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  1. freakness51

    Thread huge problem with audio output

    hi guys i've tried to search the forum but haven't found anything... since yesterday my phone has started to reproduce audio/sounds in a strange way; they are metallic/scratched like. the problem is for system sounds and for anything reproduced (youtube/spotify/...) when I make phone calls i...
  2. freakness51

    Thread AdamG JellyBelly Thread Closed *** admin please close

    hi guys!! just arrived in the office this morning, opened xda forum and found AdamG has closed the JellyBelly thread :confused: dont' understand... anyone has news about?? I'm using his rom since the first release and ... and now??? won't be developed anymore??
  3. freakness51

    Thread Problem with music albums

    hi guys I'm using an ics rom (nexusbeam 4.1) and that's my little problem: in music players some albums are not displayed but i've copied them inside the phone memory like the others that are displayed?? with root explorer I see in the same folder all the albums but when I open music apps some...