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  1. ben63vw

    Post Harmony o/s on Mate 20 X - Not Better than EMUI 11

    I got it via OTA update on mine and there's really not much difference... basically still Android 10
  2. ben63vw

    Post Lineageos

    The only way is if you're running Android 9, have it rooted (can't root this phone running Android version above 9, maybe 9.1) and there's a LineageOS rom built for the 20x. I don't think there was ever a rom built, so pretty sure you can't unless you build it.
  3. ben63vw

    Post Looking for the Huawei AI life apk version number.

    You can always reset it to factory defaults any baked in apps that you deleted will return.
  4. ben63vw

    Post ATT suspending Huawei phones?

    I'm still using AT&T and T-Mobile on my AL00 without issues
  5. ben63vw

    Post I need original sms.apk

    It won't help since it's a system app and bootloader is locked with no way to write to system partition. Do a backup of your data, factory reset and restore data... the app will be back.
  6. ben63vw

    Post EMUI seeding in Mate 20 X AL00 India

    Yep I got it on my AL00 using it in US on T-Mobile and ATT but was on my home wifi used Support app to do update. Still no way to set 3rd party launchers as default.
  7. ben63vw

    Post Emui 11

    Also have EVR-AL00 using it in US and just did the update to EMUI 11 via the support app. Haven't used it enough to know any difference yet.
  8. ben63vw

    Post Rebrand AL00 to L29

    Are you now able to set 3rd party launchers as default? Did you do a backup/restore via HiSuite before/after the rebrand or did you just start all over after? Am debating doing this, but would have to revert back to 10.0 since I'm already on 10.1.
  9. ben63vw

    Post Is this Battery Case Worth Buying?

    I would never spend money on anything like that since I can get 2 days on a single charge on my 20X. All the new phones now use LiPo batteries (the same cell type used in Tesla cars) and have no problems with quick charging and don't exhibit memory as it's predecessor battery types used to have.
  10. ben63vw

    Post EVR-AL00 Loading Inernational EMUI 10.1 ROM?

    Not possible and don't think it ever will be. Pretty sure all devs abandoned this device some time ago. And with Huawei changing to EROFS either with public release of 9.1 or 10 there is absolutely no way to root even with a bootloader unlock code.
  11. ben63vw

    Post Anyone Get the 10.1 Update on Tmobile USA?

    Updating has nothing to do with the SIM!!! I have AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs in mine and have used Huawei HiCare app from Play Store to get my last updates, they wouldn't show up via Settings -> System & updates -> Software update on phone.
  12. ben63vw

    Post some apps suddenly showing as no longer compatible in app store

    Yep I have AL00 and found Netflix won't install/update via Play Store... ended up getting latest version from Aptoide as well.
  13. ben63vw

    Post EMUI 10.1 is really close.

    I'm on 10.1 and call recording works fine for me
  14. ben63vw

    Post Any bootloader unlock method?

    Unless you already have a bootloader unlock code from at least a year ago and have it running 9.1 beta or lower, it's not possible. Huawei changed the file system to read only (EROFS) which prohibits any writing in order for the bootloader codes to work anymore with the official 9.1 update and...
  15. ben63vw

    Post Problem with Emui 10

    No mines been running just fine, have to the China version EVR-AL00 running
  16. ben63vw

    Post EMUI 10 (Stable).

    Been on (C00E74R1P8) for at least a couple weeks now, but it's the April 2020 security patch.
  17. ben63vw

    Post Current root situation for EVR-L29?

    I bought one over a year ago for ~$20, and it works on this phone only up to Android 9.1. As I stated in reply to robsmith11, root isn't possible once phone is updated to 10, Huawei changed the file-system to EROFS (Extendable Read-Only File System) preventing any changes that would allow to...
  18. ben63vw

    Post Current root situation for EVR-L29?

    Root isn't possible once phone is updated to 10, Huawei changed the file-system to EROFS (Extendable Read-Only File System) preventing any changes that would allow to unlock the bootloader. I've updated and lost root, haven't spent the time to roll it back to 9.1. But from what I've read, I'll...
  19. ben63vw

    Post Do I Keep Buying Sim Cards for Future Updates?

    I have the Chinese model EVR-AL00, using it in USA with an AT&T and Mint Mobile (connecting to T-Mobile network) SIM cards. I receive updates OTA. The SIM has nothing to do with the updates. There are many threads here on XDA that explain step by step how to update this phone in other ways...
  20. ben63vw

    Post Where Can I Buy a Foreign Sim Card for the 20X?

    I'm in CA, using AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs (see upper left corner of attached pic). Didn't have to do anything, got the update via OTA.
  21. ben63vw

    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    So it's rooted and on android 10? I did the official update and lost root with bootloader locked and won't unlock with known methods. Can you post a screen shot of your About screen?
  22. ben63vw

    Post Global and Chinese version?

    You need to install several other services in order to get things working correctly. If you search you'll find several ways to do this, here's one I found that gives you the steps for 3 methods https://huaweiadvices.com/download-install-google-play-store-on-huawei/
  23. ben63vw

    Post L29 C636 Owners : Is EMUI 10 build available on erecovery?

    I updated my AL00 via erecovery, not sure about L29... it did wipe the complete phone. You should be able to boot into fastboot and access your files to copy them to PC.
  24. ben63vw

    Post EMUI 10 (Stable).

