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    Thread Question MicroG on Oxygen OS?

    Has anyone gotten MicroG working on Oxygen OS with signature spoofing? I tried to go through a process, don't have the link now, that was documented for lineageOS but had steps outlined for one plus devices. Unfortunately for me I only noticed that after I flashed using the steps for lineageOS...
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    Thread Question Recovery boots into fastboot

    Hey guys, got myself into a sticky situation by doing a lot of stuff without really thinking about it. I'm in a state where my slot a is pretty much borked I think. Anytime in slot a I try to reboot into recovery I just get put back into fastboot mode. in slot b I still have the LOS recovery...
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    Thread [Q] Unable to Connect tf201 to Computer

    Hey guys, the title pretty much says it all. I have been unsuccessful attempting to connect my tf201 to any computer. Windows 7 doesn't recognize it, nor does 8, and my new installation of arch linux couldn't see it either. This may be a driver problem, but the part that has me stuck is that I...
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    Thread [Q] Phone won't receive calls

    So, here's the gist of it. I was running freeza's 2.25b when I noticed I stopped receiving calls. I noticed some other people in the thread saying they had the same issues, so I was waiting for freeza to address the issue. Apparently, I don't think it's from the rom. So, when tiring of the...
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    Thread Need advice with a new device

    So I recently got my old bricked evolte replaced by Sprint. The one I was given worked fine the entire time the device was powered on. However, once turned off and back on, its screen would not work. It stayed like this for hours, until I finally started playing with it and realized it would...
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    Thread [Q] Is my phone permabricked?

    So last night, when going to charge my phone, I notice that turning the screen on wasn't bringing me to my lockscreen. Instead it was a black screen with a line in the middle. It looked like the screen off animation got stuck on the screen. So I rebooted it and it was fine. Today, I wake up and...
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    Thread [Q] TWRP Stuck in Recovery Bootloop

    Hey guys, got myself in bit of a bind. I just recently rooted using the 1 click tool and also installed CWM with it. Later, I tried to install TWRP through goomanager on top of that. It rebooted to recovery, and the recovery seems to not have installed properly. It just stays stuck at the...
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    Thread [Q] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    Has anyone got this working yet on the EvoLTE? I assume all you would need to do is change the build.prop, but I don't want to brick my device.
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    Thread [Q] Can the screen burn in?

    My girlfriends' SII recently got her screen burned in,which got me thinking "can this happen to me?" Is it even a problem for us EVO users? I know the screen for the SII wasn't an LCD screen , and I believe the EVO's is. Any answers will be appreciated!