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    Thread Nexus 5X bootloop

    Hello, I was watching YouTube when my phone froze and wouldn't respond. I detached the battery and reset it but it would freeze on the 'Installing update' screen even though I didn't try to update the phone. I wiped the cache and data but now it just gets stuck on the 'Google' boot screen. I...
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    Thread Weak signal (WiFi)

    Recently bought a Nexus 5 thats completely stock but the WiFi signal is poor. I'm getting 3 bars when next to the router and it comes drops to one only a few feet away. Is this a hardware problem or is it an issue with software that can be fixed with root and custom roms? Thanks.
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    Thread Help updating to 4.4 (TF201 Prime)

    I've posted this on the TF201 board too but it seems pretty dead these days so I was hoping you guys over here could help me :). I'm looking into updating my unlocked/rooted TF201 to a 4.4.x ROM but they all seem to want me to be on version on X or of Y and it all gets a bit...
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    Thread Help updating to 4.4

    I'm looking into updating my unlocked/rooted TF201 to a 4.4.x ROM but they all seem to want me to be on version on X or of Y and it all gets a bit confusing. I flashed a custom ROM a year or so ago and all the information from the settings can be found below. Can anyone link me...
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    Thread Sorry to ask here...

    But does anyone know if a Transformer Prime running Jelly Bean can be unlocked with the tool on the official site (it only mentions ICS). I've asked on the TF201 board but it's dead over there and I need to know ASAP :p. Thanks.
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    Thread Unlocking and eveything afterwards.

    Hey, I've decided it's finally time to unlock the bootloader and re-root my device after losing it updating to Jelly Bean. I was wondering if you could give me a checklist kind of thing on what to do after unlocking and give recommendations on what custom ROMs to install :). Thanks. Oh, and...
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    Thread Where to find RMA address?

    I've set up an RMA and it was due to be picked up today but I can't seem to find the address for the service centre for the UK. You'd think they'd include a delivery address in the RMA email that provides you with packing instructions and your RMA number but no, apparently not. The closest I got...
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    Thread Rooting 4.1.1

    Hi, I somehow cocked up the regain root from partial root method posted on here and can no longer get into the '#" command in an adb shell session. Is there anyway to root 4.1.1 both directly through Jellybean or via downgrading to ICS and then getting my partial root back when I re-upgrade or...
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    Thread Reckon they'd do it?

    I saw this post (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=29685066&postcount=1085) and it got me wanting to do this simple mod too as it looked to have increased his WiFi range three fold but I have to RMA my Prime so I don't want to void any warranty by opening it up myself. Do you...
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    Thread Can't update OTA

    I downgraded to .15 from .21 using wolfs method and then rooted my device but now I can't seem to update OTA, I just get the 'no updates available' message. I don't think an processes are frozen or anything. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Thread Root .21 Prime

    Hi, I've been away for a while butbefore I left it seemed there was no way of rooting .21 without unlocking the device which is something I won't do as my camera is faulty and so will need to get around to RMAing it in the future. My question is, is there any way to root .21 without unlocking...
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    Thread Preperation before sending in?

    What should I do to my rooted Prime before sending it in for RMA? Should I unroot via Vipermod and then factory reset or is there something else I need to do either before, during or after this process? Thanks :).
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    Thread Camera not working

    Is anyone else's camera not working at all? Mine is either completely corrupted as in lines and green corrupted or doesn't load up at all (black screen). I'm assuming this was the latest update as it worked before but I'm just wanting mto make sure its software and not hardware related.
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    Thread Netflix UK

    I was wondering how good the selection of films and shows that Netflix UK has in comparison to LOVEFilm and also in terms of video quality. I'm tempted to sign up to one of these services for use mostly with my Prime. Thanks.
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    Thread Those who have had their Prime for around a month.

    How long is the battery lasting for you in various tasks (Tablet only)?
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    Thread Is Auto-Sync like Background Data?

    I noticed that ICS doesn't have an option to turn off Background Data in the settings like it used to have so I was wondering if turning off Auto-Sync is the same as turning off Background Data?
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    Thread The annoying brightness changing issue

    I've heard it's a common issue so I won't go into detail but it's the issue where the brightness changes slightly even when you're not in auto brightness mode, something to do with being one of the Tegra 3 power saving features. I have two questions in regards to this issue; 1. Does this...
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    Thread Downloads don't download with default browser

    Is it just me who can't seem to get complete downloads when they download a file with the default browser? The only browser that seems to download downloads fully is Opera :confused:? Another minor problem is that Google maps keeps appearing in my recent apps list for some reason despite...
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    Thread Anyone know Dosbox?

    I'm having trouble getting a game to work in aDosbox. My problem is the game won't recognise the ISO I've mounted as the game CD and thus will bring up an error saying no CD inserted. This is what I've tried so far; C is mounted as /sdcard/ which is fine as I have transfered the files from my...
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    Thread Factory Reset

    Will a factory reset reset my Prime back down to 3.2.1 or just 4.0.3?
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    Thread [UK+US] Has Anyone NOT got the latest update (

    I've got a US Prime and I live in the UK but I still haven't gotten the latest firmware update OTA. I can't check manually either as the check update button is greyed out. I got the first ICS update fine on release day (11th?) but I haven't gotten an update since. I want to be able to restore my...
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    Thread "Check Updates" Greyed Out

    Is this normal for a Prime on the original ICS update and rooted? I want to check for the new firmware that is suppose to fix GPS for many people but I can't and it's not shown up automatically either. It's a US Prime and I'm in the UK but I got the ICS update here when it came out in the US.
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    Thread Data transfer from PC slow

    Is anyone else getting really slow transfer speeds when transfering files from the PC to the Prime via USB cable? It was going to take at least 15 minutes to transfer ~125MB worth of files before. Am I doing it wrong or is this a common thing?
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    Thread SNESDroid

    Can somebody please download SNESDroid (It's free ) on their ICS Prime and see if you can get a game running. Whenever I try to start a game the audio works fine but the video is just a static glitchy mess. I'd also be useful for somebody still on HC (Unknown Serial Number is coming in useful )...
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    Thread Ignore

    Ignore this thread. Apps section seems more appropriate .
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    Thread Purchasing Apps on 'Market Unlocker' Android Market

    I've been able to use Market Unlocker to allow Paid apps to be purchased in my country but are there any downsides to this? When Paid apps are made available in my Country will I be able to download the apps I purchased on the Proxy market on my actual market or not?
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    Thread Best CPU Usage App?

    What's the best CPU usage app for the Prime? I want to see how the Tegra3 is being used by FPse.
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    Thread Wi-Fi and GPS Performance without the back plate?

    Does anybody know how the Wi-Fi and GPS perform without the muchly blamed back plate? I know Anandtech did a teardown but they never mentioned whether they tested these when they had the back plate off. I've emailed the guy who posted the story but I've had no reply yet.
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    Thread Front Panel Glass Lifting

    Hi, Is anyone elses Prime have problems with creeky, lifting glass either to the right of the charger slot or the area with the volume adjuster? I don't want to send it to Asus to have it "Repaired" just for having creeky glass but I'm tempted (I can't send it back to Gamestop as I live in the...