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  1. Faznx92

    Thread [FIXED] SM-T320 Un-bricked

    If you can access download mode (power + vol down) you can recover your device. Just download and install Samsung Kies. Much less a headache then trying to find the proper firmware and flashing via odin. :good::)
  2. Faznx92

    Thread HDX Toolkit & Your Input

    As most of you may know, my HDX Toolkit is quite useful for the hdx. I have been trying my best changing and adding features that are useful for you guys but may not have the understanding to develop the toolkit better. I'm not dropping bad news, I feel as if the toolkit should be a community...
  3. Faznx92

    Thread Fastboot discussion.

    I have searched and couldn't find a fastboot thread. So here it is. I found out fastboot is working on Linux. Bad news is Windows seems to need another driver for fastboot. Please help look for a windows driver or make one. The fastboot commands all seem to work fine. :D Here you guys go...
  4. Faznx92

    Thread Post your build.prop

    Here is are all stock build.props from 13/ Enjoy!
  5. Faznx92

    Thread ...Questions?

    I know I'm in no place to tell people what to do but there are a lot of simple question in General. Also I'm going to start answering questions with little to no response in the Q&A Help section. Have a heart and do your part :silly: No need to reply. Just let this fall deep into the abyss.
  6. Faznx92

    Thread [Q] Manual updateing...

    I'm on But if I want to update to, do I need to update in order up to or just update with the bin? I not a 100% sure but I want a correct answer.
  7. Faznx92

    Thread Possible 13/ root

    Notice: Towelroot works! Added to the toolkit. It is possible 13/ can be rooted. Talk between a few devs confirm this. (I didn't include a name because I don't want to name drop anyone unexpectedly) As you can tell, if you can bide without a net connection, it's worth the possible...
  8. Faznx92

    Thread [Q] Noob trying to become a dev.

    This thread may be pointless but I don't care. I can't find a straight general answer. I am kind of new to Android modding but have ok skills with coding and decent skills with Linux (I know how to survive in a shell). What are good code examples or what are the best methods(exploits) used to...
  9. Faznx92

    Thread Delete

  10. Faznx92

    Thread [TOOL:FROZEN] Faznx's HDX ToolKit v0.96b

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DEVICE OF ANY SORT. BY USING THIS SOFTWARE YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! Kindle Fire HDX Toolkit v0.96b About: A user friendly toolkit for [Thor] Kindle Fire HDX 7" and [Apollo] Kindle Fire HDX 8.4" Copyright: CC...
  11. Faznx92

    Thread [WARNING] HDX Update Released + Amazon open source

    This is a notice for 2 things the impending update and the emulator. I'm unsure if anybody has taken notice but Amazon's Source Code Notice page has an emulator (1314_3.0.1_Emulator_1_32_src.tar.gz) for the Hdx along with each version revision. Hope this is of some use to someone. This takes me...
  12. Faznx92

    Thread Arm Linux OS's with Linux Deploy

    If you don't understand what ssh or vnc is, please don't attempt this. I am able to run Kali Linux armhf on the 13.3.1 by following this guide. It can run other distros too. I can confirm it is working 100% and runs very smooth. Here is a link to the Linux Deploy app. You need a vnc app or a...
  13. Faznx92

    Thread [Q] Anybody working on unlocking the Bootloader?

    Is anybody working on unlocking the Hdx's bootloader? If so, please post if you are or post any progress made. People willing to test should post here too.
  14. Faznx92

    Thread [MOVED] Rooting tutorial - hdx 8.9"

    THIS POST IS CLOSED, IT MOVED! HERE Thanks goes to: fi01 for finding the bug, Jcase for making the exploit, slayer615 for making the batch bundle.
  15. Faznx92

    Thread [MOVED] Much Simpler rooting tool - Thor

    THIS POST IS CLOSED, IT MOVED! HERE Thanks goes to: fi01 for finding the bug, Jcase for making the exploit, Moronig for modifying the exploit, slayer615 for making the original batch bundle.