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    Thread UI 3.0 Beta wallpaper resolution too high

    Anybody else seeing this? I've used the same wallpaper before updating and now it's less capable of high res live wallpapers. Maybe this is just a beta issue
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    Thread Dark spot on screen

    Anyone get a spot like this on their screen? It's not a daily and a few days ago when I turned it on that spot was there. It's not the screen protector as I peeled it back and it's still there. Any ideas?
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    Thread No Shutter Sounds [Root]

    Got the silence files from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=66258646&postcount=13 You DO NEED ROOT but its simple. There are 6 files that need to change in system/media/audio/ui af_failure.ogg af_success.ogg cam_snap_0.ogg camera_click.ogg camstart.ogg camstop.ogg With a root...
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    Thread [ROOT] VZW Note 7

    First thanks to freeza and goonygugle this is freezas method with a few adjustments from goonygugle and a little extra steps to get data on vzw Files needed You also need adb for this process if you dont already have it Leaked Sprint Rom: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24651430732236681...
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    Thread Can a Nexus 6P be sim locked?

    I was asking a Japanese carrier about the gold nexus 6p and they told me it would be sim locked. I told them its not possible as Google doesn't allow it. But, can it be done outside of Google?
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    Thread Use IOS Emoji

    got the info from my time with the G3 http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/themes-apps/howto-change-lg-smiley-to-google-smiley-t2809012 I take no credit. Just follow the steps. It works. obviously the app provided won't work, so it must be done using root explorer or similar
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    Thread Any privacy screens?

    anyone know of any privacy screens that cover the entire screen? I've only seen the ones that leave the edge exposed
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    Thread enable data on foreign sim?

    I put a Sim from Japan in the phone. It gives me voice and shows the 3g symbol but not the upload and download symbols. So I can make phone calls but cannot access data. Any ideas?
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    Thread pa, carbon or pac-man

    Just want some comments on the ones you guys use and prefer. I tried pa but got bad battery life and currently don't have time to flash and try them all
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    Thread only ptp no mtp?

    So I connected the phone to the computer yesturday to transfer files as normal. I ejected then needed to move more files so instead of removing the usb I switch from mtp to ptp do the computer would read it again then planned on switching back to mtp. Needles to say it didn't switch back, now...
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    Thread using nexus 4 Wireless charging orb

    Liked the idea of wireless charging since my friend some yrs ago had the palm pre and touchstone. I want to use the nexus orb as I'm sure some others do but I know u need a qi cover the note ii doesn't come with for it to work. Saw someone selling a qi charging card on ebay and want to know if...
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    Thread How to autoload module?

    can anyone explain this to me I need to autoload a module for the usb ethernet adapter I have
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    Thread Good Floating Browser

    So I recently heard of overskreen a floating browser for android but its like $2.50 Floating browser flux is a good alternative and its free...it has tabs and plays flash as well it also syncs with default browser history...check it out...
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    Thread Not mounting to computer

    I connected my phone as usual to the computer via usb but all it does is charge. No usb icon, no popup on computer no missing id just charging as if it was plugged in to a wall outlet. never had this problem before any ideas?
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    Thread Cruzerlite case with verizon holster

    Originally had the default verizon black holster case, but got an aluminum back and a clear cruzerlite case to show it off. I still wanted to holster the phone so I tryed to put it in the holster and it still fit. I think its a good look!
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    Thread Home button smashed in?

    So my phone wasnt locked into its holster and slipped out :crying: I checked it and there was no cosmetic damage and the screen wasnt cracked or anything but I think my home button got smashed in a little bit its almost seemless with the rest of the phone...anyone else like this or is this just...
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    Thread any way this bionic batt mod will work on droid 3?

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    Thread official 5.6.890 (download) not leak

    The update was pushed to my phone today, don't know if its available for everybody or if its rolling out in baches, but I have the file and I'm not signed up for the soak test so I'm assuming its official. http://www.multiupload.com/5ZMDB712T9 just unzip the rar don't know if anything is...
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    Thread HUGE favor with clockwork

    can some1 just create a backup, erase data and make a nandroid of the phone so I could restore my phone, then obviously you can just reflash your first back up THANKS
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    Thread HELP

    I was rooted and removed some of the bloatware, before applying this update I reinstalled the bloatware and unrooted, when I try to update(5.6.980) it goes through but hangs on updating bp then it says assert failed: motorola.motoflash("/tmp/bp.img") E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (status...
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    Thread UD 3.0 RC

    if you have used ultimate droid on your rooted phone then I think it would be good for u to know that they are supposedly supporting the G tablet with a release tonight!!!:D...
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    Thread Watching HD Video

    I know a lot of ppl use rock player but it was choppy on a lot of videos I was trying to watch:( so I looked for a new player and found mvideoplayer and played a 720p 1.38gb mkv file and it played super smooth:D just thought I'd let ppl know
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    Thread Market Update

    this is for any android device...the market has been updated to include a similar/related tab when looking at an app if you do not have it yet just clear data(won't erase apps downloaded) in market from manage applications and it should be there from droid-life.com
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    Thread For ANYONE having difficulty installing TnT Lite 2.00-2.xx

    Read This http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9542514&postcount=662
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    Thread Bad for archos 101

    http://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=C198G8pvyHI :p
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    Thread Chrome To Phone

    I didn't see anyone mention it but chrome to phone works fine...the first time may be a little slow for the g tablet to receive the page but after first initial send its fast and smooth as butta;)!!!
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    Thread Maps location

    I try to find location and it says enable location, but you cant in tnt lite settings I'm pretty sure I can load regular android settings and enable it but have yet to do so...has anyone tried it?