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  1. J

    Thread EU realme 7 pro fastboot images

    Hi, anyone have a link for the realme 7 pro fastboot/recovery image? until now I have only found the indian version and I am worried if I flash the indian version it might cause problems down the line. Thanks!
  2. J

    Thread What to buy after Xiaomi Max 3 ?

    Hi, I love the big screen and I love miu. What do you guys suggest to buy now with such a big screen? Even if it is not Xiaomi....the galaxy note is beautiful but so expensive. Thanks
  3. J

    Thread Global ROM call recording

    Hello everyone, Do any of the official ROMs have call recording? I would like to use this option s call recording is legal in my European country. Could I just Flash the other official ROM that has call recording and the original miui dailer? I have been googling but I have not really found a...
  4. J

    Thread Configuring Google dailer to be like miui

    Hello everyone, I hope that you find a time to help me out with this question. My father is used to the old miui dialler. Unfortunately is new phone comes with the Google dialler. The behaviour of the new dialler by Google is so different then he is used to. For example when the screen is on...
  5. J

    Thread Dailer recording EU version

    Hi, I ordered the phone yesterday and am excited to have it, it I keep wondering if this one has call recording. Please let me know, because I need this! Thanks
  6. J

    Thread dutch language

    Hi, could someone pls check if realme x2 pro support Dutch language? thanks
  7. J

    Thread Does the mi note 10 come with Google Dailer?

    Can anyone tell me? I much more prefer Xiaomi Dailer...
  8. J

    Thread dislike poco launcher

    Hi, Anyone managed to get the default miui launcher for poco miui global stable working? pocolauncher sucks...ugh! thanks
  9. J

    Thread call quality after miui update

    Hello, I recently downloaded V10.3.4.0. from the web as I could not wait for the update to appear in miui. After the update my call quality is horible. I can unlock my device today according to the unlock too, is just flashing the fastboot image enough to restore the firmware? I would like...
  10. J

    Thread Does miui 10 have Dutch language?

    Hi, Are the rumours true? Does miui global 10 have Dutch support? I currently use miui eu stable with Dutch language support I want to stick to global.
  11. J

    Thread Custom roms basedupon global MIUI

    HI! I myself have not found any cutom roms based upon global miui ( I think chinese miui version sucks), but perhaps you(!) did? thnx
  12. J

    Thread Are camera improvements possible?

    Hello, I have a mido with omnivsion sensor, is there something stable I can use to improve my camera quality? Thanks edit: sorry I put this in the wrong category
  13. J

    Thread New phone dropped from 4100mAh to 4000mAh battery

    Hi, Phone is used for 3 days then I noticed the decrease. This worries me because I am afraid I have to spend money again to buy a new battery. Is this just FUD?
  14. J

    Thread stable no-frills uptodate ROM for 9505 s4

    Hello, I am looking for a stable security updodate rom for a 9505 s4 ddevice, after browsing some of the threads i have noticed there are quite some broken ROMS out there. Please make some recommendations to try out. What is important for me is: -stable - battery - uptodate no stock or bloat...
  15. J

    Thread COS12.1 vs CM12.1 camera quality

    Has anyone noticed that the quality of pictures taken on cos12.1 are better than on cm12.1?
  16. J

    Thread hire building box

    Anyone recommend me a company that rents them?
  17. J

    Thread where am I going wrong with this updater-script?

    Need some help, I want to delete these directories which are not empty.
  18. J

    Thread framco kernel compiled with sabermod

    For the nexus 4 there was franco kernel compiled with sabermod, I have not been able to find it for the oneplus. I do not posess the skills to do it myself yet so I am hoping someone could do so here? Looking for r33 and r44 versions ( the last two releases) thanks
  19. J

    Thread screen turns on automatically

    When I manually turn the screen off it turns it's of on within 30 seconds. Running stock cm11s. How can I fix this?
  20. J

    Thread never settle wallpapers

    Are the never settle wallpapers not included in the cm11 S? I was not abkle find them in the store or on my opo device!
  21. J

    Thread converting franco kernel color profile

    Hi I want to convert a color profile I found online called "Ditio" ( pasted below ) which I can use on hellsdoctor, AK or hellsgod.I have found a script that utilzie color settings on bootup, could someone tell me how to convert the Ditio settings? What I have tried so far is opening up a...
  22. J

    Thread intercepting and recording the system calls

    What utilties are used to find out why a rom never finishes booting?
  23. J

    Thread BOOTLOGO LOOP - converted system and cache to f2fs

    I downloaded the latest pa, converted as regular only my data and cache to f2fs. The pa boot logo just seems to continue withouth the device finish loading. Any suggestions on how to fix this ?
  24. J

    Thread Slimkat adding dictionaries to keyboard

    I am using slimkat, the latest stable version. In the options I did not see Dutch dictionary option to select, so instead I installed google´s keyboard but unfortunally no other dictionaries are appearing to the list, they are the exact same as when installed the rom. Any suggestions on how to...
  25. J

    Thread cm11 google calender not showing up

    Google agenda is not showing my appointments and is also not showing in the google accounts synchronisation settings. I am running CM 111 05-29. I removed the aosp calender using a root unisntaller before I installed google calender.
  26. J

