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    Thread Power Button Issue

    Good day guys. I suppose most of hammerhead owners are familiar with the issue of the power button. Well I'm beyond that. I accidentally dropped my phone from a 2 meter high spot, fortunately my case is strong, but since then I experienced a very weird issue, I didn't find anything similar...
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    Thread Issue with my Google App

    Good day ladies and gentlemen. I just recently dirty flashed (updated) latest AOSP room (7.1.2) to my Nexus,, everything is working just fine except that the Google app is saying "Google Play Services doesn't have one or more required permissions." and it doesn't show any emails while my email...
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    Thread [Q] Cannot upgrade to Play Store from Android Market

    Hello everyone, I have a probleme with my HTC Desire, Android version 4.0.4 I cannot upgrade to Play store from market, i've downloaded many versions of Play store and then try to install them When im trying to install it says: This is a system application. Do you still want to replace it? I do...