    My AL00 was rooted on GlobAL00ized 2.2 (EMUI 9.1 fw 120). Wanted to try out 10, so did updates to with no problems except had to install Play Store (all other Google apps were still there) and reset the APN for AT&T mobile network to work right. The bootloader did become locked...
  25. ben63vw

    Post Huawei Mate 20X (evr-aL00) no signal after EMUI 10

    Not sure what your issue was that caused no signal when it was on 10, but on previous phone I had it lost it IMEI numbers after a rom flash and that caused no cell signal at all. As for not having google play store after going back to 9.x, all stock roms have google services, they're just...
  26. ben63vw

    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Are there any plans to get any of the supported roms to android 10?
  27. ben63vw

    Post [ROM][AL00][5/9/19] Mate 20 X GlobAL00ized 2.2 (EMUI 9.1 fw 120) [Debloated|DeOdex]

    A few reasons I think devs left this device and possibly other Huawei devices: 1. Huawei made it near impossible to get codes to unlock the bootloader 2. Huawei changing to EROFS after for Mate 20 X (at least on AL00). A read:only file system that AFAIK can't be written to even with...
  28. ben63vw

    Post [ROM][AL00][5/9/19] Mate 20 X GlobAL00ized 2.2 (EMUI 9.1 fw 120) [Debloated|DeOdex]

    Not unless you make it... I think all devs left this device.
  29. ben63vw

    Post EMUI 10 (Stable).

    Anyone have root? Is 10 still EROFS? I'm still on rooted 9.1.0 120 (EVR-AL00) because I didn't want to try dealing with that new read-only file system. Would love to update to 10 but don't want to give up root.
  30. ben63vw

    Thread AOSP 10 Preview 1

    Has anyone tried this rom from OpenKirin? If so how do you like it?
  31. ben63vw

    Post EMUI 10 beta feedback thread.

    I'm still on and rooted. Is anyone rooted on this 10 beta?
  32. ben63vw

    Post [CLOSED][DEV] Magisk Canary Channel - Bleeding Edge Builds

    Works great on my Mate 20 X on Android 9.1.1 with Magisk 20.0 installed and root hidden from PS4 Remote Play with Magisk Hide. Only need Adroid 10 to be released for my phone to have Dualshock 4 support via bt connection. Edit: Just installed Magisk Canary 20.1 and it works with that version too!!
  33. ben63vw

    Post [Q] Anyway to use external microphone (wired)?

    Not sure what you're trying to do, but I have this mic (see first pic) and when I plug it into the phone's headphone jack I get this headset icon in the notification bar (see second pic). Using the built-in Record app I can see that the mic is definitely working when plugged into the phone. So...
  34. ben63vw

    Post Do you use a case?

    I've had the oem smart case on mine since I've had it and it's protected the phone a number of times when I've dropped it.
  35. ben63vw

    Post M Pen for AL00 CN version?

    According to the customer q&a section in this Amazon listing https://www.amazon.com/Huawei-M-Pen-Mate-EVR-AL00-Gray/dp/B07KBF9Q61 even though some pens are advertised to "only" work with the Chinese EVR-AL00 version, ppl have responded that it works with global EVR-L29 too
  36. ben63vw

    Post Does Mate 20 X Come with Glass Screen Protector?

    I'm using the pre-installed screen protector and the official Huawei smart case. Been working great for me.
  37. ben63vw

    Post Evr-lgrp1-chn

    Another reason to never support them by paying for updates.
  38. ben63vw

    Post I messed up removing the stock Gallery app..

    Factory Reset is your fastest way of getting it working again as far as I know. Once you start deleting factory files/apps, I'm not sure what interacts with other files/apps to know exactly what needs to be reinstalled/added manually. With Factory Reset there's no question since it puts...
  39. ben63vw

    Post I messed up removing the stock Gallery app..

    Factory Reset will get you all back to before you started disabling/deleting apps.
  40. ben63vw

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    You want to use RECOVERY_RAMDIS.img... magisk is used on recovery partition. TWRP is used on erecovery partition. They are different.
  41. ben63vw

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    Do you also have TWRP for erecovery? I'm still on any improvement with this 131 update?
  42. ben63vw

    Post Anyone know where to buy the Mate 20x in the US?

    You are wrong, the EVR-AL00 has all the support beyond 9.1 beta and receives official updates before the global version of the phone. The current problem is that with non beta release of 9.1 came the new EROFS file system (see here) that prevents any updates to custom roms, which has lead to...
  43. ben63vw

    Post [GUIDE] EVR-AL00 Update

    I've had the "scrambled files" before in TWRP... I believe that's when it's encrypted. Try a full factory reset via TWRP including internal storage. You can still connect to PC before reset to copy any important files, then follow instructions in this thread for replacing fstab.kirin980 file...
  44. ben63vw

    Post [Guide] Mate 20 X root is here

    Your command is incorrect... read steps in OP very carefully. If your image file is named recovery_ramdisk2.img as it's seen in your image then you have to use this command: fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery_ramdisk2.img
  45. ben63vw

    Post EMUI 9.1 uses EROFS

    Not necessarily true... it's possible to convert to/from certain file system types without formating and losing data. Take a look here https://fedoramagazine.org/transform-file-systems-in-linux/
  46. ben63vw

    Thread Android Q is comming to Mate 20 series

    This is great news, what do you think? https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/05/09/here-are-the-8-huawei-smartphones-that-will-get-android-q-update/
  47. ben63vw

    Post [Guide] Mate 20 X root is here

    You can get it here https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/official-magisk-v7-universal-systemless-t3473445 scroll down to Downloads and click Magisk Manager link, you'll download the latest version of apk. I'm on 9.0.0 200 with Resurrection Remix rom and latest version of Magisk...
  48. ben63vw

    Post [GUIDE] Root AL00 EMUI 9.1

    File link is broken (file not found), please fix.