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    Post [ROM][9.0][OneUI]G935X/G930X]BlackDiamond NFE Port V5.0

    Anyone have mirrors to 5.0? AFH is being extremely unreliable for me right now. Download speeds varying from 2MB/s to 100KB/s to 0 MB/s due to all mirrors being down :( EDIT: Eventually got it... The s7 props fingerprint doesn't seem to work. What do you guys use? Basic integrity used to...
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    Post [ROM][STABLE][Signature Spoofing/MicroG support] LineageOS 18.1 for S7 Exynos

    Anyone still having no microphone issues in VoIP applications? I uninstalled this rom because of this, but I don't remember if I enabled mic permissions prior to uninstalling. Trying to find a new daily driver. Currently using Black diamond for 9.0
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    Post [ROM][STABLE][Signature Spoofing/MicroG support] LineageOS 18.1 for S7 Exynos

    Anyone notice the timing issue between the flash and the moment the camera takes the picture? All my low light pics look like this: Also anyone know of any volume boost mods that work on this Rom? Or mods that use the earpiece speaker as a second speaker?
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    Post Anyone tried third party replacement batteries for G5?

    Not to derail the thread, but how do you guys reset the counters for the battery? (or is that necessary?) On my Samsung S7, I had to root the phone and manually edit a file so it would charge the new battery to full capacity. (theres also an internal Samsung tool that does this) Because this...
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    Post [ROM][H830|H850|RS988] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 18.1 for LG G5

    This is probably a silly question but will h830 ROMs work on the h831?
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    Post [ROM][BETA] PrimeOS: Android for Laptops/PCs - V0.5.0

    Anyone running inside Proxmox? I'm trying to run games, but they all have a white screen or crash. Genshin Impact doesn't even appear in the Play Store as a compatible game. I'm guessing it's GPU related? Do I perhaps need to change one of these settings?
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    Post [ROM][A500][5.1]Katkiss rom

    any chance this would work on an A200? I'm using CWM recovery and aroma stops at failed to create syslinks
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OneUI]G935X/G930X]BlackDiamond NFE Port V5.0

    What music player are you guys using with this Rom? I find Poweramp doesn't work properly with this Rom. Output is distorted and music gets quieter a few seconds into any song.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][OneUI]G935X/G930X]BlackDiamond NFE Port V5.0

    Does switching storage to external work? When I try to move apps to my external, the free space on my Internal does not change. When I use a file manager, I see empty directories on the SD card for the apps I tried to move. Under Developer Options I have "Force allow apps on external"...
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    Post [S7/S7 Edge][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][15-Jan-2020][v20] LightROM

    I'm having an issue with the finger print aswell... Around 80% it closes.
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    Post Is this a good radio head unit?

    What do you think about this one: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B071JBF5MX/ 2GB of ram 1024*600 A quad core ARM cpu
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    Post Is this a good radio head unit?

    Larger than what the item description says? Or just larger than the standard double dash format.
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    Post Is this a good radio head unit?

    I was hoping to buy one from Amazon, so I could return it incase it's a dud. But you might be right about the ram and resolution. Does the unit you linked support TF card? Judging from the item description, it doesn't look like it does
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    Thread Is this a good radio head unit?

    I'm thinking about installing this: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B06Y5LBT2N into my 2009 Jetta TDI. Are there any features I might be missing out on?
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    Post Joying 5.1.1 vs Pumpkin 5.1 - 7" generic units

    Any reason you chose that pumpkin model? I'm currently considering a fully touch one because they actually mention the manufacturer of their bluetooth and Fm chips. I've heard lots of bad things about the Joying radio, which is why I still haven't purchased one.
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    Post Looking for a unit for a 06 Jetta tdi

    I asked specifically about the Joying, because that's what I heard. 4.4.4 doesn't have metadata, while 5.1 is mono. Where did you get your pumpkin? I'm a little worried about buying from Chinese websites. With amazon I can just return the item.
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    Post InDashNet Octa Core Lollipop Head Units Info Thread

    Where are you guys buying this radio from? Anywhere that has cheap / free return shipping? I would looking at a really nice pumpkin one until recently (good bluetooth, good radio, quad core) but it has no physical buttons...
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    Post Looking for a unit for a 06 Jetta tdi

    No , you're right about the knob. Can't believe I overlooked that. Unfortunately all the other models with knows don't use the parrot bluetooth ic or the 'ultimate' radio ic. Maybe I'll just get the joying. Does your support stereo over bluetooth? I heard from some other people that the...
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    Post Looking to purchase a Joying Android Head Unit. Any Good?

