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    Thread Google Pixel Rant

    This applies to all pixel models but why do people suck at selling these phones its like damn near impossable to find a factory unlocked one and the ones you think are factory unlocked are either a dickhead sellers that say its factory unlocked when its verizon or ee or b people who dont know...
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    Thread VZW/EE og pixel/pixel xl

    if anyone has a old ee or vzw model pixel or pixel xl and wants to send it to me let me know im going to be looking at these models of the pixel phones
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    Thread OEM Unlock Possable On VZW Models?

    Ok so hear me out i have the pixel 2 vzw model and i was playing around with it and found out that if you factory reset it and then run `adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.android.phone` and reboot the phone twice the oem unlocking switch will work and you can enable it however when you reboot...