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    Thread Only splash screen even in Android

    So, first I thought my brother's A51 was water damaged because it was wet a little bit and charging was being interrupted. I left the phone turned off for the night and wanted to look at it again the next morning. The problem is that the screen or something else stopped working. The screen...
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    Post [TREBLE] Project Treble for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 [SCORPIO][12.09.2018]

    Hi. I have an issue with SIM cards, they are not detected by any of GSI rom for Treble (Android Pie). So far I tried: AOSP 9.0, Android P (PR1) sGSI, PixelExperience P GSI and ArrowOS. Every rom had the same issue: SIM cards didn't work. I tried 3 FWs with different versions: 8.8.30, 8.7.5 and...
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    Post [9.0][GSI] PixelExperience P - UNOFFICIAL

    I have an issue with SIM cards. I'm using Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and both of my SIM cards are not detected. I was doing everything what installation instruction says, I tried flashing three versions of firmware (8.7.5, 8.8.30, 8.9.6) and on everyone of these firmwares SIM cards aren't detected. Is it...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r42] Pixel Experience [scorpio]

    Is equalizer working for you? Because on my Mi Note 2 it was crashing.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r42] Pixel Experience [scorpio]

    On Bluetooth works ok because bluetooth headphones don't use DAC from Mi Note 2. I had a full backup with MIUI and on MIUI headphones work great. So I think there are some issues with DAC, not headphones
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r42] Pixel Experience [scorpio]

    Everything works fine but audio quality from headphones is awful. Bass is barely audible. Can I do something with this issue?