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  1. dab117

    Thread Question Is 5G Working for You?

    So my carrier just launched their 5G on NSA network, however when i turned 5G on, the icon on my notification still shows 4G or 4G+ at times. Not sure if 4G+ means 5G but does anyone else have 5G working and is the icon on the notification bar different?
  2. dab117

    Post Question What'sapp, outlook notifications

    will enabling "mobile data always on" means that roaming is also on? I'm only concerned that if I'm overseas, it will use mobile data/roaming
  3. dab117

    Post Question Couple of camera questions

    Lens package is a shortcut to launch your camera with the selected filter/settings (e.g. Astro mode) straight from your app drawer/homescreen. You can turn it off, it will not remove those features from the camera app. In pro mode, I believe the actual physical lens used is determined by the 4...
  4. dab117

    Post General Safe to Remove Apps via adb for Vivo X60 Pro+

    damn, so imanager is the app that causes the apps? thats ludicrous if they put ads on their own apps its fine, but they're advertising on an app they didnt make
  5. dab117

    Thread Question Fast Charge compatible alternative cables/chargers?

    Hey all, anyone found a working alternative to the default charger and cables? I've tried a couple wall chargers and cables that supports more than 55w (11V/5A), but none of them seem to display the yellow, fast charging status.
  6. dab117

    Post Question CN version in US: minor problems

    If you factory reset your phone, the first app to download from the vivo appstore is Gboard, which will prompt you to download Google play. I logged in to my google account afterwards and have no issues syncing to all my contacts, calendars etc For notifications not appearing, a lot of users...
  7. dab117

    Post Question Third party launchers and stock Navigation gestures

    I got it to work on my non-rooted Vivo X60 Pro+ even when im using nova launcher, it took quite awhile to set it properly I've replicated my steps twice and both times work for me 0) Start from the default system launcher 1) Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > More security settings >...
  8. dab117

    Thread General Safe to Remove Apps via adb for Vivo X60 Pro+

    Hi, I'm sure most of us came across several questions asking about safe to remove apps. I won't be providing the guide on how to remove them via adb as there are several guides already available, but this thread is just to share some of the bloatware apps that I've disabled or uninstalled...
  9. dab117

    Post Need GalleryNext.odex and GalleryNext.apk from XNPH38R

    Sorry, but your file has a .p at the back. Renaming it still doesn't make my device recognise it. I've overwritten the .odex file in system/app but the update process didn't work.
  10. dab117

    Thread Need GalleryNext.odex and GalleryNext.apk from XNPH38R

    Help, I can't update to the latest 44S due to my gallery's odex file not being the original stock one. Could someone give me the .odex and .apk files from 38R? Thanks