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  1. paintball23456

    Thread Viper4android and official lollipop

    Anyone got it working? if so, how? Music just sounds dull without finely tuned viper settings
  2. paintball23456

    Thread admin delete.

  3. paintball23456

    Thread Galaxy S5 vibration not working

    I picked up my brand new s5 yesterday morning, all was good everything worked, but last night the vibration stopped working.. power saving isnt on and ive just reset the phone and it still doesnt work.. anyone had this issue? Cheers
  4. paintball23456

    Thread Program for playlists (windows 7)

    I'm looking for a program that would sort out a playlist for me. I know there's loads out there, but can any of them add the tracks from the source folder into one elsewhere? I need a program that I can add a winamp playlist into and it would source those files on my hard drive and add them to...
  5. paintball23456

    Thread AOSP CM11 camera FPS

    The FPS in the camera (viewfinder not video) it horrible, is there a fix? or some app? Cheers
  6. paintball23456

    Thread Any way to keep auto contrast on?

    It turns off all the time. Pictures stink without it on. Anyway/mod to keep it enabled? This is of course about the samsung camera.
  7. paintball23456

    Thread HELP! failed to mount EFS stuck in bootloop :'(

    So i did a really stupid thing and flashed a corrupt EFS yesterday.. and the phone is stuck in a bootloop ever since. Tried flashing multiple firmwares via odin/ roms/ rooting it/ mega wipe/ NOTHING WORKS and now odin is giving me a cant open the serial (com) mount error Is there ANYTHING i can...
  8. paintball23456

    Thread "0" directory write protected

    Errm so theres the issue, i have 7 "0" folders within eachother these are the only files within. And their write protected... Help please? :/ i can't delete them, when i format the internal SD on a PC it doesn't do anything and when i try in CWM "error mounting SD card" Any ideas on how i can...
  9. paintball23456

    Thread Why is there no "HDR+" on the ported kitkat camera app?

    I wanna use HDR+ on the Google camera 4.4 app, but it's not there. Why? is it specific to nexus devices only? is there a way?
  10. paintball23456

    Thread HDR strong VS HDR normal in 4.3

    What is the difference? i can't see any? can someone explain it?
  11. paintball23456

    Thread 4.3 kernel sources released! grab them here

  12. paintball23456

    Thread I9000 shuts down randomly stock 2.3

    Hey Guys, Quick problem My old i9000 randomly shuts down by it;s self, i've flashed back stock rom and stuff but is it the battery or software? any fix? P.S phone is 3 years old now and my dad is using it and he is pissed off.
  13. paintball23456

    Thread [ROM 4.2.2] JELLYBAM - v6.4.0 [28/02/2013] [i9300] [AOKP | CM10.1 | PA {ALL IN ONE}

    First Off, Credit goes to iGio90 This is no means my rom...
  14. paintball23456

    Thread cm10.1 doesn't need exynos sources

    i was with a friend today at a coffee shop. He had a nexus 4 (stock) and i had my s3 with cm10.1. i have 200 apps installed on my phone at the moment, and i also run swipepad, a LWP and Fps meter. we had a speed test between both phones, out come? my s3 with CM10.1 (stock kernel just updated)...
  15. paintball23456

    Thread CPU, GPU heat up when playing modern combat 4 [SOLVED]

    I bought the game. Btw When I play the game, my device heats up and just wondering if there is a app for showing the CPU temp. And what is the safe zone for the CPU? But I really need that app :) its not only mc4 but that my main question. I played for 2 hours straight, ended up with 12% battery...
  16. paintball23456

    Thread :( bug please help!

    ALL Samsung based ROMs are doing this (look at screenshot) when I restore SMS backups I get 4-5 different threads, to the same person. While on A aosp based ROM THIS DOESNT HAPPEN!!! Why??? Its so damn annoying. I want all my sms to a person on one place - not scattered all over the SMS app :(...
  17. paintball23456

    Thread screen mirroring direct to PC

    is it possible to mirror the s3 screen to a PC without a adapter?
  18. paintball23456

    Thread Annoying bug

    Stock jellybean rom with siyah kernel. So when the sreen goes dark, after not touching it for a short time I press the home button to wake it back up. as soon as I do that the screen flashes the page/app I was on and then returns to home. So I have to re enter the app/webpage and this is pissing...
  19. paintball23456

    Thread new super galaxy s3

    there was a thread yesterday about a samsung s3 which was much better than the current one, the thread got removed today but here is proof that the person had a different galaxy phone http://www.androidauthority.com/ntt-docomo-galaxy-note-2-galaxy-s3-alpha-121710/
  20. paintball23456

    Thread looking for raw speed and high performance daily driver best config!!

    im a extreme power user and i need my phone to not be just fast but insanely fast!! so my question is whats the best configuration! this isn't a "best rom" thread im not stupid.
  21. paintball23456

    Thread Gameloft a big ugly liar android gaming AT RISK!!

    i want to start a topic that i think is very inportant for android gaming and how it at risk. GREAT THREAD!!! but one thing......its funny you should say "gameloft won't stop developing for android" because, tell me this IOS has had wild blood for a month now and gameloft wrote on their...
  22. paintball23456

