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    Thread Miui 12 for Mi8 Global dipper

    New update available! (via OTA) Device: Mi 8 Global Codename: #dipper Type: Stable Beta Recovery Version: V12.0.1.0.QEAMIXM | 10.0 Size: 2.1 GB MD5: e81bc73682a8ff0fd5672288e46f30ee Changelog: [Super wallpapers] Fix: Status bar colors weren't displayed correctly in the Dark mode [Control center]...
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    Thread [MODULE] Call Recorder for Emui 5.x.x-8.x.x

    Hi all. I know you like custom ROM but we have some people who like stock ROM wit some mods. I use stock ROM and Magisk v15.3 and if you like stock ROM and Magisk and need call recorder this mods it's for you. I create Call recorder for Emui 4.x.x-8.x.x Yes I know some people added Call...
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    Thread [Magisk] Call Recorded for Emui 5.x.x-8.x.x

    Hi all I create Enable Call recorder for Magisk 15.x If any one want try it's work and write info to me in my topic you can here. Link to topic and mod https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3740844 I wait for your decision and info about it's work. For my P9 and Nougat work...
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    Thread [MODULE] Emui Call Recorder for Emui 4.x.x/5.x.x/8.x.x ( Magisk 15+ )

    Hi all. This it's my first mod for Magisk. Call Recorder for Emui 4.x.x-8.x.x create by me in one topic Yes i know we have Call Recorder for Emui 5.x.x create by Atarii but it's for Magisk 14.0 Now i update his module to new Magisk 15.x and added more call recorder for emui. I don't added...
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    Thread help need twrp backup stock from b394

    Hi i need your help. When i restore vendor backup in twrp 3.1.1-1 i have error 255 Backup its corrupted and i need backup to reanimate my p9 i have eva-l09c432b394 can any one do it for me???? edit: Ok i reanimate my p9 thanks
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    Thread Happy New year

    Joyful and happy New Year with dreams worth fighting for, with joys worth sharing, with friends with whom you should be and with hope without which you can not live! For all users and developer's Wysłane z mojego EVA-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Thread Happy New year

    Joyful and happy New Year with dreams worth fighting for, with joys worth sharing, with friends with whom you should be and with hope without which you can not live! For all users and developer's Wysłane z mojego EVA-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Thread Happy New year

    Joyful and happy New Year with dreams worth fighting for, with joys worth sharing, with friends with whom you should be and with hope without which you can not live! For all users and developer's Wysłane z mojego EVA-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Thread Aptx

    Hi all. Can any one do it screenshot from catlog anfter play music using headphones with aptx and added in answer. Thanks
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    Thread EVA-L09C432B390/B39X update

    Today I check in firmware finder and find this new update but it's only FullOta-Mf and Ota-Mf. All time we must wait for FullOta-Pv-Mf to use dsn to update or use proxy. I be check this update when they give us FullOta-Pv-Mf and write here how it's work. Cheers
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    Thread New update EVA-L09C432B387

    Hello to everyone. Today I check Firmware finder and I see new update Here you have screen In ota update I don't have. I have installed B386 Can any one try check ota maybe you be have this firmware
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    Thread Latest china firmware for huawei p9????

    Hi all. Im new here. In next week i be buy huawei p9 single sim in eu. I want update to android 7.0 and need call recorder. Now i have Ascend Mate 7 and android 6.0. Can any one have full china firmware android 7.0 because i want take out call record to port to my new phone. Thank's for all
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    Thread [ROM][MT7-L09] MT7-L09C432B571 Stock Odex Safetynet Pass by Chudy_85

    Hi all again. This it's secend my work and rom what i use all time. What this rom have: - Magisk v9 - Phh's Superuser - Viper4Android v2.5.0.5 - Manual Call Recorder - Double tap to wake up - Lte on in statusbar and setting - Show Network Speed What it's integrade in this rom: - Magisk...
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    Thread [ROM][MT7-L09/TL10] Latest Marshmallow Firmware Stock Odex Flashad via TWRP!!!

