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    Thread App lock doesn't prompt fingerprint

    Hi, since today I have a problem with the app lock on a Mi 9T from family It doesn't prompt the fingerprint anymore but instead asks for a 4 digit pin code. But I didn't set a pin for the app lock. And the pin code for the device/screen unlock doesn't unlock the app lock function somehow. What...
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    Thread Full-Port Switch Modem Config (VoLTE enabling)

    Has anyone managed to enable the Full-Port Switch on a Realme Device yet? This is needed to configure the LTE Modem to enable a matching carrier profile that supports VoLTE. I have the Qualcomm QPST PDC programm and know how to do it on a Oneplus device. But I can't enable serial mode and the...
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    Thread Entering Engineering Mode (and list of secret codes)

    To enter the Engineering Mode: dial *#899# Here are two more lists with secret codes that I found, it seems without root yout can only execude codes with Level 1. I am not responsible for any data loss or damage to your device by using these codes. Use at your own risk...
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    Thread Fingerprint Reader not usable after Bootloader Unlock

    So this thread is intended to discuss the issue of the fingerprint reader being deactivated by Realme after unlocking the bootloader. As well as possible solutions, and ways of requesting a fix from Realme. Realme is a company that belongs to the same group as Oneplus and Oppo, namely BBK...
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    Thread [Q] Should I buy the Tab Pro 10.1 still?

    You still can get the Tab Pro 10.1 from various (over 60 webshops in Germany have it in stock) dealers new in box. It is sold for 290€ There is obviously the Tab S2 9.7 with a different aspect ratio, but it is more expensive at ~450€. I would settle with the older Tab Pro 10.1 if it is snappy...
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    Thread [Q] Qi charging, retrofit?

    Can qi charging be retrofitted with those qi receivers? Are there USB Type-C qi receivers yet?
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    Thread [Q] Set Wifi/WLAN channel width to 40Mhz

    Hi, I set my router to use 40mhz of wlan channel width in the 2,4ghz band. (Fritzbox 7390) After changing that setting from 20mhz to 40mhz in the router, the router shows, that the asus tablet uses 40mhz now. But the router shows also, that the Oneplus One still uses only 20mhz channel width...
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    Thread [Q] Color variants

    They say the Oppo R5 will be available in silver, gold and gray. Do we know, how the colors are applied? Will the device always have a white front and the alumin edge frame plus the backside will be silver, gold or gray? Or will they also offer a black front bezel version?
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    Thread partition names and partition dump

    Hi, i extracted the partition names for you and made a parition dump after unlocking and rooting. I hope you find this helpful. I skipped partition 28 since that is userdata. Where should I host the dumped files? /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name # ls -al ls -al __bionic_open_tzdata...
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    Thread [Q] Device wont turn on after booting recovery

    Hi, I wanted to root. Instead of flashing the custom recovery I only wanted to boot into it and then apply the supersu.zip. But something went wrong and now I can't turn the device on. Please help me. :crying: Here is the screenshot, what happened. (attachment) EDIT: I couldn't turn on the...
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    Thread [Q] white version LG E986? when does it come?

    Are there any Europeans who know when the white version will be in stock some where? The black version can be bought from amazon.de and 2 other retailers since one week now. But the white version is only listed at MSRP/UVP. No sign, when I finally can buy it white.
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    Thread [Q] Choose the black or white version?

    I can't decide which color to buy the phone in. Black or white. I think it depends on three things. 1) how does the backside pattern look in black, how does it look in white. 2) how do the colors of the LED-button look in combination with a black/white case 3) some phone look generally better...
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    Thread [Q] IR-LED remote: which TVs supported?

    Hi, I'm wondering if I can use the ir-remote with my ~ 3 year old Sony KDL32-W4000 TV? Or are only Samsung TVs supported? And will the ir-Remote be built-in in all country version? Because I remember the ir-led remote was only present in the UK version but not in the Austrian version of the...
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    Thread [Q] What are those pins on the side for?

    Look at page 3, step 20 http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Nexus-7-Teardown/9623/3 You can see, that the display casing or the display itself is somehow connected to the 4 pin holes that lead to the outside of the case. Are those pins for display testing? Or is this done already at display...
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    Thread [Q] Android 4.0.4

    Did anyone get their hands on the Android 4.0.4 http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/08/android-404-rom-leaks-for-galaxy-nexus-lte/ Can we expect better battery life and how long will it take for the first i9000 4.0.4 roms then? Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Section for Galaxy Gio S5660

    Where should I look for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 discussion about firmwares from samfire.com?
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    Thread [Q] can the i9000 use 5ghz?

