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    Thread Bypass encrypted device with bootloader unlocked?

    Hello guys, Just a question for experts i do not need to do it, my phone it's rooted (OP7T) it's possible to bypass the unlock pattern without reset device and would it be easier since it has bootloader unlocked? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Desktop mode stock rom or miuieu?

    Hello guys, before buy this phone i would like to ask you if it does have the Miui desktop mode when connected to external monitor or HUB, i couldn't find this information elsewhere
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    Thread How to root?

    Hello, did somebody already try to root redmi 9a? This tutorial https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-9/how-to/guide-root-access-redmi-9-mediatek-t4149531/page2 would work even on this device? :confused: Thanks in advance for any reply :fingers-crossed:
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    Thread Bootloop after OTA google play services, need help!

    Hello guys this monrning i had a popup of googleplay service ota installed, i opened magisk manager installed it after ota , reboot device and now im stuck on boot with the logo , I have too many important files of my job in the phone that i cannot lost, i will appreciate any help if somebody...
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    Thread Extremely battery drain? Miui 10 stable or my device is broken?

    Hello, I bought mi 8 new a week ago I installed directly miui 10 stable EU Bttery drain is very fast I can get maximum 3- 4 hour of screen on time, I already give 15 charge cycles Is my unit battery broken or miui 10 stable eu to have battery drain? Didn't had time to try another version yet
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    Thread Notch and notification how are they showed?

    Hi guys, before buy this device i would like to see how notification are showed with notch in miui 10 from notification bar, could someone post some screenshot? Thanks!
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    Thread Mi note 3 started to lag and freeze suddenly

    Hi all, My mi note 3 started to have some random lag and freezes also while scrolling contacts in whatsap Google Chrome etc I didn't change or touch any setting, some of you experienced the same? Before try to factory reset which I would like to avoid too many apps installed and configured...
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    Thread Honor 8 charger??? They steal mine!

    Hello everybody , somebody steal my bag with my honor 8 charger, i cant find it on amazon, what can i buy similar that have same fast charging system that work for it and where? Or original charger where? Thank you so much
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    Thread pop up "damaged corrupted sd card" when set as internal

    Hello guys, my microsd always have crash with a pop up "your sd card is corrupted" i checked on internet many people had same problem with their huawei or honor, but i can't find the fix... the microsd works wonder i tried with another same problem.. and it crash my smartphone. somebody had same...
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    Thread App to SD card?

    Hello everybody, after selected external SD card as default is there any option to move app data to the external SD? Or I have to do manually with a file manager? And is not possible to do it with all apps, is there a way to know which app data can be on SD card and which not? And did anybody...
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    Thread Gyroscope shaking? Not calibrated?

    Hello everybody, my p9 lite has very shaking gyroscope I cannot see 360 facebook picture or YouTube video because it shakes very hard, any fix for it? Do you have same issue?
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    Thread Shutter speed?

    Hello before Buy it i would know how much time for take multiple pictures and if you can use a third party app to have full manual control of the shutter speed, ISO etc to take good pictures even in low light
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    Thread Faster rom cm 11 - 12 or 13?

    What do you guys think? Which rom is faster for our device?
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    Thread Some question before buy it

    Hello everybody, i just would know before buy that device, if it suffer from throttling or high heat while playing heavy games, if I can modify ISO while doing a video like on s7,g5 etc and if the device really suffer from autofocus problem, I need a good camera phone both front and back camera...
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    Thread Android + windows tablet under 100 euro? Teclast x80 plus?

    hello everybody im looking for a tablet with windows and android that streams 4k video and can handle photoshop, Im looking for teclast x80 plus somebody own it? How it is?Any suggestion about similar devices?
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    Thread Miss notification of every app except whatsapp

    As the title i don't receive notification from almost every app except whatsapp, tried to lock them in memory give them all permission etc. still miss them until i open them like gmail facebook etc, please any help is appreciated or i have to sell this wonderful smartphone Meizu pro 5 latest...
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    Thread Make the system read a language that you dont own?

    As the topic title, can I set on firmware A for example italian language even if it doesn’t support it just to have overall downloaded apps(android wear included) in italian even if the system will remain in english?
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    Thread Smartwatch dead hot like helll HELP

    I bought SW3 3 weeks ago from amazon, this morning after disconnected it from charging it is dead.... black screen and just 1 vibration if i press power button for some seconds.. can't update or reinstall the firmware with pc companion.... what can i do? It is still hot after 30 min that i...
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    Thread [Q] Knock Knock on CM or AOSP?

    Hi everyone, I would buy this device and i would know if modding it with CM, PA or AOSP i will lost the double tap to awake the display, the back button for wake up the screen it's very bad choice >.<
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    Thread Sometimes laggy back button?

    Have anyone sometimes strange laggy when use back button from any apps?... I've found it in stock GB-CM7 and ICS. Since I don't like ICS it's too much slow to response. Im w8 for see if cm10 it's fast then GB.
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    Thread Fast rom for playing?

    Which rom do you suggest with fast responding and nice for playing HD games? GB-ICS-JB?
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    Thread My phone just going in the water

    I jumping in the water with my self Xperia Mini Pro help me >.< what I doing now?
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    Thread [Q] Root for 2.3.3 4.0.A.335

    Hi guys, i've bought the SK17i in Italy and this have the firmware 4.0.A.335 I need a lot root it and a easy tutorial for that (better if is videotutorial) I wait ur answer thanks a lot Tyrigi.
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    Thread GPS lost signal problem

    Hi guys i have a big problem with the GPS, i lost the signal every min in outdoor and he got difficulty for download the signal.... do you know any fix for these? Thanks a lot for any answer Tyrigi. PS: sorry for my bad english im italian D: