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    Thread If I install a custom rom like Arrow, Lineage, Pixel Exp - can i put my phone back to factory original rom?

    hi i hope this is in the correct forum. ive rooted and installed custom roms on a samsung before. im looking to buy this MI 10t pro. if i root it and install a custom rom, could i go back to the original Xiaomi software and updates if i chose to install it again after installing a custom rom...
  2. J

    Thread M&S Bank UK Banking app not working with Magisk Hide latest 23.0 version

    Ive got: Galaxy s5 Lineage 18.1 Magisk 23.0. Ive turned on magisk hide in settings. Ive ticked M&S Bank (and turned on the two toggles in it). Ive ticked Google Play Services (and turned on the 10 toggles in it). Check Safetynet works and passes all ok. The M&S bank app says it wont work on...
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    Thread Do any roms support VoLTE/VoWifi ? I need this working on my phone

    Hi It seems samsung has some sort of propiertary software to get VoLTE/VoWifi working on the galaxy s7 edge. Im on stock software at the moment and havent rooted my phone. Is there any roms available, based on android 10 or 11 that support VoLTE/VoWifi ? I do not get a phone signal from any...