    Hi all. Today i give you all my work. I create flashable zip pack for twrp. This rom's based on stock B560 & B571 for MT7-L09/TL10 Oficiall. What i added : - Manual Call Eecorder - Double Touch to wakeup - Lte on in statusbar and setting - Show Network Speed - Show Other Ring - Louder...
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    Thread [ GUIDE ] How change relocked bootloader to locked

    Hi all. Today i write how restore locked bootloader on mate7 on 4.4.2 , 5.1.1 and 6.0 rom What we need : 1. Unlocked bootloader 2. Root 3. Dc Unlocker client count ---> https://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads 4. HCU-Client v1.0.0.0062 ---> http://hcu-client.com/download/ 5. Oeminfo and...
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    Thread [GUIDE] How flash stock rom/restore twrp backup/reanimate mate7 for noob

    Hi all again. Today i write guide for noob :D How Flash Stock rom??? 1. First download rom to your pc 2. When you download rom open in winrar and check pack 3. If you have only one file update.app you can extrack but first you must create in desktop folder named dload and extract there. 4. If...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Restore hide navigation bar on emui 4.0 mt7-l09/tl10

    Hi all. Today i give you guide how added arrow to hide navigation bar What we need: Root TWRP ( FOR BACKUP ) Bulid prop editor or fx explorer My zip pack witch file and video tutorial ---> https://mega.nz/#!gxIhDIhC!ZLhhs-1xfv7FRZvdPGqxPYNbwdu7ALbwZejuRdDqAjI in site you have 2 file: 1...
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    Thread [EMUI 4.0] Manual Call Recorder on MT7 EMUI 4.0

    Ok i have try some method to find working call recorder on my mt7-l09 witch b522/b560 rom What we need : Root & Fx Explorer My Pack from link ---> https://mega.nz/#!t0w1hJYZ!clhN5n5zFwKAvE8T4q1CAtWubjkgL86EAFo4cgvQu30 How do it: Unzip download pack and you see 3 folders with file. First go...
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    Thread Xposed framework v86 for 5.1.1/6.0

    Hi all At last working xposed for huawei device I download and tested this xposed and work that same as before in kitkat. Here you have pack to download v86 https://mega.nz/#!M4YTFJLY!RcGD_28N_SbbwWZm_rXS5jl_Uzyn31jgp6jgo8BE9E0 How install Download and extract Install apk and open Go...
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    Thread [ INFO ] Official downgrade pack from mt7-l09 b513

    Hi all We have now official downgrade pack from b513 to lollipop In this topic i added link for mega when i download and try on my mt7-l09 back to lp i write here all process how back and what firmware we need to back lp Wait for me and my opinion I added link to this topic --->...
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    Thread [Guide][ROOT] How back network speed in status bar and more restore function

    Hi all. In b513 i don't find network display speed that same as be in lollipop in status bar but i find were edit file to added this option. That same we dont have icon to dissable when we roll status bar. Ok what we need: B513 firmware Root Root explorer or Fx Explorer And this file...
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    Thread [MT7-L09/TL10] Unlock bootloader if you have problem

    Hi all I create this topic because all the time peple have problem with unlock bootloader. Her we write ouer information about ouer fone. First what we need Model what we have Imei code/ imei 2 for mt7-tl10 S/N code Product id - write *#*#1357946#*#* in dial pad If we have this information we...
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    Thread [ MT7-L09/TL10 ] Unlock Bootloader for Mate7

    Hi all I create this topic because all the time peple have problem with unlock bootloader. Her we write ouer information about ouer fone. First what we need Model what we have Imei code/ imei 2 for mt7-tl10 S/N code Product id - write *#*#1357946#*#* in dial pad If we have this information...
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    Thread [call record]

    Can any one ho have root and marshmallow take from system file to call record it in System/app/hwcallrecord folder. Need only apk. Can you take out and upload??? Thanks Wysłane z mojego HUAWEI MT7-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Thread [ File ] Need file from B511 MT7-L09

    Hi all Can any one upload me file from this Rom B511??? I need system, cache, cust, data, boot.img. Thanks P. S can any one try flash b511 backup from twrp on b331 or oder lp??? Wysłane z mojego HUAWEI MT7-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Thread [Info] How unlock bootloader, flash twrp and super su on Kitkat and Lollipop

    Hi all. All the time people ask how unlock bootloader on lollipop. I can tel you how unlock bootloader but you must downgrade your firmware to kitkat. How do it: 1. Download firmware for your phone from this topic...
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    Thread Huawei Mt7-L09/TL10 Stock firmware, Ota update and Twrp Backup all in one place

    Hi all. Now i create topic with firmware for Huawei Ascend Mate7. I download and upload to mega cloud for you. First and Last firmware for Europe & otchers...
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    Thread [Q] Apktool to decompile/compile

    Hi all. Can any one try decompile and compile huawei apk file. I try and have all the time error when try install framework-res.apk If you have working apktool share witch me. Thanks P.s i try apktool 2.0.2 and problem have to
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    Thread [MT7-L09/L10][EMUI 3.1] Enable call recording function on Lollipop