    Thread will there be support for chainfire 3D for jellybean?

    you read the title will there?:fingers-crossed:
  23. paintball23456

    Thread screencast codec effed up :(

    my settings 40fps normal rotate left when i try to use normal setting i can't play the video :((((((( when i use high the quality is crap! any help please and if you want to see a test sample of my video on high check out my youtube channel :) www.youtube.com/paintball1321...
  24. paintball23456

    Thread Discussion QUADBOOTING? is it possible

    Was thinking about dual booting on the s3 butw what about quadbooting is it possible?.
  25. paintball23456

    Thread screencast blank on MC3

    i want to make mc3 videos with screencast but i can't get it to work :( i start it then go into the app and it just stays blank any help :) thanks
  26. paintball23456

    Thread MAJOR overheating issue's on slim ics with devil3 kernel

    as the title says, i have major overheating issues i will use the phone for 5 min then its becomes VERY HOT so i have to turn it off i have a OC but it never gave these issues before, on any rom even disabling the oc i still have these issues. my settings: 1300mhz(high) 200mhz(low) noop...
  27. paintball23456

    Thread Google Glass The New pocket death tool.....

    You have seen the title so what do you think? Personally i think that the deaths from crossing the road will blow up google say that the "screen wont distract you but eff that it will also this is one expensive death root :eek:
  28. paintball23456

    Thread no form for the lg optimus 4X HD

    i couldn't find one :confused::confused::confused: the phone is out to buy but no form?
  29. paintball23456

    Thread Korea getting galaxy sIII with quadcore exynos and 2gb ram

    found this http://www.youmobile.org/blogs/entry/Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-Quad-core-version-with-2GB-of-RAM-For-Korea-Only korea will be getting a quadcore galaxy s3 with 2gb ram sadly only korea :mad::mad::mad:
  30. paintball23456

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S3 Disassembly

    thought this might be useful to some one :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo93EF7rVIw&feature=player_embedded#!
  31. paintball23456

    Thread galaxy s3 us version to have HOME BUTTON

    Maybe you have heard maybe not but the t mobile(us) will have a home button:eek: unlike the s2/note this is good news for the us guys on xda:cool: couldn't find a thread about this so i made one:) http://www.androidauthority.com/t-mobile-galaxy-s3-photo-leaked-92006/
  32. paintball23456

    Thread Note II or SIII? :D

    rumored specs for the note II are quadcore a15 CPU clocked at 1.8ghz:cool: mali600 gpu 60% faster than the one in the s3 a 16mp camera touchwiz nature UX 5.5 inch 1080p HD samoled + screen 3900mah battery 2.5gb ram:cool: smaller than the note but bigger than the s3 if these specs are real this...
  33. paintball23456

    Thread Ultimate wallpaper pack with a twist

    I have put together a bunch off wallpapers that suite the amoled screen of out beloved sgs but i have made it more interesting by adding a app called wallpaper slideshow combine this with the wallpapers you get the ultimate kit:D get v0.1 here have fun :D
  34. paintball23456

    Thread Download apps from the market onto your pc

    hi people i finally found a way to download apks from the market onto your pc from the market to your pc without a phone free apps only this will not download paid apps for free it works great http://codekiem.com/2012/02/24/apk-downloader/ chrome only hope it works what to do 1. Right click...
  35. paintball23456

    Thread best extended battery and cover

    hi all im looking for a extended battery(around 3500mah)and all i have found is chinese crap that cracks and stuff any help the battery door must be as strong or stronger than the stock one and the battery should be 3500mah or over thanks
  36. paintball23456

    Thread [ROM] [ICS] Android Open Kang Project - galaxysmtd - build 27 discussion thread

    hello people i have opened this thread because the official thread stands a high risk of shutting down on this thread you can talk about kernels best configuration kernel+rom modds bugs fixes and helping other people all credit goes to sixstringsg and rom devs!
  37. paintball23456

    Thread best kernel for ics

    what is the best kernel for ics out there?
  38. paintball23456

    Thread swiftkey x

    hi guys and gulls im trying to enable swift key x on aokp rom b25 and every time i try it reboots any help
  39. paintball23456

    Thread enable ics keys on any ics rom detailed guide

    DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK MODDING FRAMEWORK IS DANGEROUS READ EVERYTHING BEFORE DOING ANYTHING Im not responsible for bricks your house burning down your cat gone missing or your phone blowing up :D Ok this is NOT my idea here is the original thread...
  40. paintball23456

    Thread ics status bar

    hi guys girls is there anywere i can get the ics status bar without toogles i love it but i dont want beta roms please help galaxy s i9000 with jetpak mod 8.1 with semephore kernel oc 1.2ghz
  41. paintball23456

    Thread [Q] miui battery problem

    ive got a problem with miui battery im running glitch kernel with miui galnet at 1.5 ghz ive got dreadful battery drain only lasts half a day ive been on tornado rom and that was running at 1440 ghz and that lasts more than 2 days but miui does not also this is the best rom for playing games so...
  42. paintball23456

    Thread roms

    hi guys sort of a noobish question but does flashing to many roms damage your sgs?:o:):eek: