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  1. tantrums

    Thread ColorOS 2.0.4i Beta Repack

    Hi All, I repacked the latest ColorOS 2.0.4i Beta. Features: 1. Pure stock ColorOS 2.0.4i Beta (unmodified) 2. Integrated kernel patch from Entropy. 3. Automatic lvm setup during install (credit to Entropy). 4. Will not flash oppo stock recovery. Requirements: 1. Lvm aware -...
  2. tantrums

    Thread [TOOL] [AROMA] DPI Changer

    I thought of releasing a standalone AROMA installer for changing DPI. Hope this helps. :o Available DPIs : 350, 380, 420, 440 and 560. Suggestions for future updates are welcome. Instruction 1. Just flash thru any custom recovery (preferably TWRP). Can be used in any ROM...
  3. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] Official Chinese Color OS KitKat Repacks

    Hi all, I got some time and tested this newest Beta Color OS Kitkat 2.0.32 Beta from latest Official Chinese ColorOS Forum. This is for Find 7 and Find 7a Some cool new features are added compared to Official international ColorOS KitKat 2.0.0. More info on this link Note its on chinese use...
  4. tantrums

    Thread Customize your Find7a Bootlogo and Fastboot Image

    I tested the procedure on this thread under OnePlusOne forum and it works well to my Find 7a. With this procedure you can modify your own bootlogo and fastboot image. Credits to chillstep1998. http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/themes-apps/mod-customize-ones-bootlogo-t2857153 Create...
  5. tantrums

    Thread [ROM][AROMA][Find7a] MaKulayOS ROM with unified storage

    MaKulayOS v1.1 based on ColorOS 2.0.2i Beta - with unified storage support. Changelog: -- September 19, 2014 - updated base to Color OS 2.0.3i Beta - added option to install Xposed Framework and some modules - re arrange installer menus (changelog and exit installer now in main menu)...
  6. tantrums

    Thread KulayOS - based on Beta 2.0.2?

    Hi all, I just want to know if how many is interested with a KulayOS based on 2.0.2i Beta? Just hit your votes and comment if you feel commenting. :) *Take note that this is Beta.
  7. tantrums

    Thread SuperSU on Find 7a

    Hi all, In my recent testing on superSU app and binary. I was able to test versions of SuperSU and found out that: 1. from version 1.51 till latest (2.04 beta). SuperSU binary has an issue on detecting sd card mounting (internal and external) on our device. This caused Titatium backup and...
  8. tantrums

    Thread Q&A/T - Kulay OS ROM

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to Click link here>> KulayOS ROM <<Click link here Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help It is always best to thank a ROM OP, in lieu of simply posting "Thank you". Please keep discussion...
  9. tantrums

    Thread [ROM][AROMA][Find7 and 7a][v1.1]KaKulayOS ROM

    Disclamer : I am not responsible on your device. It's your device anyways. Introduction Features Screenshots Installation instructions Download Changelog Planned Updates FAQ Thanks To/Credits - OPPO - Google Like my work? Donate here. List of...
  10. tantrums

    Thread [RECOVERY][AROMA]Tantrums Recovery Flasher

    Recovery Flasher - Change Recovery with ease I have created an AROMA installer application to flash all versions of Recovery available in our OPPO Find 7a. This is the complete collection of all custom recovery. And you can switch / change to any recovery you want with this flasher. :)...
  11. tantrums

    Thread [APP] [MOD] Rebooter

    Hi all, I modded the rebooter app that I included in Marvel and BhekBhek ROMs. You can install this as normal apk. Advantage : You will not have to push your power button to shutdown, reboot and enter recovery. Saving your energy and your power button. :laugh: Hope you enjoy it. Credits...
  12. tantrums

    Thread CM 10 Port L5 E615

    I made a CM 10 port to E615. I need testers for the ROM before I create a thread in the dev section. If anyone is interested. PM me.
  13. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] [L5] [E615] [JB 4.1.2] BhekBhek ROM - Feel the power of your phone !!!

    BhekBhek ROM LG L5 E615 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 v20D Feel the power of your LG L5 E615 Requirements: 1. Rooted with CWM Recovery installed How to use: 1. Backup - use NANDROID (just in case something went wrong) 2. Copy the zip file in your SD card (copy in root folder) 3. Boot in CMW, do factory...
  14. tantrums

    Thread [L5] [E615] [GUIDE] Rooting, Unlocking bootloader, CWM Recovery - LG L5 E615

    ROOTING Easiest way to root LG L5 E615 and most android phones: http://www.kingoapp.com/ Follow just 3 steps. 1. Just download and install. 2. Turn the USB debugging mode on. Located in Setting>Developer options>Android debugging. 3. Just click root and it will be rooted. Note: I am not...
  15. tantrums

