 06 18

    Thanks for the reply I did try to set it to its highest and it got faster because it was lagging from before but it started getting hot so I put everything back to the way it was but it still is faster than it was so actually just by setting it momentarily at its highest performance fixed the...
  8. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ ROM ] - Dhollmen KIT-KAT 4.4.4 - 2015 06 18

    can i set the cpu performance at its highest in settings and be ok?
  9. mrdreamers4u

    Post Can I root this?

    Here's more info
  10. mrdreamers4u

    Thread Can I root this?

    I wanna root and put TWRP on my truck stereo and flash a rom on it if possible and have it upgraded is this possible? Here's a link to the one i got and where. Let me know if there's more info you need to know and i'll get it. ;)...
  11. mrdreamers4u

    Post [THEME][MOD][AROMA][M&M][V5][KITKAT][AUG.23.2014]

    Download link don't work is there one that anyone has that does?
  12. mrdreamers4u


    Download links don't work anyone got a good link?
  13. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11.0.0][r43][I9100] LineageOS 18.1

    Will this work with T-Mobile SGH-T989 MC6?
  14. mrdreamers4u

    Post [INDEX] All things AT&T [MK2 NB1 NC1 NI1 NJ4 NJ5 OC3 OC4 OK2 OK3] and ROM List

    Thanks for the reply. I have read all of it but can't seem to find a link to it. But i found it anyway by googling like crazy and i finally found it. :) NC1 Modules https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=23578570567720020
  15. mrdreamers4u

    Post [Q] Are there NC1 Kernel Modules?

    Thanks but i found it yesterday sometime after asking you but TY!! i was going to post the link here as you did when i did find it the next day. Thanks again :)
  16. mrdreamers4u

    Post [INDEX] All things AT&T [MK2 NB1 NC1 NI1 NJ4 NJ5 OC3 OC4 OK2 OK3] and ROM List

    Wheres the download link for the NC1 modules?
  17. mrdreamers4u

    Post [Q] Are there NC1 Kernel Modules?

    would you happen to have a link to the nc1 modules? I can't find them anywhere.
  18. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROM] F-Slim Kat [XXUGNG8] [4.4.2] [ATT] [Safestrap]

    Is there a download link to a wifi fix for this rom? Non of these here work :( im on NC1
  19. mrdreamers4u

    Post ATT NI1 Kernel Modules

    The I337_NC1toNI1_OTA_Update.zip link don't work is there another link to this?
  20. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROM] F-Slim Kat [XXUGNG8] [4.4.2] [ATT] [Safestrap]

    Do you have a download link to the NC1 module you flashed in recovery or in odin? Is it a kernel? I tried flashing the NC1 stock kernel in odin but wifi still will not work.
  21. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROM][TW] Super WizCyan - MM/N Apps [Debloated-662 MB + Addon Package]-31-Oct-18

    after flashing this rom i cant get into safestarp
  22. mrdreamers4u

    Post [GUIDE] Install Custom Rom [TouchWiz] In The i337 ATT [Updated-03-02-17]

    After flashing Super WizCyan using your method i can't get back into safestrap is there a fix?
  23. mrdreamers4u

    Post [ROM][6.0.1]Nseven [N910VVZW2CQB2][3/6/2017]

    where can i get your theme?
  24. mrdreamers4u

    Post [APP]SuperOneClick v2.3.3 - Motorola Exploit Added!

    froze! help!! it froze up what should i do? :rolleyes: