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  1. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM] LineageOS 18.1 UNOFFICIAL - 2.0 (Update: 2021-01-20)

    Just flashed 1.5 and got the bluetooth audio issue, too. Calls over bluetooth are working indeed. Flashed back to 1.4 and it is working again. Nevertheless great work by modpunk and derf elot
  2. TechnoLover

    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    Device: Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) CDA: 1293-2052 Market: Germany Operator: Customized DE (with a lot of removable bloatware) Network: GLOBAL-LTE Release: 23.1.A.0.690 / R4C Size: 1.5 GB https://mega.co.nz/#!AZ5VnKaK!F4VZp5bQ2B1RRi3SiEHiLZbUxNOyO-cI5QrwnCNh9m4
  3. TechnoLover

    Post Lollipop Is Rolling Out, What's Your Impression? List Bugs Here

    Sichroteph You have silent mode on. Sent from my D5803 using XDA Free mobile app
  4. TechnoLover

    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    Device: D5803 Customization Number: 1288-6936 Firmware 23.0.1.A5.77 / R10B Brand: o2 Germany Country: Germany Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!kFpDyZIK!v-MIj3rv2W3wPV3CEKtRHivgvpJyjNH1PaVubwSD3lI done with XperiFirmand Flash Tool
  5. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM][T][UB][L] CyanogenMod 12.1 - Neo's Homebuilds [DISCONTINUED]

    Hey, WhiteNeo I got the logcat when the phone reboots, as far as i can see, there's no memory left when playing the game (sometimes). The logcat is attached, on line 1128 you can see clearly that there's no memory left and some apps die before. On line 1198 there's an exception that an illegal...
  6. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM][T][UB][L] CyanogenMod 12.1 - Neo's Homebuilds [DISCONTINUED]

    So, I get sometimes some random soft reboots while playing castle clash. It gets a little laggy first and then I see the cm bootscreen. Is there anything I can provide after the phone rebooted to investigate the problem? All in all, your rom makes me stay with my XT - great work!
  7. TechnoLover

    Post Updated 14/10/12 CM10 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    the led changes to green at 90, and on stock at 100% ;)
  8. TechnoLover

    Post Updated 14/10/12 CM10 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    I got the same deep sleep issue here. I did some research and have run BetterBatteryStats and have seen a wakelock which is open for 92% of the time and prevents the phone from going into deep sleep. The kernel wakelock is named "msm_serial_hs_bus" and while searching for it, it seems to be...
  9. TechnoLover

    Post Updated 15/8/12 CM9 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    the commit link to one s key layout: https://github.com/intervigilium/android_device_htc_ville/commits/ics/keylayout/cy8c-touchkey.kl
  10. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM] 16/10/12 Cyanogen 9 [GSM] [Discontinued]

    only ramdisk ;)
  11. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM] 16/10/12 Cyanogen 9 [GSM] [Discontinued]

    "CM-Kernel" ready, it fixes CPU-Settings in CM9. It's based upon Titanium Kernel #5 with ramdisk of HTC & CM. Download!
  12. TechnoLover

    Post Updated 15/8/12 CM9 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    NO! Flash Titanium- or Kiss-Kernel! Otherwise the ROM will NOT boot.
  13. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM] 16/10/12 Cyanogen 9 [GSM] [Discontinued]

    just for general info you can also use something like this OWNER="xxx" then you don't need any sudo for adb and fastboot ;): # HTC older phones SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0660", OWNER="marco" # HTC newer phones SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0660"...
  14. TechnoLover

    Post [Q] Orange spot on bottom of screen

    It's the same for me, I'll give it to the service center until the most rom-development has been done ;) Gesendet von meinem HTC One V mit Tapatalk 2
  15. TechnoLover

    Post [CDMA/PRIMOC][ROM] Unofficial CM9 for PrimoC Beta

    You'll have to or you have to add cm specific things (permissions, etc) in stock ramdisk. Gesendet von meinem HTC One V mit Tapatalk 2
  16. TechnoLover

    Post Request from developer

    Here you go
  17. TechnoLover

    Post [CDMA][PRIMOC][ROM] JmzOneV4 8-4-2012

    At the beginning I were asked which my provider is, I selected "Vodafone" and the APN's should be selected automatically. I'm gonna reinstall and check if the APN's were selected correct. Unfortunately I have no way to edit the mobile data settings, I'll reflash without skipping an app. Didn't...
  18. TechnoLover

    Post [CDMA][PRIMOC][ROM] JmzOneV4 8-4-2012

    PrimoU (GSM) Titanium kernel build #4 install-log attached Download logcat languages are missing, just english and spanish mobile data does NOT work wifi works sms & call works adb works only after boot hope it helps ;)
  19. TechnoLover

