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  1. sakshamx

    Thread [Sense 4.1][MOD] MiUi Quick Setting

    Hey guys i was able to port a systemui with miui like quick settings By huazvi LINK TO ORIGNAL THREAD - HERE Important this systemui has some bug - i am not able to fix it though :( bit busy actually ;) -*- when goes to portrait to landscape or vice versa systemui FC but comes again...
  2. sakshamx

    Thread [4.4]Google KitKat home/launcher with new Google now

    Hey guys I would like to share this news maybe some of you might not know :) Nexus 5 was released so was 4.4 Kitkat and all its stuff like launcher was leaked. so i am sharing with u guys :D Download and install each :cyclops: PreBuiltGMScore <---google play services 4.0 Velvet (google...
  3. sakshamx

    Thread [Aroma][Sense 4.1]Sense clocks customize

    Hey guys i recently posted my Rom , so here the first interesting clocks 13 different lettering styles, 8 different backgrounds, panel under clock stock or transparent.....mix and match clocks and backgrounds however you want. Download from here, let me know if there's any...
  4. sakshamx

    Thread [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] Solid Sense 4.1 Lite[DISCONTINUED][OC/NON-OC]

    Solid Sense 4.1 Rom _______________________________________ After making some mods/themes for sense 4.1 i decided to create my own modded Rom This rom is based on sense 4.1 build 3.5 ported by Cute_Prince and re-sized ArsanKirmani HERE So thank them First BUILD 1 FEATURES...
  5. sakshamx

    Thread [Battery ICON] Sense 4/4.1 Factory UPDATE Now support all Rom !!

    Hey guys I got VRTheme working on our Pico so I am sharing some large amount of battery icons for Sense 4a/4.1 I have made Battery MOD for all roms now List of all the compatible Roms CM 7 - CM 10.2 Sense 3.5 stock or any other moded stock Sense 4a Walkman Rom (Sense 4a) Trinity Sense...
  6. sakshamx

    Thread [MOD][HQS]LIDROID PANEL for SENSE 3.5 & 4a

    LIDROID 14 TOGGLES PANEL hey guys after making lidroid panel for sense 4.1 i thought of making for sense 4a and 3.5 also SENSE 3.5 DOWNLOAD APP:use this app to customize the toggles :cowboy: SENSE 4a DOWNLOAD APP:use this app to customize the toggles ;)
  7. sakshamx

    Thread [Sense 4.1][MODS] COLLECTION

    Sense 4.1 mods collections 1% BATTERY ICONS MODS :D 20 step volume http://www.mediafire.com/download/1g7eoyji7oelwoy/20_volume_step_zip.zip 30 step volume http://www.mediafire.com/download/xbq3zdcz03iwcoq/30_volume_step_zip.zip 45 step volume...
  8. sakshamx

    Thread [HELP]Nand Burn RECOVERY!!!!!

    I am unable to install some roms(carbon and joilaroi rom) I think my nand is burnt But i am able to instal cm10.2 by sarthak internal rom is showing 100 mb ERROR - symlink error status7() aborting installation I have tried recovering nand by this method but didnt work from here-...
  9. sakshamx

    Thread [MDPI]-Post your wallpaper -

    POST YOUR FAVOURITE WALLIES All wallpapers are of size 640X320 and should be of the same size posted by you:cowboy: if u want i can give hd pics also :rolleyes: 127 WALLS COLLECTION - http://www.mediafire.com/download/5g5bk1th88uc6it/pico_wallies.rar here are some random wallpapers:D
  10. sakshamx


    Hey guys many of you were having problem with dual booting so i making a easy guide on it before begin thank those which made dual boot possible for our device here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2409236 MAKING THE ROM AS PRIMARY IN DUAL BOOT First of all download the...
  11. sakshamx

    Thread Virtuos ten studio not working

    I am unable to use virtuous ten studios apk multi tool running without problem but when i use vts i get this error when i create new project i get this error i am using win 32bit
  12. sakshamx

    Thread [APP][SHARE]Apple control centre

    Hey guys i found this app it is just as if using apple control center:cowboy: playstore link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shere.easycontroller another app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hi.tools.studio.control.center&hl=en_GB
  13. sakshamx

    Thread compiling rosie help needed

    i tried to increase dock bar length by changing value of sense 4.1 rosie when i compiled using multitool it asked to delete stuff i edited and delete recource.arc also if edited any xml after compilation size reduced to 600kb from 1.2mb and dock bar still not increased
  14. sakshamx

    Thread overclock help needed

    i am using liquid smooth and flashed jarvis kernel for cm10.1 it booted after falshing i cheked sd card but the sd data partition is not used but cache partition use so is it okay for overclocking
  15. sakshamx

    Thread [SKIN]Sense 4.1 skin collection

    Hi guys i am sharing sense 4.1 skins and these are also usable in htc one v based roms Download - install as a normal apk Settings-> personalize -> skins -> choose your skin CREDITS ckpv5 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2216180) Credits...
  16. sakshamx

    Thread New MDPI device desire 200

    Hi guys there is this new device desire 200 the good thing is its mdpi same resolution as of pico it will be having sense 4 or may even get jb so we can have jb in sense also in future:)
  17. sakshamx

    Thread Wierd problem

    i edited build prop and end in a boot loop(htc logo) :confused:tried flashing rom but didnt worked the whenever i tried to reboot it then htc logo & goes to hboot(only its image not functionable) i was locked and it again rebooted:confused: i tried reflashing rom but it show bad()
  18. sakshamx

    Thread random reboot on apex sens 3.1ultra

    I am facing some random reboot maybe after disconnecting from disk drive it is very rarely. not had any issues on sense 5 ex using Samsung class 6 ,16 GB memory card :confused: any way to fix it?
  19. sakshamx

    Thread sense 4 widgets need resizing

    hi guys i found some sense 4 full widgets for sense 4a which work but not fit in our display need someone to re-size it http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2064891