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  1. samcro94

    Thread @ poondog

    Flashed v066 No more sound on the speakers A reboot resolved it Now everything works fine
  2. samcro94

    Thread kangaroo kernel

    nickabbott for me it is safer updating the firmware step by step for the rom : Eragon is build with this kernel.........
  3. samcro94

    Thread slightly rom punka dark theme

    The punka dark theme doesn't boot on thje last v5 i had to use my twrp backup, freeze on boot screen
  4. samcro94

    Thread slightly rom , deodexed version does not boot

    hi, i had the same issue flashing the Punka thème in th same time i re-flashed the rom and no more problem
  5. samcro94

    Thread shlightly rom update

    Seyaru hi,i have flashed the new firmware yesterday and no issue with the rom so i will dirty flash this update and let you know thanks for your great job !
  6. samcro94

    Thread slightly rom

    hi,question for slightly rom dev : is ART engine supported with odexed version ? if not will it be ? I love this rom fast and clean
  7. samcro94

    Thread [Q] slightly rom htc one

    hi, i instaled this rom odexed version in order to try ART engine.... but i dont find how....... maybe it' not suported Anyway ver good rom, smooth and réactive Sorry for my poor english this is my first post !