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  1. adityam533

    Post [tool] Multirom v3 , DualBoot Patcher Updated to version 3

    Does not work with ressurection rom.. Tried with every partition.. I wish to run it with data or secondary but doesnt work.. Cm roms work fine on data and ext sd..plz help with rr rom
  2. adityam533

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r72][Stable]ResurrectionRemix v5.7.4 [20-10-2016][G7102 /G7105]

    Wont work on dual boot..even after trying every partition
  3. adityam533

    Post WhatsApp Group Grand 2

    Add me on group Hey guyzzz, m too a fellow user of grand 2 and a developer add me. +91-8460204961
  4. adityam533

    Post Official Whatsapp Grand 2 Developers And Senior Memebers Group

    Add me on group Hey guyzz, m too fellow user of grand 2 and also a developer , add me . +91-8460204961
  5. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    i m talking about additional build properties...
  6. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    who is spammer we know..
  7. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    u and i both only know the truth
  8. adityam533

    Post [ROM][DEV]Wild-Droid v1[DXKT7]

    i m 100% sure its my rom used just added and replaced some system apps..and released it. for proof pls see my roms build.prop and his build.prop... he just replaced name in that.. and all additional build properties are same as in mine....
  9. adityam533

    Thread moderator delete thid thread......

    pls remove this thread moderator rom has a major bug i found after uploading and posting rom sorry to all users i will soon be back with working stock jelly bean rom..
  10. adityam533

    Post cm9 nightly by maclaw link?

    it has been deleted from xda
  11. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    pls read patch in "how to install" section.....
  12. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    ok! thanx!
  13. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    i m not going to give any patches regarding boot animation bcoz , boot animation increases boot time so.... And now if u want to try than its ur choice or else dont there are many boot animations for our phones as we all know and this rom suports custom boot animation so u can use them
  14. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    man read properly i have told already that it has stock and simple look no theming work. and and i am giving patch for staus bar wait.... and any more suggestions or bugs pls inform me......
  15. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    thanx ,i have uploaded it, links are available now....
  16. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    thanx and pls report about the rom ..........
  17. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    last one reserved for future......
  18. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    How to install HOW TO INSTALL. Download Rom, Copy to ur sd card, Reboot into cwm recovery, Flash rom, Then do wipe data resset, Enjoy... Don't panic boot times takes 5min at 1st time There is no Boot Animation . FOR PATCH: BOOT PHONE TO CWM RECOVERY, MOUNT SYSTEM...
  19. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

  20. adityam533

    Post [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

  21. adityam533

    Thread [DEV][ROM]|DXKT7| Adidroid v1.0

    WELCOME TO ADIDROID ROM. Important Features Of the Adidroid are:: *New DXKT7 Very fast and stable *No battery drain *FOR GAMERS AND PERFOMANCE LOVERS. *EXT4 File System *EXT3 support *Undervolt *Darktemor app2sd *15toogle( Great thanx to Lid droid) *TJ STYLES kernel fast n smooth *Oc...
  22. adityam533

    Thread ICS Like SETTING.APK ON CM7...

    hello guyss this is settings.apk like ics.... thanx to balambu96m for his guide ... and me .... downloads--- http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1237697&d=1343929729 just copy to system/app/ and give proper permissions .. have fun and don't forget to press thanx...
  23. adityam533

    Post [DEV][CM7][ICS]■■▬ Ąvibidz_v2.0 ▬■■

    full of lags and bugs....thumb down...
  24. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    u are true dude...i dont so your thread..realy..u too are brave trying it in ur device..but in my device,i used to check in supported device list by rom manager by clicking on "flash clockwork mod " in rom manager..i know it was not risky....after that i flashed official nightly cm7 and again...
  25. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    i dont think so...i have took major risk selecting on each selections...i my have 2 times earlier bricked my phone when i buyed ....if u posted any threat in galaxy fit android forums......i took a risk and successfully installed it...and uploaded screenshots...and morever everyphone has...
  26. adityam533

    Post (off topic) galaxy s3....

    i m not the guy as u think. i am just expressing my hapinesss. nor i am doing any show off ...
  27. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    welcome..enjoy...and have funn with rom manager.now we can do things for which we were waiting for so longgg..i too bricked my phone 2 timeess...
  28. adityam533

    Thread (off topic) galaxy s3....

    hey its cheerfull day .can anyone think y, no.i also dont believe,,i have galaxy s3 now...
  29. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    Thnx man have funn with rom manager now.....
  30. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    as there r 2 threads for ""warning:rom manager"" there should be 3 thread ""working :rom manager..."""" isnt it trueee guyz....????
  31. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    i know how to make them supported....
  32. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    i m using tj style's cwm recovery ..and everything working fine...(backup ,restore,download rom etcc)
  33. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

  34. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    thnx...i was knowing that when we would get official cm7 .our fit will definetly get rom manager working...bcoz rom manager is part of cm7....cheerss we got rom manager working............
  35. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    do as i tell....install nightly cm7 official through cwm by tj style...then open rom manager and use my steps it works 100% if u wont believe me than dont do it.whats my going......
  36. adityam533

    Post ♛ Official Cyanogen Mod **NEW RELEASE** [Update 2012-09-30]

    yeah u can safely use it ,downloads roms, perform backups and all if u read carefully and follow each steps perfectly........ ---------- Post added at 09:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 PM ---------- we can surely use it fully with full function read my thread for that....
  37. adityam533

    Post [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    110% working... 110% working try it out dude.just use offficciall cm7 rom and our cwm recovery by t j style and do as above.. then u will able to use it perfectly...
  38. adityam533

    Thread Working : Rom Manager.

    Hello guys. It's a known fact that people brick their devices by incorrectly using rom manager. But rom manager isn't completely dangerous, it is usable if it's used the right way, this guide will show you how to use rom manager without bricking you phone.Reported that it does not work with...
  39. adityam533

    Thread [GUIDE] ROM Manager

    Hello guys. It's a known fact that people brick their devices by incorrectly using rom manager. But rom manager isn't completely dangerous, it is usable if it's used the right way, this guide will show you how to use rom manager without bricking you phone.Reported that it does not work with...
  40. adityam533

    Post [App] Translated SideKick.apk

    Which rom u using?
  41. adityam533

    Post Stock Task Manager for cm7

    I already have posted earlier can't u see!
  42. adityam533

    Post Task Manager like stock on cm7/cm9

  43. adityam533

    Thread Task Manager like stock on cm7/cm9