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    Thread Viper4Android

    Does anyone have V4A working on Merlin with Magisk? Installed, downloaded driver, but status is NEON enabled: No; Enabled: No; Status: Abnormal; Audio format: Unsupported; Processing: No; Sampling rate: 0.
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    Thread Location stuck either high accuracy or battery saving

    Op3, LineageOS 7.1. My location will not turn off completely. The toggle stays on and will only switch to battery saving. I also cannot switch to device only. If i tap that, it turns on high accuracy. So I only get those two modes, either battery saving or high accuracy. I'd like to be able to...
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    Thread Compass problem

    CM13: My compass is about 20-deg off from both a physical magnetic compass and my wife's iphone compass. I've tried recalibrating using the app, GPSstatus. I know on my past OPO, I had to edit /system/etc/sensor_def_qcomdev.conf, and delete /data/misc/sensors/sns.reg to fix the same problem...
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    Thread Copying in File Transfer MTP mode

    I am unlocked and rooted on my new OP3. I installed the oneplus drivers and have Vista on my laptop. I have USB debugging on and switched to File Transfer MTP mode after plugging in the phone cable. I can view files on the phone in internal memory, delete files on the phone, and copy files...
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    Thread Notification history

    Anybody figured out how to view your past or accidentally lost notifications? On other phones you would make a settings shortcut widget for notification history but I don't see that option on this phone. Help?