    Thread Potentially Speed up Android with New Compiler Flags

    After the recent article posted on the frontpage I was curious to know if someone is able and willing to compile slimrom ( latest stable) with these flags for testing purposes? Currently I am unable to try out compiling and experimenting for myself, if someone would be able to do so it would be...
  27. J

    Thread white theme or any non black theme recommendations

    Any recommendations where the black UI of android gets replaced by something that could be potentially more appealing? Something with the google play colors or any theme that matches or uses the google apps colors?
  28. J

    Thread Whatsapp black mod

    Found a great whatsapp mod in black: https://www.behance.net/gallery/Whats-App-Design-Experiment/15416561, however I am not fluent in german nor am I able to see "download" ( even with translate.google ). Anyone?
  29. J

    Thread cyanogenmod M6 All-F2FS

    Can anyone upload a modified M6 that supports all-f2fs? thanks!
  30. J

    Thread omni rom future plans

    What kind of features are to be implemented in the near future for Omni rom? Right now it has as much options as most AOSP roms
  31. J

    Thread [Color Profile - Franco kernel] Ditio ( underrated!! )

    After using franco kernel for a while I have tried various color profiles, until recently I found the following profile. After downloading it, copy it into /sdcard/franco.kernel_updater/color_profiles/ . If the directory does not exist then just click on load color profile to import all the...
  32. J

    Thread cherry pick multi window how to

    Hi, Currently trying to build my own omni rom and I am completely new at this. I have tried searching for a post I read a while ago that explaind how to cherry pick the multi window from the omni tree and patch it into the build for my device ( nexus ). Currently I am unable to find is, could...
  33. J

    Thread Samsung Multi-window port to nexus 4

    Hello everyone, Recently I a friend of mine showed his galaxy note to me and I saw a incredble feature on it called multi-window, in which one could split windows up in the screen. It appeared that this could be done with a wide variety of applications, it´s purpose was to enhance multi...
  34. J

    Thread battery mod for kitkat

    Hello What kind of battery mods are available? I have found some for 4.3 and 4.2 but none for 4.4.2 and I am looking for the circle percetange battery mod. Anyone?
  35. J

    Thread Lock screen replacement for stock ROM on a rooted device

    Hello, After having tried multiple custom ROMs, I have noticed modifications I like and would like to see on my own stock ROM. It appears that with the release of KitKat a lot of work is needed to get certain features back and implement new ones for the famous custom ROMs. The lockscreen...
  36. J

    Thread cyanogenmod lockscreen on stock

    Hello, I would like to replace the stock lock screen with the cyanogenmod lockscreen widget, due to the fast feel/performance and customization options. What is the best way to do this?
  37. J

    Thread (option) open html files that are stored in browser instead of html viewer

    It would be nice to have a option to open html files that are stored on the sdcard in chrome instead of the htmlviewer
  38. J

    Thread cyanogenmod 10.2 camera flash not working

    Hi I installed the latest stable cyanogenmod using the new installer, however with the camera the flash does not seem to work, the light flash is appearing when taking a picture but the picutre itself does not contain the flash, it is just dark. Anyone know a fix?
  39. J

    Thread cyanogenmod vs stock

    Hello all, Browsing the cyanogenmod website I am unable to find how this custom rom actually differs from stock. Could anyone tell me how it differs in tersm of features, performance etc.. ?
  40. J

    Thread searching for wallpaper

    the wallpaper is displayed here:
  41. J

    Thread where can I find this wallpaper

    hi, I am looking for the wallpaper displayed below, where can I get it? Thanks!
  42. J

    Thread where can I find this wallpaper

    hi, I am looking for the wallpaper displayed below, where can I get it? Thanks!
  43. J

    Thread where can I find this wallpaper

    hi, I am looking for the wallpaper displayed below, where can I get it? Thanks!
  44. J

    Thread disable hybrid properties PA rom

    Hi, Running PA 3.99-rc2 but I´m unable to disable the hybrid colors. Anyone can tell me how to revert back to the previous default collor settings?
  45. J

    Thread original htc one wallpaper doesn´t scale well

    Hi, I need help to scale this for the nexus 4, how do I do this?
  46. J

    Thread recover mode dead

    Hi, Updated my device to 4.3, however whenever I go into recovery mode there is a dead robot lying there. The devices boots fine into 4.3. How do I fix this?
  47. J

    Thread complete android themes

    Hi, What complete android themes are there ? I´m looking for themes that changes look and feel basically, lock screen, boot logo ( optional ), icons, different home screen...
  48. J

    Thread Rebuilding A rom to another Language ITA > WWE

    Hi! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=642382 Could anyone provide me of some information, regarding rebuilding roms into another language ITA > WWE. Appreciated, joe
  49. J

    Thread The end of the Trinity ROM developement

    With the introduction of the 6.5 ROM, we all know that this rom is to heavy for the trinity user. Realisiticly seen we are left with the 6.1. So. The question that are arises, is there anyone here that is able to cook a good, quality, stable rom that is clean, has touchflow extracted from 6.5...
  50. J

    Thread 2DManila cab files for trinity ( 3600 )

    where can i get the 2DManila cab files? And which one would you recommend installing to keep best performance next to enjoying manila?