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    Post [Land][Ubuntu Touch][Experimental]

    Whoa............. thanks men............
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    Post [ROM][10.0.0_r46][Treble][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS V3.11 [OMS/DUI] (19/11/2020)

    thanks for make rom for this compact phone 👍👍👍
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-10-10]

    XZ1 Dual allow data during call working. Telkomsel supports VoLTE but in line showing H +, I tried to make a call the data is still running so it works. But sometimes other sims become errors because they activate VoLTE. My other sim is "Three" no signal sorry my english is weak...
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    Post [9.0][G8341-G8342][UB][.228] DT2W (Double Tap 2 Wake) Kernels

    The screen doesn't respond to touch sometimes after using double tap to wake up eXistenZ_Pie
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    Post [ROM][STOCK][XZ1][47.2.A.10.107] eXistenZ Pie | v10.0.0 | 16/10/19

    are project still continue? i love stock flavours in this device I prefer to stay in the pie if it's more stable than moving to 10 which is a lot of bugs. I am more considering completing my work than at any time changing rom hihihi yeah after i change the twrp version to poplar os boot up...
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    Post [VOLTE][ROM][10][OFFICIAL][Poplar] BlissRoms Q [12.11] - [28th August 2020]

    yeah i like stock flavour, ready to install go ... thanks for make sony xz1 custom rom edit: 1) in setting sound show android.resorce://com.bla bla bla, no name .. adara, aldabar, altair, and others remain named 2) Nova launcer when chose wallpaper to "style & wallpaper" then app not...
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    Post [KERNEL][EAS][10/11] Pop Kernel

    this kernel support dual version?
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    Post [XZ1] rooted kernel hiding bootloader unlock with working fota

    Will this kernel hide the bootloader unlock warning when the device boots up?
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    Post [ROM][10.0][POPLAR] Unofficial PixelExperience Plus [STOCK-BASED][03 Sep 2020]

    ??? whoaa thanks gabriel. i will install it hahaha ??? Sony xz1 dual
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    Post [ROM][10.0][POPLAR] Unofficial PixelExperience Plus [STOCK-BASED][03 Sep 2020]

    BATTERY LIFE I moved from stock to custom rom then back to stock again because of its stability, but to move to a custom rom it must be ready to be unstable, but what I consider more is simple, the camera and battery life. I see the pe plus unofficial build is stable, but I see a lot of Google...
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    Post [9][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] CarbonROM | cr-7.0 [poplar]

    Carbon rom........................... Thank you for taking the time to create this smartphone rom
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-10-10]

    Yeah i fell love this phone then newest phones now too bro hehehe.... :D The latest Sony smartphone, I have a plan to buy it first. But when I think about it, it turns out that he is stretched upwards, I don't think my thumb can reach the status bar easily. I feel sad that Sony is leaving this...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][POPLAR] Unofficial PixelExperience Plus [STOCK-BASED][03 Sep 2020]

    you can use twrp from this thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-xz1/development/rom-lineageos-17-0-unofficial-beta1-t4026105 make sure your cellphone model is G8341(single global) before install
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    Post [9][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] CarbonROM | cr-7.0 [poplar]

    its work, thanks for help.... ---------- Post added at 03:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:09 PM ---------- how to install sony stock camera? camera app from cusrom not support the infrared for focus sensor. or any available camera to support this feature? and the camera in this rom...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-10-10]

    Anyone know how to hide version in qs footer?
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-10-10]

    Cts prifle false I have using magisk hide props intall certified fingerprint but still fail, i try to restore ta-locked backup but still false to, i try restore ta-locked backup then install certified fingerprint and still false.... :( update: i using this tutorial and working...
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    Post [9][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] CarbonROM | cr-7.0 [poplar]

    Lock screen display "when to show" section there is no Lock screen display "when to show" section, i want to disable screen wake up when notification coming. Sony XZ1 dual
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    Post [9][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] CarbonROM | cr-7.0 [poplar]

    Camera blurred Thanks fore make this simple adn stable rom...........
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-10-10]

    Need Show Message lockscreen How to show a custom message on the lockscreen? Thanks for grat work... ???