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  1. KAsp3rd

    Thread society is horrible [rant mode on]

    I can't believe how horrible society as a whole is nowadays. I lost my job a few months back and have been having trouble getting back on my feet, having finally gotten another job in my field of expertise and still needing some help with bills that I have fallen behind on during my unemployment...
  2. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Recovery] TWRP LG H872 (Unofficial)

    Download v3.2.1-0 Sauce: Github Fixed /system mounting issues let me know if you have any issues and I will do what I can to fix them. Credit: Josh1x for having the h870 device tree put together for me to clone and update. I will fix the original author on my master branch as soon as I get...
  3. KAsp3rd

    Thread Battery Drain

    Has anyone else noticed heavy standby drain from Android System? I spent a couple of hours digging through to find the culprit and it looks like it's actually Qualcomm's IZat location services. Even though you can disable it in the location settings it is still set to scan and report back to...
  4. KAsp3rd

    Thread Promo site is live!

  5. KAsp3rd

    Thread Defect or acceptable Issue?

    Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
  6. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Recovery][LG-H901] Updated TWRP (Still unofficial)

    Here is your unofficial TWRP Please report all issues on my github so I can track them Download the update! Merged in TWRP Fixed the time issue Bug in LG's kernel (however daylight savings time does not work when set on/off in recovery)
  7. KAsp3rd

    Thread [D85120G] Stock ONLY update.zip from D85120E

    Mainly posting this here for any devs that want it. I have removed the check for stock recovery as well as added a build fingerprint check for TWRP to allow this update to take without Stock recovery. This is the update.zip that T-Mobile pushed out starting today (10/05/15). If you are not on...
  8. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Kernel][4.4.2][BETA]KAsp3rd Kernel [V002] Blind build coming soon

    I bring to you D851 KAsp3rd Kernel Based on the D850 kernel source Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damages to your device, your mental status or your relationship. [emoji21] Here's 10r stock with Over Sharpening removed. I will get back to features shortly. AFH Download Blind builds...
  9. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Resolved] sgh-t999n

    Can someone please provide a stock boot.img for the t999n please su dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p7 of=/sdcard/boot.img If you also don't mind uploading a nandroid without /data it would help us to create a stock ODIN Sent from my One using Tapatalk 4
  10. KAsp3rd

    Thread Call to Arms (SGH-T999V SGH-T999L SGH-T999N)

    I need a user from each of the following device to please join me in IRC so that we can get recovery images for other users to recover from hard bricks. I will credit those that help get these debrick images for other users in my OP. Link to Dev thread where we have the working recovery image...
  11. KAsp3rd

    Thread [HOWTO] UnBrick T-Mobile S III QHSUSB_DLOAD w/Video Walkthrough

    Other carriers and variants are still a work in progress If you have a variant of the T999 other than the original T-Mobile SGH-T999 please contribute to the community and help us recover other users If you have updated to 4.3 via OTA or flashed 4.3 firmware you will need to make sure you get...
  12. KAsp3rd

    Thread Fix uid error or error -24 in market

    I figured out the UID issue. You must have a file browser capable of root permissions or know how to use the terminal Go to /data/system and look for uiderrors.txt open it and take note of all the files listed in there. Go into /data/data/ and remove those folders. Reinstall the apps that...
  13. KAsp3rd

    Thread [ROM] AOKP 4.2.1 "Almost Nightly"

    News | About AOKP (WIP) | FAQ | Twitter Please update your recovery to the latest CWM or TWRP If you are interested in watching the build process or to see what happened with the last build take a look here! Jenkins Build Box will be back soon Changelog They are now included in the ROM...
  14. KAsp3rd

    Thread [ROM] AOKP JellyBean "Nightly"

    News | About AOKP (WIP) | FAQ | Twitter Please update your recovery to the latest CWM or TWRP If you are interested in watching the build process or to see what happened with the last build take a look here! Jenkins build box will be back soon 4.2.1 development thread is here Please keep...
  15. KAsp3rd

    Thread [APP] ICS AOSP Keyboard

    Meant to post my original in this thread but it's in General instead so I'll link to it from here... Flashable ICS AOSP Keyboard This is for ICS only
  16. KAsp3rd

    Thread [APP][ICS]flashable AOSP keyboard

    As the title states... Why? Because not all the ICS roms come with the AOSP keyboard. This will not work with GB. Flash with CWR or 4EXT Zip includes the .apk and standard .lib Haven't check any input language except English US. I did not make or port this keyboard. I took it from an AOSP ROM...
  17. KAsp3rd

    Thread Request flash_image

    I need the flash_image that is compiled for the Sensation. If anyone is running a version of CM7 or any other ROM that has it. Looks like AHRD doesn't contain it... If y'all wouldn't mind looking to see if you have it on your ROM and perhaps zipping it and uploading it for me it would be...
  18. KAsp3rd

    Thread [MOD][ICS][WIP]T-Mobile US Wifi Calling ...Now with AOSP

    With T-Mobile Finally releasing their ICS update I'm going to try to see if I can get this working on AOSP. bigmeow Has already updated the RILs in his patch. I'm going to update my patches and hopefully get some more look into AOSP (Removing the current patches until I get them updated)...
  19. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Audio Mod][WIP]New Project Linda for SGS4G

    I'm looking at redoing the whole project Linda. Same voice just different words. Let me know what you all would want to hear Linda saying when you receive a text, im, email, phone call, startup sound, ect. Once I get a good enough idea of what everyone wants I'll create a flashable zip Sent...
  20. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Info] LG Open Source GB soon?

    Mods... Move to General if this is irrelevant Got a reply from LG on a request for the GB open source code... Dear Donald Thank you for your interest about our mobile phone, LGP999. “We received your request on LG Open Source Code Distribution site. This site is just for providing...
  21. KAsp3rd

    Thread [REF] Nvidia's Tegra github? link added

    Very interesting if this is the actual nv-tegra "github" if so here is your source code for the Kernel http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/gitweb/ sorry forgot the link
  22. KAsp3rd

    Thread G2x GB2.3.3 system/boot.img LINK FIXED

    THIS IS NOT A FLASHABLE ZIP Here you all go! Not rooted! Devs have fun... This is the Official nandroid dump from today's GB 2.3.3. update. Multiupload Link
  23. KAsp3rd

    Thread [REF] Fix internal SD partitions

    DISCLOSURE: Not responsible for you being retarded and breaking what doesn't need fixed. DISCLOSURE 2: Do not use this on the O2x as it has a slightly different partition table. Here is my step by step for repairing the internalsd Partitions... I don't think I've forgotten anything in this...
  24. KAsp3rd

    Thread [Q] Issues D/L'ing CM7

    As the title states... Anyone have another mirror for the CM7 nightly #2 from the 20th? Their mirror site is flooded and returning a 502 error. Thanks in advance