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    Post General How to Root OnePlus 9R using Magisk [No TWRP Required]

    where do I get the stock boot image? EDIT Download the second file from the stock rom thread, then use this https://github.com/cyxx/extract_android_ota_payload to extract the boot.img file. then transfer that to your phone and then flash.
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    Post Question where can I find boot images for the 9R?

    nvm didn't read the root thread properly. have a nice day ppl see here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-root-oneplus-9r-using-magisk-no-twrp-required.4282333/
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    Thread Question where can I find boot images for the 9R?

    I'd like to get root with magisk but I don't see a way to get the boot image to patch... any help?
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    Post Question Not getting USB 3.1 transfer speed on the provided cable

    the amazon basics usb 3 cable is pretty good. https://www.amazon.in/AmazonBasics-Double-Braided-Nylon-Type-C/dp/B07D7S93DD/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=usb+3.1+cable&qid=1621687511&sr=8-4
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    Post [ROM][10][violet] PixysOS v3.0.1 [OFFICIAL] [WRAPPEDKKEY]

    is there a firmware version known to work with this rom? I just tried 9.12.12 weekly chinese one but it fails to flash saying it needs a firmware after 9.7.18....
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    Thread Change default usb connection mode from recovery adb

    I think the title speaks for itself... Basically I have no display. adb debugging is enabled in my rom but needs the usb connection mode to be mtp or it recognises the devices but has no permissions. I have spent an infuriatingly long time trying to fumble with a keyboard on otg to change the...
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    Post [ROM][9.0][LAVENDER][OFFICIAL] Syberia Project [24.08.2019]

    Anyone experiencing lag when you pull the notification shade down? Hen I pull it down, it lags like hell and just crawls at 0.1fps. its generally really unresponsive. the issue stops temporarily if I restart system ui.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][LAVENDER][OFFICIAL] Syberia Project [24.08.2019]

    Is anyone having a problem where after letting the phone charge for sometime, it stops responding completely, and only notification led is active? I've had to force reboot twice already... This is for the previous version. Does the next version fix this? Edit: ok, it seems like that ambiant...
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    Post [ROM][2019-03-18][GNU/Linux] Sailfish OS - v3 (LATEST Releases) - Kenzo/Kate

    Is fingerprint working currently? I'm sitting on a kenzo with broken touch which I want to turn into a headless... something. Maybe a music player. Currently, I'm just usimg adb with scrcpy to use this phone, but I want to turn this thing into a device exclusively for some easy music playback...
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    Thread [solved] trouble binding account in unlock status

    So I have a sim and an sd card on my phone, and when I tried going to unlock status, the thing succeeded and I was like, ok, cool. Except, when I ducked back in to the unlock status, it does the same thing with asking for permissions and preparing to add my account again. When I tried using the...
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0]

    Anyone facing no camera issues? My phone says no camera when I click on camera apps and I have no flash.
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-[12.08.18]-Havoc-OS-[8.1.0]-[FINAL]

    My camera doesn't seem to work after I installed this... Does anyone have a fix?
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    Post [ROM][8.1.x][kenzo][OFFICIAL] Cardinal-AOSP

    Is it ok to dirty flash the ROM over the old version?
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    Post Which Oreo ROM

    mcaosp is quite stable, its what I've been on for quite some time now.
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    Post [ROM] [8.0.0] [kenzo/kate] AOSP Oreo [09/02]

    really? thx for the update, last I checked was a week or so ago.
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    Post [ROM] [8.0.0] [kenzo/kate] AOSP Oreo [09/02]

    nope Radon kernel is only being developed for Nougat, you can try flashing it, but I doubt it'll work fine in Oreo.
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    Post [ROM] [8.0.0] [kenzo/kate] AOSP Oreo [09/02]

    seriously? Wow, seriously dude? You'd better get yourself familiar with it! It's the best way to control things on your device.
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    Post [KERNEL] Lsskernel for 6.0.1 TW Roms

    Are there any alternative mirrors, like from afh or something? Mega is really spotty and I can't download from it at all.
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    Post [ROM][ 7.1 | 7.1.2 ][21/08/2017] RESURRECTION REMIX v5.8.4 -UNOFFICIAL for K3 Note

    Wait, is this rom for K50? The zip says aio_otfp, is it the same? I'm not able to install via twrp, it says the zip is for aio_otfp not K50. Plz help.
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    Post VULKAN api for all Nougat roms [zip][ota survival]

    just flash it directly. You don't need to do anything special. If your rom doesn't have Vulcan (i thought that​ by now all roms would, maybe you should update?) Just go to twrp and flash the vulkan zip. Then you'll have vulkan on your device.
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    Guys where can i find the latest updated firmware?
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    Post [KERNEL][04-02][Radon Kenzo V6.3][STABLE][CM-AOSP-MIUI]

    Temperatures of both battery as well as cpu actually. While charging it reaches max 45°, while usually it stays in the 40° zone. It goes to 43°or so if I'm gaming.
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    Post [KERNEL][04-02][Radon Kenzo V6.3][STABLE][CM-AOSP-MIUI]

    Thanks for the wonderful kernel, Umang! Seriously, this kernel is awesome. With the quick charging option ticked, my battery charges at a rate of about 1% every 40 seconds or so. Also, my phone never seems to cool down... It's always stuck in the 38-42° range. Is that normal?
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    a link to the latest firmware, por favor.
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    I've updated twice since magisk was added, and both times my root apps stopped working. I had to uninstall magisk and install supersu to get it working again.
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    Please remove magisksu from the ROM. I think we should be free to choose which root manager to use. Magisksu breaks all my root apps everytime I update, which is no fun at all.
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    for real? its not legacy? cos the last time i checked it said legacy.
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    Post ResurrectionRemix ROM 6.1.0 - Official Weeklies- 8.1.0

    Um, is it possible to add OMS support to RR? Because the lack of OMS is why i left RR for aospextended. Honestly I would come running back to RR the moment OMS support is announced. (please dont hurt me for asking this question )
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r36][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V4.6 [OMS/DUI]

    Well it installed smoothly and looks OK, but where is substratum?! Shouldn't it be installed by default? Do I need to install from play store? Plz help.
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    Post [Q&A] Issues with Substratum? Post here!

    it definitely is. There are c check boxes for each overlay compatible app in the menu of each overlay. Select the apps that you want to apply a specific overlay to, then hit build and enable. You can do this with multiple overlays at once.
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    Post VULKAN api for all Nougat roms [zip][ota survival]

    Patience! You know, the frequency of updates depends only on whether xiaomi has finished developing the next update for their Vulcan binary. Please don't ask for updates . these guys only pull the Vulcan files out of devices that receive the Vulcan updates.
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    Post [Q&A] Issues with Substratum? Post here!

    substratum crashes I have cosmic os with the radon kernel installed. Substratum was phenominal at first and DNA-dark installed flawlessly. The thing is, now substratum crashes when I enter any of the theme tabs like overlay and stuff. Here's the LogCat- 02-11 19:46:32.453...