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  1. InsaneNutter

    Thread Move clock to the right on OxygenOS 10?

    Is it possible to move the clock in the status bar to the right with OxygenOS 10? this is an option on LineageOS, however as far as I can tell i'm guessing its not possible without a custom rom.
  2. InsaneNutter

    Thread Option to have notification LED always on?

    Hey all, I've just got a OnePlus 5T, at the moment i'm running the stock OxygenOS. I see that I can control the colour of the notification led, however is there a way to make it so the LED doesn't blink and is always on? If not I might just flash LinageOS, however I was thinking of keeping the...
  3. InsaneNutter

    Thread My OnePlus One served me well for over 4 years

    I finally got my OnePlus One in July 2014. I'd waited a few months in the hope of getting an invite, however in the end I imported one from China via Ali Express. In total it cost me £269 delivered to the UK, which I seem to remember was slightly cheaper than buying it direct from OnePlus at the...
  4. InsaneNutter

    Thread New Moto G5 not charging

    Edit - Issue seems to have been resoled by leaving the phone charging via USB on the bootloader for a while. Phones booted and is charging rapidly.
  5. InsaneNutter

    Thread Did anyone just stick with the stock Cyanogen OS?

    I realise this is probably a bit of a controversial question to ask on XDA, however has anyone else just stuck with the stock Cyanogen OS on their OnePlus One? I was thinking today when reading about Lineage OS I have pretty much kept my OnePlus One stock since i got it in July 2014, out the...
  6. InsaneNutter

    Thread Lolipop Silent Mode Options?

    The other day I flashed the 04.04.15 nightly of CM12, everything works great to be honest. However I then realised by design silent mode in Android 5.0 has changed. What I want to do is have silent mode work as it did in Android 4.4, that been when the phone is on silent mode alarms still work...
  7. InsaneNutter

    Thread CM12 / Android 5 Lock Screen Question

    Hey, Just a quick question in regards to how the lock screen behaves in CM12 / Android 5. Currently when turn my phone's screen on i'm simply presented with the swipe to unlock pattern: However My Dad's Moto G just got the Lolipop update, when he unlocks his phone now he has to first swipe...
  8. InsaneNutter

    Thread Lumia 520 - Unable to find a bootable option

    A friend has asked me to look at this Nokia Lumia 520, apparently it turned on one day and displayed this error message "unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shutdown" Nokia Software Update for Retial recognises the phone and says software can be installed: This downloads...
  9. InsaneNutter

    Thread Idle battery use question

    The battery in the OnePlus One is fantastic, i've never run out of power even in a heavy days use. However i have noticed on days like today when i hardly use the phone a fair bit of battery is still use by Google Play / Android services. I cant help but think Google / Android services are just...
  10. InsaneNutter

    Thread OTA Updates, Keep Root?

    I just got the 4.4.4 OTA update and appear to have lost root, i'm sure i can re root again when i get home. However i'm wondering what people recommend in keeping root when taking an OTA update. Thanks for any advice.
  11. InsaneNutter

    Thread Galaxy Nexus lost all signal, can see mobile network, just not connect.

    My Galaxy Nexus has had no signal all day, i had signal on the way to work then have lost it sometime in the morning. I have tried my simcard in another phone and it works fine, i have tried another simcard in my Galaxy Nexus and have the same problem, the phone gets no signal what so ever...
  12. InsaneNutter

    Thread Worth unlocking and installing CM10?

    Just wondering if CM10 is stable enough with all hardware working? I currently have a locked, but rooted prime on Jellybean 4.1.1 Would love to know peoples experiences, my warranty is almost up (presuming its 1 year from Asus) so i guess the only thing i have to loose by unlocking is getting...
  13. InsaneNutter

    Thread [How to] Restore Root After Jellybean 4.1.1 update

    This worked on my prime which appeared to have a partial root after upgrading with the OTA update, i was able to restore full root by running a few commands. View: Root Transformer Prime After Jellybean 4.1.1 Update For the experinced users its just a case of running a few commands adb push...
  14. InsaneNutter

    Thread Is MIUI any good on the Galaxy Nexus?

    I loved MIUI on the HTC Desire, it was fast, stable and just worked. However i have never heard many good things about it on the Galaxy Nexus, a lot of people say its slow and laggy. from watching most YouTube videos it does appear to be. What are people experiences with it? The reason i ask...
  15. InsaneNutter

    Thread Root after 4.0.4 update

    I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus that i manually updated to 4.0.4, i'm just wondering how i can now get root back? I restored root with Voodoo OTA root keeper however i do not appear to actually have root, despite it saying that i do and still having the super user application installed. Screens...
  16. InsaneNutter

    Thread Importing Galaxy Nexus from Amazon.de

    Hi, i have been thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus from a HTC Desire. Now im looking at purchasing one from Amazon.de as its 495.00 EUR, which works out at around £414 + £7 shipping, compared to the £450 Amazon.co.uk want for it. I know the one from Amazon.de will have a European...
  17. InsaneNutter

    Thread Can someone test a mobile website for me?

    Hey, can anyone with a HTC Sense based and stock Android rom visit http://digiex.net on there mobile and post a screenshot of what the main page looks like (using the stock browser). I run the MIUI rom and the mobile version of a site i run does not render correct at all in the default browser...