    Thread LG L5 E615 - Dual SIM

    UPDATE : Custom ROM available here : BhekBhek ROM LG L5 E615 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 _____________________________________________ Hi to all, My wife got her LG L5 E615 dual SIM phone. i have been experimenting with it since yesterday. I also been planning to release a ROM with it. I was able to...
  16. tantrums

    Thread [MOD] LGHome - Dark Mod

    I was playing with LGHome apk and come up with this. Its a dark mod of LGHome. Welcome to the darkside of LGHome. :) Hope you like it. Changelog: 1. Modded Apps icon 2. All Apps wallpaper turned to dark with apps wallpaper preview. 3. All app names are now white. For visibility. Some...
  17. tantrums

    Thread [Q&A] Marvel ICS - Highly Customizable ROM

    Let us keep the Marvel ROM development thread clean. Where everyone can post here. Even newbies. So all Q&A will go here. Other senior members can help answer questions are also welcome here.
  18. tantrums

    Thread [MOD] [FRAMEWORK] Stock ICS Framework with CRT Off Animation (Old TV Off Style)

    Those who may want to have CRT Off Animation or the old TV off style. Try this: For Stock v ICS 30b : CRT_Off_ICS_Stock_v30b.zip For Stock ICS v 30c : CRT_Off_ICS_Stock_v30c.zip Requirements: 1. Rooted Stock ROM with CWM Recovery 2. Set windows animation scale at least to 1x - under...
  19. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] [ICS] [AROMA] [v30b] Marvel ICS v 11 Released! - Highly Customizable ROM

    Marvel Ice Cream Sandwich (Highly Customizable ROM) - Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 v30b [Fast, Lite, Deodexed and Zipalligned] Marvel ICS is a highly customizable ROM using AROMA installer - Feel the power of your LG Optimus Black , now is all in your hands !!! Requirements: 1. Of course a...
  20. tantrums

    Thread [APP REMOVER] Official ICS ROM Debloater

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Firstly, lets thank nooby for making the ICS v30B Stock ROM Repack with Recovery support. Because you will be needing a rooted ICS with custom Recovery support (such as CWM, TWRP etc.) Also, lets...
  21. tantrums

    Thread [NANDROID] v30b France Stock ROM

    CAUTION: DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE TO ANYTHING THAT MAY HAPPEN. I'm sharing the Nandroid backup I got from the v30b Stock ROM of France posted by xonar here. Whats included in this nandroid 1. Stock ROM - v 30b France (still odexed) 2...
  22. tantrums

    Thread [Q] lib file associated with apk

    I'm not an app developer and I just like to find out what specific lib file (.so) is used by an apk (android app). How can I identify this? :confused: Thanks in advance. EDIT : Oh, here it is : http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/manifest/uses-library-element.html :)
  23. tantrums

    Thread [AROMA][JB][GAPPS][GPS FIX][FONT CHANGER][WIPE] JellyBean MultiPack++ (v4.0 new!)

    JellyBean MultiPack++ by tantrums Featured in xda portal : MultiPack++ Makes Post Install Customization a Breeze Now, I present to you one of my new projects. I was enjoying the CM releases and thought of this project. Initially, this project aims for users of CyanogenMod, AOKP and other ROMs...
  24. tantrums

    Thread [TUT] [TEMPLATE] Creating Optimus Black ROM with AROMA Installer

    CAUTION! This AROMA tut and template is for ROM Devs and Cooks only. I have been getting requests from my fellow devs for AROMA configurations for Optimus Black P 970. I hope this will jump start all ROMs here to adopt AROMA. :) So here it is for all ROM devs and ROM cooks who want to...
  25. tantrums

    Thread [FONTS] [AROMA] Android Font Changer

    Android Font Changer This was an original project of leventccc posted in One X Themes and Apps. I made it available for more android versions (now can be installed in JB, ICS, GB). Initially, I also made this available LG OB section and thought to share this to a more broader users. Fonts...
  26. tantrums

    Thread [FONTS] [AROMA] Font Changer for all ICS & JB based ROMS

    Font Changer for ICS/JB I was searching google for fonts and I came across this LC Font Changer by leventccc here. So I just made this compatible with our OB Black. Refer to Android Font Changer for GB. Hope you like this. Fonts Available: - Android Logo - Gingerbread Stock - MeeGo - Nokia...
  27. tantrums

    Thread [GAPPS] [AROMA] JellyBean Google Apps Package + App Remover + More !!!

