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  1. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] Wireless Charging & Magnetic Car Holders?

    Heya, So I have ordered a Promate MagMount to have the phone attached securely on the front, I went with a magnetic holder as they seem to be much better than traditional phone holders for cars (as the clips on the sides sometimes scratch and such the sides). My question is, does anybody have...
  2. MajorAly

    Thread Z5P died randomly

    So an unfortunate thing happened with me and for the first time in my life. I recently bought a Z5P in black around 10days ago. Pretty new right? Everything was well except the battery timing which was disappointing, had no issues like blurry camera etc. Until today that is. Last night I last...
  3. MajorAly

    Thread Z2 (D6503) can't make phone calls after restart

    Hello, So yesterday I just solved my own issue of not getting any LTE signals by reinstalling the FW. Today, I followed the advice of a user to restart the phone using PWR + VOL UP buttons to get the smoothness back. I did just that, phone became smooth again with the phone registering on...
  4. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] LTE not working on Z2?

    So around 3 weeks ago I got a brand new unlocked Z2 D6503. As it says, it supports LTE and the bands it support are available and broadcasted here in KSA. I'm on the operator Zain KSA and when I manually search for mobile networks, I do see the LTE network by the operator but whenever I select...
  5. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] What is l2_hsic kernel wakelock and I9500 not entering deep sleep

    Hello, I have a GT-I9500, So I've been on the leaked official FW of 4.4.2 (NB3) one for quite some time and didn't experience any problems with anything. When I heard that my own region's 4.4.2 FW is available, naturally I went and flashed it (did all the steps of wiping and everything). But...
  6. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] Instagram Filters Issue On I9500?

    So I've been experiencing filter issues with my I9500 for as long as I can remember... Some filters such as X-Pro II, Brannan and Kelvin either give a black output or a previous filter that was applied. Sometimes they just flip the picture upside down. Tried clearing...
  7. MajorAly

    Thread Hyperion 5200mAh Extended Battery For Galaxy S4

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with Hyperion extended batteries for the Galaxy S4? http://www.amazon.com/Hyperion-Samsung-Extended-Compatible-Warranty/dp/B00BCK2G40/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386316276&sr=8-1&keywords=s4+hyperion I'm going to be ordering one soon but thought I should ask...
  8. MajorAly

    Thread [REQ] Custom Boot Animation Sequence

    Hello, I'm a big fan of BioShock and what catches my attention and interest more is the art and the SFX and the animations of the game. As you may know BioShock Infinite came this year and made a huge impact with going back to the roots....Needless to say, the starting animation and sound...
  9. MajorAly

    Thread MOD Required HTC ONE Call Screen Port To S4

    Hello people, I want to know if there is any mod that will allow HTC ONE's call screen to appear on S4. Are such mods available? My S4 is rooted.
  10. MajorAly

    Thread [TORRENTS][I9500] Official Stock Firmwares ! *LATEST XXUMBF5 UPLOADED*

    Hello all, It was awkward to not find any torrent links to the official stock firmwares and DL sites, such as Hotfile which cap the download speed of free users, were a pain to download from. So I took it upon myself to create and upload torrents for others to download ! It is during this...
  11. MajorAly

    Thread S4 Charges fast and Discharges fast

    Hello, My S4 is nearly a week old now, it's the international GT-I9500 octa-core version. Since it dons a big battery of 2,600 mAH (middle point of S3 and Note 2) it was suppose to last long more even with heavy usage. My usage is moderate, a few calls, but I use connectivity extensively i.e...
  12. MajorAly

    Thread [GT-I9500] Video player issue

    So I'm having this issue when using the stock video player and playing the videos in portrait orientation... The top bar with video title and other options appear like that *screenshot below* It didn't use to happen out of the box and I don't know when the issue started... My S4 is 3 days...
  13. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] Galaxy SII I9100-International Touch Screen Issue

    Hey people, Okay so this problem literally drives me insane to the point that I either want to smash open my SII or sell it. The problem is that whenever on STOCK ROM/KERNEL, my touch screen becomes unresponsive in many areas at different times. NO THE PHONE IS NOT ON CHARGING WHEN IT HAPPENS...
  14. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] Paranoid Android 2.10 'Remove All Notifications' Icon Problem Fixing?

    Hello guys, I have been encountering this problem since I can't remember when. I started using PA Jelly Bean ROM for my Galaxy SII I9100 from the 1.992 Version. I'm on 2.10 now. I have been encountering this problem ever since and I run the phone in default mode, meaning no tablet or phablet...
  15. MajorAly

    Thread [Q] Best Official Stock ICS ROM so far for SII?

    Hello guys, It's been a month since I'm using Official ICS ROM of Taiwan/Singapore, I9100ZSLPG TGY... It gives me a good battery time from different ICS ROMs like Britain's and Polish's... Well my question is which ICS ROM are you using and how stable and great it is? Also please tell me about...