    Post [Kernel] [PrimoU] 2013/05/21 Titanium-KISS

    just use "cat /proc/version" in shell/terminal? oO
  20. TechnoLover

    Post Updated 15/8/12 CM9 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    I haven't flashed the built-in kernel, I just booted it via "fastboot boot" - normally there should happen nothing if I use it that way. I think it's a prebuilt kernel with just another ramdisk, so there shouldn't be any issues... but as long as we don't know what's the reason I flash as less as...
  21. TechnoLover

    Post Updated 15/8/12 CM9 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    I've got some graphical glitches in settings menu, app drawer, etc., I wiped everything and formatted /system. Used TitaniumKernel and built-in kernel from zip. Did anyone experienced that? P.S. an insmod of /lib/modules/bcmdhd.ko worked for me, but wifi didn't work as far as I could have seen...
  22. TechnoLover

    Post Screen Protectors

    How long does it take until you get that? It sounds interesting and for just 3.21€...
  23. TechnoLover

    Post [ROM] 16/10/12 Cyanogen 9 [GSM] [Discontinued]

    the phone actually boots, the logcat is attached. some bugs I noticed so far: some sort of mouse on the touchscreen adb stops working after boot system-ui and trebuchet are crashing directly after boot adb doesn't work on second boot, too can't go to settings -> usb-debugging =/
  24. TechnoLover

    Post adb with CWM

    I tried to compile cm9 but couldn't flash the *.zip, so I flashed the image and wanted to set the permissions in shell, but that didn't work. otherwise it's always good to fix issues in recovery when system doesn't want to boot instead of restoring (an old) backup ;)
  25. TechnoLover

    Thread adb with CWM

    hello guys, I just flashed CWM today and everything went okay, but adb doesn't work during being in recovery? Is it a general problem or a problem with my system (Ubuntu 12.04)? The device itself is listed in "lsusb", so I think there's a problem with my system or setup =/ my 51-android.rules...
  26. TechnoLover

    Post [Hack][Root] SIM Unlock for FREE - Info required

    found this on mmcblk0p18, but I don't know if it belongs to bootloader or simlock. (my phone has no simlock) strings -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p18 | grep -i unlock unlocktoken INFOunlock token check successfully FAILunlock token check failed *** UNLOCKED *** [SIMLOCK_ERR] Unlock SIM card by smart...
  27. TechnoLover

    Thread Lockscreen - unlock via status bar? normal behaviour?

    Hello guys, I just got my new HTC One V and I have one question: When you're on the lockscreen on the Stock-Rom and you pull down the status bar and go to settings, the screen gets unlocked. Is that a normal behaviour for HTC Sense? thanks for help EDIT: wrong section, sorry guys!
  28. TechnoLover

    Post [APP][WIDGET][2.2+] Recast - customize your weather and widgets

    The 4x2 widget clock shows 24:24 instead of 0:24 , I think that's a bug ;) Gesendet von meinem Liquid MT mit Tapatalk 2
  29. TechnoLover


    Works well on an Acer Liquid MT but I couldn't write anything in LXTerminal... Leafpad, etc. works well. I also tested it over Wi-Fi from my Ubuntu 11.10 and I couldn't write anything into LxTerminal =/
  30. TechnoLover

    Post [APP][ROOT] build.prop Editor v2.0

    great job makes it easier to edit the build.prop on the fly ;)
  31. TechnoLover


    I have modified your script to work with my Acer Liquid MT, I removed some things and added the ability to move system dalvik cache onto the NAND... all in all it does have the following:EXT-Partition mounted as /data Apps on EXT-Partition Dalvik-Cache on EXT-Partition Data on EXT-Partition...
  32. TechnoLover

    Post [HOW-TO] Add your City in MIUI Weather App

    You did everything correct, but it's not your fault... my town isn't showing up anymore, too so MiUI changed something and this isn't working anymore, sorry =(
  33. TechnoLover

    Post [HOW-TO] Add your City in MIUI Weather App

    when you find the city on weather.com, then it should be possible ;) On the download page of the miui weather widget ;) Sorry, but Asia isn't in the hotcity table, so it's not possible to get it working, except you know the posID from the Backend of the App but I don't think so =/ You have...
  34. TechnoLover

    Post [HOW-TO] Add your City in MIUI Weather App

    Sorry, but this works only for posID's which are in the "hotcity" table. I don't know the real backend of the app but I think that the posID's of the countries are just there to change them to the letters which wetter.com uses (e.g.: GMXX0017 for Cloppenburg). Maybe I have no clue about the...
  35. TechnoLover

    Thread [HOW-TO] Add your City in MIUI Weather App

    Hello everybody, when I searched the web for a tutorial how to add a city to MIUI-Weather app and found nothing yet, I started to try to add my own city to the database of MIUI. I was succesful and I thought that it would be a good idea to write a tutorial how to add your own city to the db...
  36. TechnoLover

    Post Gingerbread Notification Bar

    because i'm new and due to the spam prevention i'm not able to post a link, but just open deviantart.com and search for "Android 2.3 GUI", first link should be the link ;)