    Hi all people. I find way to manual call record in lollipop b324 :D What we need: - Root - Root Explorer - Download Zip Pack from this link https://mega.nz/#!N0okmbaR!Bu6WC_gz_rb6_mcLW0_zYRhi_akE2PJzd9um9Eb4ePU - Backup orginal file manual all or do it backup your firmware using twrp How...
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    Thread Please help my !!!!!

    hi all. I need you help. i do it somthing stupid and my mate 7 l09 have all the time bootloop. What i do you ask me??? ok i write here I update to 5.1.1 b317 and i dont do it backup. I erase all partition like system , boot , cust using twrp Now i have only working stock recovery and...
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    Thread [MOD] Louder Speaker for LG-D620R ( Locked & Unlocked Bootloader )

    Hi all. This it's my first topic here. Do you think your speaker is quiet?? Yes you have right. This mod it's for you!!! What you need: - Root - Locked/Unlocked Bootloader - Root Explorer - 920 Text Editor from Google Play --->...
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    Thread [Q] Ota updater zip pack with knox and root

    Can any one try added su and Superuser.apk to ota zip pack and flash from stock recowery like a updater.zip If you dont try but you want download to your fone ota update and upload me here and i try do it this pack but you flash on your risk Meybe knox dont change to 0x1 Sorry for my english...
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    Thread [Q] where is install bootloader mmcblkop???

    Hi all my friend install rom from n8000 on n8010 and we have problem to install orginall rom can any body now where is install bootloader because when we install orginal rom n8010 we have this info on Odin this is log from Odin Enter CS for MD5.. Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. Please...
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    Thread [Q] How find bootloader

    Hi all How i can get bootloader for my p3100 I want back to ics for poland but when i do it i dont have bootloader when i install jb for germeny i dont have to here is screen thx
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    Thread [ROM][P3100] XXCLL2 Stock Deodexed & Rooted by chudy_85

    Hi all its me again Today i give you this rom XXCLL2 Stock Deodexed & Rooted by chudy_85 Link here ---> http://hotfile.com/dl/186603225/17a9685/XXCLL2_Stock_Deodexed__Rooted_by_chudy_85.zip.html I dont remove any applications About rom: Latest Superuser0.99 + su Busybox 1.20.2 support...
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    Thread [MOD][P31XX] 4Way Reboot for Jally Beam Deodexed

    Hi all At last i do it this mode for Jally Beam this mode is only for Android 4.1.1 BUCLK1 for Germany only Deodexed I used this guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1573032 to do mod for us This is only android.policy.jar file Download --->...
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    Thread [ROM][P3100] P3100BUCLK1 Deodexed Modded v1 by chudy_85 and Punisher

    Hi all Me and my friend we do it first Rom for P3100 Rom the appearance quite stockowy but we added 1 mode and tweak in build prop Base P3100BUCLK1 for German (Vodafone) Deodexed Zipalign Sing Superuser 0.98 + su binary Busybox nexus sound Gmail 4.2 Init.d tweaks in build prop ( Better...
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    Thread [MOD] 15 Toggle Buttons for XXBLH1 DEODEXED

    HI all I did this mod for people who have a problem with doing it This mod is only for deodex rom Thanks to Wanam and Lidroid Download from Zippyshare Link here ----> Zippyshare installation from CWM recovery if eny body help me to edit odex file i do it odex mod to stock rom Worked
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    Thread [Q][GAME] Max Payne mobile v1.0

    hello all Can anybody tell me which files are responsible in this game for the selection menu (new game, settings, etc) because I want to translate the menu on the Polish I have already translated files and changed the comic voice of Max Payne on the dubbing of the Polish version thx for help...
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    Thread [MOD] Contacts.apk deodexed XXLPW non sms in log

    hello all :) Here's another mod for the rom XXLPW Deodexed standard, after entering the Call we have seen calls and text messages Now after the installation of this module, we have only connections I made this mod because it really irritates me text messages in the list of connections, but...
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    Thread [Q] enable on-screen buttons in ICS rom problem with dialer

    hi can sombody help me with this problem Screen shot http://www.imgshare.pl/view.php?id=JAL5 http://www.imgshare.pl/view.php?id=GS4A i use this method http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1364757 were and what i must edit
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    Thread [Q] ics lock screen for gb

    that same as a topic can anyone now how chainge gb lock screen to ics??? if anyone have tutorial can write how, where modify file and secend question its posible to chainge??? Thx P.s sorry for my english
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    Thread [MOD] 4-Way Reboot Ics Deodexed android.policy.jar file

    I did this mod on the basis of the rom file android.policy.jar because some have a problem with it. Thanks to kahvitahra very good tutorial here ---> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1573032 i have that same problem what's people in this tutorial but when i drink beer I...