    Can you make a software hack, to use 5ghz n-WLAN? Or is the wlan hardware simply crap, so you are forced to use the well crowded 2,4ghz band?
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    Thread [Q] disable vibrate on silent mode when battery fully charged

    Hi, the thread title says it. I want to disable the vibration when the battery is charged. I have my phone on silent mode and "vibrate=never" in settings. I got a hint that the sound is grounded in systemui.apk So I took the samsung stock XXJVP rom and pulled the factoryfs.rfs I mounted it to...
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    Thread 2.3.4 XXJVP? no one?

    HI, i searched this forum but it seems no one has talked yet about the 2.3.4 Version xxjvp. How is this? I'm down loading it.
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    Thread [Q] Does i9000 support qick charge - battery charging spec 1.1 ?

    HI, does the i9000 Galaxy S support the quick/fast charge from battery charging spec. 1.1? My new pc mainboard does support this via software/driver. And allows to load with up to 1,5A I couldn't find information on that.
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    Thread [Q] When does the Xoom come to Europe?

    Hi, do we know, when the Xoom comes out in Europe (especially in Germany) finally?
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    Thread [Q] Why can't I use yahoo mail with the Honeycomb email app?

    The Xoom manual says this: Why is this?? :confused:
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    Thread [Q] Launcherpro expires| can't find docfroyo7.6 thread

    Hi, I have DocFroyo 7.6.2 XXJPO Rom. Today I flipped my GalaxyS from vertival to horinzontal on the main screen and a launcherpro message popped up. It will expire in 5 days. I thought I is an unlocked launcherpro version. Then I wanted to look into the thread of the rom, if some one else has...
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    Thread want backup /efs but read only files system

    Hi I want to update form eclair to doc Froyos Rom. I want to backup my /efs folder as told there http://androidforums.com/1367506-post928.html But I get the error: # busybox tar zcvf /sdcard/efs-backup.tar.gz /efs busybox tar zcvf /sdcard/efs-backup.tar.gz /efs tar: can't open...
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    Thread Quick GPS like WinMobile but for Android??

    Hi, is there an approach to port something like QuickGPS? My GPS Fix needs 4 minutes. With win mobile I did use the application QuickGPS. It downloads some GPS Satellite information. And the fix is faster. The most important thing is, I can use Quick GPS at home via Wifi. A-GPS from android...
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    Thread WLAN 5GHZ support

    Hi, is there a possibility to have wlan in 5ghz mode working. I think WLan-N with only 2,4 ghz is useless.
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    Thread Put navigatin maps on external SD card?

    Hi, is there a possibility to put navigation maps on the sd card? I tried navigon and copilot. And both search the maps under /sdcard But that is the internal sd card. I want to have the maps on the external sd card. But the apps don't search under /sdacard/sd/ I think that is a major...
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    Thread Desire optical Pad = front camera?

    Hi, in the German connect magazine I read about the optical sensor wich replaces the track ball. They wrote it is a camera and works like an optical mouse. Then I thought: Can this "camera" be used as a front camera for video telephoning ? And that is literally my question.
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    Thread APNdroid

    Hi, I saw APNdroid on androidpit.de to turn off Umts because I have no data plan. I want to use Wifi only at home. But I can't find that App in the google android market. Why can't I find it?
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    Thread [COMP]Desire or Supersonic??

    Hi, I wonder what will be the differences between the Desire and the Supersonic. As far as I know the Supersonic is the same as the Desire but has the 4.3" screen like the HD2 has had. Ans the over all design may differ. So did you here some more differences between them two? And when does...
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    Thread Multitouch bug on Nexus One on Desire,too?

    Hi, I read about the Google Nexus One having a bug with multitouch. It tracks the finger position wrong. It seems to be a hardware error. Does this affect the Desire too? (N1 and Desire are close in hardware) Source: http://androidandme.com/2010/03/news/is-multitouch-broken-on-the-nexus-one/
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    Thread Screen protective foil?

    Hi, my foil which came with the touch cruise is scratched totally. I need a new one. Which do you recommend and where can I buy it from Germany?
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    Thread Help extracting quickgps from original rom

    Hi, I have lots of problems with quickgps. The quickgps that comes with udk's R7 rom doesn't start. And the quickgps from www.avaricum.net starts and downloads but i don't get a fix because i only get one satellite. So i decided to download the original rom from HTC website. Then I grabbed...
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    Thread VPN works only with IE and vTap

    Hello, i finally made my university vpn connection work. It is a Wifi VPN over PPTP. I can use internet explorer to browse the web. vTap does work, too. But every time i use "opera mobile", the "google maps" program, the "HTC weather" plugin or try to get my mails with the built-in app these...
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    Thread mircoSD card pops out of slot all the time

    Hi, i have a Sandisk 8gb micro-sdhc. As soon as I snap in the card, it pops out again. Sometimes it lasts in there for about 5 seconds and pops out again before i close the cover. Has the Polaris a hardware failure or what can i do? Shall I give it back? I'm from Germany. We can swap it with a...