    Ahh okay. In that case I'm not sure what you were expecting. Buying from 3rd party Amazon is LIKE buying something off eBay. (Ie. Don't expect any customer support) I'm surprised you got your shipping refunded.
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    Post InDashNet Octa Core Lollipop Head Units Info Thread

    The bluetooth can only be used for phone purposes. It can't do anything else. The Wifi is just ****, but I guess it should be able to pick up a signal originating from inside the car.
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    Post Looking to purchase a Joying Android Head Unit. Any Good?

    If it was fulfilled by Amazon, it would have shipped from the USA. You also wouldn't have interacted with the seller AT ALL if it was a Prime purchase. Unless Amazon.com operates differently from Amazon.ca I I don't think you purchased a radio that was fulfilled by Amazon. Also Prime has...
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    Post InDashNet Octa Core Lollipop Head Units Info Thread

    That DAB adapter doesn't work in North America right? Since we are basically replacing everything at this point, does anyone know where we can get a head unit with just the fit, screen and hardware buttons? Might just build my own this point.
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    Post InDashNet Octa Core Lollipop Head Units Info Thread

    Well that's mostly good news. Any issues with the radio reception? Is there an official bluetooth adaptor we can buy or any other Rom authors working on this? What happens when we insert a bluetooth adaptor? Does it automatically disable the internal one? Is there a separate slider for the...
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    Post InDashNet Octa Core Lollipop Head Units Info Thread

    I'm thinking about buying this, any reasons why I shouldn't? Is the rear camera actually instant? (do I have to use a special one? How about the obd2?) Any silly restrictions like bluetooth does work while camera is in use? Any problems with Fm or bluetooth meta data like the joying one...
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    Post Looking to purchase a Joying Android Head Unit. Any Good?

    I'm thinking about getting my hands on a eonon unit. I was looking at joying too, but the reviews about radio and Bluetooth quality turned me away. Still not 100% sure which model to get.
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    Post Looking for a unit for a 06 Jetta tdi

    Is the f/w difference the only thing separating the two radios?Since I can mod it, there's no point in getting the 5.0 right? The title mentions parking sensor so I'm guessing that's the same as a backup cam? (doesn't look like it's included so I want to double check before I order one) None...
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    Thread Looking for a unit for a 06 Jetta tdi

    This is what I've found so far: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/282042133528 http://www.ebay.ca/itm/281723596552 Are they any good? The cheaper one doesn't mention the OS, while the more expensive one is stuck on 4.4.4 . The seller also charges for map updates, so I'm curious as to what format it uses...
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    Post [TOOL] WinDroid Toolkit | Unlock | Root | Flash | Install | Find 7/7a

    My phone came with ColorOS 1.2.5 This unfortunately does not work. It goes through all the steps but the is no recovery installed on the phone. ---------- Post added at 01:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:41 AM ---------- Try a different PC or read the log file to see what happened
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    Post Easy To Use Recovery Boot / Installer 7a / 7s v1.4

    Hoping you can help me out. me and a few friends bought new Oppo Find 7a but none of us can install custom recovery. When we run the command 'fastboot oem unlock' in the terminal it looks like it works, but on the phone there is no prompt. We cannot boot or flash any recoveries. Do we...
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    Thread Installing Custom Rom on Oppo Find 7a

    Purchased a Oppo Find 7a over the weekend and I'm struggling with installing a custom rom. Generally the steps I follow are: 1) Enable ADB debugging 2) Reboot into fastboot 3) fastboot oem unlock However oem unlock doesn't work, and I think most of the AIO tools out there are more or less...
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    Post [ROM][N4][6.0.1_r62][MTC20F] Chroma 08/02/2016

    How would I go about adding LTE to this rom? Most of the guides that I found either say if they'll work on 6.0+ (P.S I'm still stuck trying to install this rom, so I haven't gotten a chance to experiment myself)
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    Post Nexus 4 Guide-Unlock Bootloader, Root, Install Custom Recoveries & Custom ROMs/Kernel