    JellyBean Google Apps Installer ++ by tantrums Now, I present to you one of my new projects. I was enjoying the CM10 nightly releases and thought of this project. This aims for users of CyanogenMod 10 to choose google applications or gapps to include or not to include when flashing CM10. I...
  28. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] MIUI 2.4.1 / MIUI 2.3.7 TantrumsMod

    TantrumsMod MIUI 2.3.7 New Stable ! A very stable MIUI 2.3.7 ROM from the original Chinese ROM developer. Changelog: - original Chinese ROM MIUI 2.3.7 by sxx1996113 (credits to him) - kernel - boype kernel 20120809 (credits to boype) - set to a full English MIUI ROM - translated Chinese apps...
  29. tantrums

    Thread [Q] Best Official ROM as base?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of updating my ROM in a new ROM base. What do you think will be the best official stock GB ROM base? Thanks.
  30. tantrums

    Thread My SD Card

    Just wanna share my SD Card.
  31. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] [PORT] TANT LeWa OS ROM

    TANT LeWa OS ROM by tantrums Another ROM Port brought to you by tantrums. :D Change log: -based on cm-7-20120527-NIGHTLY -based on LeWa ROM Released 2012-06-01 -change default language to English (US) -changed Calendar app from Chinese app to CM7 app -removed Chinese Game portal app...
  32. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod 7 TANT ROM v 1

    CyanogenMod 7 TANT ROM v 1 I thought to release another ROM. :D Change log : v 1 - Initial Release *based on CyanogenMod-7-20120520-NIGHTLY-p970 *added g-recovery in CyanogenMod kernel *can be installed in any CWM Recovery including TantrumsMod CWM Recoveries *added build.prop tweaks *added...
  33. tantrums

    Thread [UTILITIES] [CWM Recovery Tools] TANT Utilities v 1.5 - (w/ AROMA Filemanager)

    TANT Utilities by tantrums v 1.5 Utilities for LG Optimus Black P 970. Useful utilities for all rooted phones with CWM Recovery. Features: * ClockWorkMod Recovery Changer - now all with default setting for any custom ROM compatibility - CWM Recovery - CWM Recovery Touch...
  34. tantrums

    Thread [RECOVERY] [AROMA] P970 Recovery Pack Flasher - Change/Switch Recoveries with ease

    P970 Recovery Pack Flasher - Change Recovery with ease I have created an AROMA installer application to flash all versions of Recovery available in our LG Optimus Black. This is the complete collection of all custom recovery for LG Optimus Black. And you can switch / change to any recovery...
  35. tantrums

    Thread [RECOVERY] TantrumsMod CWM Touch Recovery for Windows & Linux-OSX(Mac) Systems

    TantrumsMod CWM Touch - Updated! I just wanted to have a lively CWM Recovery for our LG Optimus Black P 970 and in Marvel ROM so I got this project. This was originally got from redy2006 cwm here - credits to him. * Note : Want to change recovery? Go here : P970 Recovery Pack Flasher Change...
  36. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] [Stock] Marvel Full ROM - Deodexed and Zipalligned (ICSv30F Canada NEW!)

    Marvel v H based on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 v 30F Canada - deodexed and zipalligned Another stock ROM - Marvel v H based on Stock ICS 4.0.4 v 30f Canada Change log: - set default language to English - changed boot animation to animated LG - rooted with busybox - init.d support - zipalligned...
  37. tantrums

    Thread [Q] Which stock ROM version do you like to see Marvel?

    I'm thinking of porting Marvel (w/c is based on v20n) to other versions like v20b or v20g. What do you think?
  38. tantrums

    Thread [Q] Patches/Mods/Tricks for custom ROMs

    Hi guys, I wanna make my custom ROM more exiting by including patches, mods, tricks and themes. Can I pick just pick it from the threads and just mention credits? Or do I have to ask permission first to the creator? Or do I have to make my own? :)
  39. tantrums

    Thread Official GB released in the Philippines (as of yesterday Jan 31, 2012)

    Just wanna inform you guys that gingerbread upgrade in the Philippines has arrived. I upgraded accidentally when I was playing with the software update tool Version 2.3.4 Kernel : 2.6.35 Build number: GRJ22 Software version: LG-P970-V20b
  40. tantrums

    Thread [ROM] [AROMA] Marvel v 9 - Gingerbread 2.3.4 v20o [Highly Customizable ROM]

    Marvel version 9 (Highly Customizable ROM) - Gingerbread 2.3.4 v20o [Fast, Lite, Deodexed and Zipalligned] Marvel v 9 is a highly customizable ROM using AROMA installer - Feel the power of your LG Optimus Black , now is all in your hands !!! j4GfLzPv8I0 Requirements: 1. Of course a rooted...
  41. tantrums

    Thread [Q] Recommended Gingerbread Custom ROM? [This is my 1st time to flash custom ROM]

    Hi to all, I want to try a custom gingerbread ROM on my new OB. My current stock ROM is Froyo v10d. Any recommendations? Zeus v1 by Huexxx or Redy2006 or Novav11 or other mods? Thanks.