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    Thread Older type of dialer app

    I find the new kitkat dialer little bit annoying . I have tried apps from the market..but none is as comfortable as the old ones Will it be possible for any one to post the old type of dialer as in the below pic. as a flashable zip please ? with dialer , call log , contacts in the same...
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    Thread Port Slimkat ROM may be ?

    any problems in the SlimKat ROM ?? i flashed , it kept giving errors , (although i have cleared all the caches etc ) any one else having problems ??
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    Thread [Q] Enable 3G Video calling in Unlocked AT&T S4

    Is there any way to enable Video calling in AT&T S4 ? its Unlocked but not rooted. Default its only normal voice call. the icon of the video call also doesnt come in the dial pad. And there is no option in the settings->More (below the data) option in the S4 ... any help .. ??
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    Thread [Q] Captivate gone off , bricked , dead ?

    Problem: Captivate is bricked. It wont boot , it doesnt charge , except it gets heated thats all . Nothing works. Since no boot , system / ODIN doesnt recognize its just like a paper weight. I have tried in some shops here , no one knows what is the problem. ! any help will be lovely ! even...
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    Thread [Q] SIM unlock

    I also have the same problem , after updating the ROMs to the latest version , the sim unlock seems to have disappeared :( it would be greatly appreciated any help / explanation for this . :good:
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    Thread [Q] Change position of Nav bar ?

    The bar (which holds the phone / app drawer / camera / messaging icons) is always in the bottom of the screen. Is there any way to change the position of this bar ? + also get rid of the line above that bar ???? (just to be clear i have attached a pic ) !
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    Thread Jellybean ?? or Win 8 ???

    hey ..any updates on getting JB or win 8 in adam ??
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    Thread back and search capacitive buttons not working

    The back and the search buttons in the S2 stopped working after i flashed with ICS ROM. The keys were working before and now it is not :( The keys dont even register in the Key test in the recovery mode (other keys vol up/down , power , home , settings , everything gives a number) :'( . Its...
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    Thread I have a question on Unolcking

    this might be confusing , but i would like to know if you change the ROM , (since we wipe / update the bootloaders , other things) does it unlock the phone when putting a Custom ROM ??? and also is the only way to unlock by calling the service provider ???
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    Thread How to downgrade from ICS to Gingerbread?

    ICS is good..but i feel that in GB ROMs i had a better control over my phone :D and so i want to down grade to GB.... I tried with Odin 1.7...sadly my phone is event recognised :'( in the Odin. and i just tried flashing the ROM from recovery options ..the phone ended up cursing me.... looking...