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    Thread stock recovery? flashable .tar? SM-J337P 2018.

    Does anyone have the Galaxy Achieve? Stock recovery? ... desperately need a flashable tar. Tried TWRP and fumped myself. Phone won't boot, download mode only. Boost mobile.
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    Thread Bounty BOOST images current for reflash.

    Anyone on boost that can make either a flashable zip, or a backup of this so i can get my phone running again gets 10 USD. Let me know. :) :confused:
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    Thread initroot: CVE-2016-10277 - Anyone followed this?

    initroot: Motorola Bootloader Kernel Cmdline Injection Secure Boot & Device Locking Bypass (CVE-2016-10277) Google it, as I'm a new user and can't post links. None of this is by me, just wondering if you guys here are aware of possibly rooting phones and unlocking boot loaders, potentially...