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  1. Mobarok_

    Thread How can i Record 60 fps video?

    I was wondering how can i record 1080p 60fps video on my merlin? Even old models like note 5 have 60fps option. Then why it is disabled on merlin? Please provide me tricks.
  2. Mobarok_

    Thread [SOLVED] How can I overcome this Wi-Fi bug

    2 days ago I turn on my Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi couldn't connect to the signal. I tried with different connection but it didn't connect either. But after rebooting once iT connected successfully to the nearest signal.if I try to turn off and on the Wi-Fi again the problem occurs. What should I do I...
  3. Mobarok_

    Thread TWRP related question.

    Why there is no TWRP official support for merlin? And when the official twrp will be released?