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  1. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Nexus 9 without issues ?!?

    Hi there, I bought a Nexus 9 on the google store when it comes out. I had to change it 4 times in a row due to lightbleed, overheating, backside problem, problems with buttons. Finally I ask for a refund. When does Google and/or HTC make a Nexus 9 without all these issues ? When I pay 489 €...
  2. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Different wallpaper on lockscreen in Android 5.0

    Hi, How to have a different wallpaper in lockscreen with android 5.0 ? Thx
  3. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Immersive mode on Lollipop

    Hi, Is there a way to have immersive mode on Lollipop ? With KitKat I use xposed but it doesnt work at the moment with Lollipop. Thanks
  4. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] can't connect to laptop

    Hi there, Just receive my N9. I put the cable in my laptop and adb drivers were installed automatically but i can t access to my storage. Any idea ? Thx Envoyé de mon Nexus 5 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Code for data connection

    Hi there, How to write this code : If #NCONNS#=E or H or H+ write 3G if not write 4G and if wifi is on hide 3G or 4G ? Thanks for help
  6. Faxx4840

    Thread Looking for Lockmax for Nexus 5

    Hi there, I found some lockmax in candykat but there is just the nexus 5 logo and i wonder that there is other lockmax as perhaps just the text unlock or others. If someone have a link to a collection or something else. Thank u
  7. Faxx4840

    Thread [APP] Searching a direct transfer app

    Hi there, I'm looking for an app that direct transfer the photo I take to my android tablet. I mean when I make a photo I want that the photo directly goes to my android tablet. Thanks for the help.
  8. Faxx4840

    Thread [APP] Xtended NavBar

    Hi there, I found this app on "AndroidPolice". It's an app with the one you can change your NavBar when you play music, need to change connections, etc. PLAYSTORE LINK Enjoy !
  9. Faxx4840

    Thread [HELP] Error RPC:S-3 - Zooper Widget Pro

    Hi there, I flash the stock rom 4.4.3. When I try to install Zooper Pro Widget I have a RPC:S-3 error. I have no problem to install other apps or make an uptade of other apps. I've tried remove google account, clear data/cache etc. but nothing works :(. Impossible to live without Zooper...
  10. Faxx4840

    Thread [HELP] Error RPC:S-3

    Hi there; I reinstall the stock rom on my nexus 5. At the beginning all my apps get well installed. But I see that Zooper Pro Widget didn't install, I try to install it manually but I receive the message error RPC:S-3... I found a thread on XDA a tried everything were mentioned there but...
  11. Faxx4840

    Thread Notification Panel by Mathieu Croset - Nexus 5

    Hi there, I found these screenshots of a custom notification panel on dribbble.com ! I think it is just awesome ! I wondering if it is possible to have this on my nexus 5 ? It is a mod ? A theme ? Or something else ? Thanks.
  12. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] TMU CoverArt rotation

    Hi there, I'll try to make my coverart rotate during the playtime. Anybody has an idea of the variable ? ! Think it will be something like this [r]$(360/??*??)$[\r] but don't know what to put in the place of ??. Thanks for help.
  13. Faxx4840

    Thread Battery Saver

    Hi to all, I am looking for an application of the "Juice Defender" type. I installed the Green Power Pro application but I was somewhat disappointed. In fact, I had entered a whole list of app in the whitelist so that the connection is active when I launch the application, but once two...
  14. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Does media utilities support nexus media importer?

    Everything is in the title;), I want to know if I hear a music with nexus media importer does the track appears on my zooper music player ? Envoyé depuis mon Nexus 5 avec Tapatalk 4
  15. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Variable when no artist in music player

    Hello, I'm searching for a variable which write "Empty Artist" when no track is playing instead of the "---". I tried this $#TMU_ARTIST#=--?EmptyArtist$ but it doesn't work. Thanks
  16. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Data problem

    Hello, I use this variable for the data connection #NCCONNS#. Before when I put the data off, a text "None" appears to say i'm not connected. Now when I put my data connection off the "E" or "H" stay and I would like the see the "None" comeback. I'm not connected on wifi or on data. Thanks...
  17. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Wifi signal hide when is off

    Hello, I've put an iconset of wifi signal. Is it possible to hide the wifi signal when its off ? Is there a variable for this ? I've also put a letter "E" or "H" for the 3G connection and I also want to not show if the 3G is off. Thanks
  18. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] How remove the "C" of Celsius ?

    Hello, I Create a widget for the weather. I have the température like this "9°C" and I want to remove the "C" and not the "°". How can I do that ? Thank you
  19. Faxx4840

    Thread Looking for a complete tutorial of Zooper

    Hello, Everything is in the title. I want tout know everything about Zooper. I'm a newbie and I want tout customise my phone like you do:). Thank you. Envoyé depuis mon Nexus 5 avec Tapatalk 4
  20. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Configure Wifi and Cell signal in Zooper

    Hello, I'm novice on Zooper Widget and I try to configure it. I want to have the bitmap of a wifi signal when its on. So I put an icon of a wifi signal and I go to advanced paremeters and choose #NWSTATE#. The problem is that when the wifi is off a want to have an oder icon or that the wifi...
  21. Faxx4840

    Thread Search MOD for CM10.1.3 stable-I9300 to have transparent status bar and center clock

    Hello everybody, I move from ARHD to CM10.1.3 and I'm looking for a MOD to have a center clock and a transparent status bar? Can someone help me ? Thx in advance :)
  22. Faxx4840

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S3 - Android revolution V32 - How to fix signal problem ?

    Hello everybody, I don't know if I am in the right section to post but I can't post something on the topic for the android revolution rom. I was on a stock rom XEMG4 and I install the android revolution V32. I think the Rom is perfect but useful for me because I have no signal ! I've put...