    Not sure if I missed a step. I installed 3.0.0, and while it worked it could not mount any of my partitions besides /cache. Sideload did not work either. So I installed, upon first boot into recovery, it ran the OpenRecoveryScript and restarted. After that it kept restarting over and...
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    Post [GUIDE]How to port roms to your Device

    I'm a little confused as to how this works. I've got a tablet with no community at all. :http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00BHSI80S/ I made a backup of all the partitions with TWRP. So now can I download an existing CM10 or CM12 rom and merge the two?
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    Post [ROM] MK808B - Stock plus goodies

    Any chance we can get a .zip file to flash? For the life of me I can't figure out how to install the Rock Chip drivers in Windows 8.1 I have MK808B Plus from gearbest, but after installing Finless 1.1 I lost Wifi
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    Post Things You Should Know About Lithium Ion Battery

    oh no! I just bought a replacement battery for my phone from Aliexpress. My phone is pretty old, so this replacement battery was probably manufactured years ago. I did get a large capacity battery, 2500mAh vs 1600, but still disapointing to know that a good chuck of the 2500mAh might be lost...
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+] PodMode - Connect ur Android device to iPhone dock/car audio interface

    So the HC-05 uses bluetooth to connect to the phone instead of a 3.55 jack? Would the media controls still work (skip forward and back)?
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    Post [ROM][HUAWEI ASCEND P1] All the best roms for Ascend P1

    Yea, have all that setup now. Phone is up and running in 4.3.1 again. I going to give 5.1 another shot, but first I want get some base line benchmarks first. I think my battery life problems might be because of its age, so I'm going do some tests before giving 5.1 another shot. (Also...
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+] PodMode - Connect ur Android device to iPhone dock/car audio interface

    This is exactly what I was looking for. That being that, I'll provably need to figure out how to add OTG support to my phone before attempting this. That other board is way too expensive. Anyone found a good wire to work with?
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    Post [ROM][HUAWEI ASCEND P1] All the best roms for Ascend P1

    Well maybe my terminology is wrong, but it was stuck at the Android logo. (bootloop?) Wouldn't get into the OS after 10 minutes so I just reflashed.
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    Post [ROM][HUAWEI ASCEND P1] All the best roms for Ascend P1

    I just tried the latest version of supersu , but it ended up bricking the phone. I'll try 2.46
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    Post [HOW-TO] Install Android x86 on any media ! [OPTIMA-TEAM]

    Both 5.1 and 4.4.4 have no videoplayback on flash or html5. Dell Latitude e6410 Intel Core i5 540m Intel® HD Graphics
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    Post [ROM][HUAWEI ASCEND P1] All the best roms for Ascend P1

    1) ROM doesn't appear to be rooted. 2) Video recording doesn't work either. The Camera is great though 3) spanorg's 10.2 feels alot more fluid, and seems to have better battery life 4) can't get a gps lock either. Only wifi works.
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    Post [ROM][CM-11][4.4.4][Unofficial] Huawei Ascend P1

    I've re-installed twice, the dialer seems to be having problems. Going Back and re-attempting the action fixes the problem.
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    Post [JB][HOW TO] Connect Sixaxis PS3 Controller [No USB OTG]

    Was able to pair a few times, not it doesnt always work or it takes a long ime to do so Froze bluetooth share Anythinf i can do
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    Post Unofficial how to set up ps3 Sixaxis controller App thread

    I had this working for a day, but not it's just stuck at Listening for Controller. The lights on the back of the controller never stop flashing either, until I press STOP on my phone. EDIT:. It randomly connected while I was starting a game.
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    Post [ROOT] New Chromecast Root Method! (8/17/2014)

    Is build number the same as firmware version? Mine says Firmware Version: 26653, that's not the build number is it?
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    Post ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) Specs, Announcements

    2.3GHz CPU vs the 1.8. Is 2.3GHz actually better? or is it like comparing the 4130 to the 4150? Any word if Intel plans on locking these chips to prevent overclocking?
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    Post [DEPRECATED] Aeroi - Speed, awesomeness, and Lineage OS for Optimus Black.

    there seems to be a problem with the wifi on the latest build. My battery life with WiFi on is ~12hrs. (Naked rom, I haven't installed anything and I haven't connected my Google/email accounts yet) With WiFi off, I'm on 1d8h with 92% battery left.