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  1. djsubterrain

    Thread Question Wallpapers?

    Anyone have an early version of the phone, able to dump the wallpapers for your OnePlus brethren?
  2. djsubterrain

    Thread General Oxygen OS and Color OS merging

    Let's hope Oxygen forms the larger part since Color OS is NOT popular at all. Also means that we will get 3 yrs of OS updates and 4 yrs of security updates. Merging the 2 might just be good for custom development since there will be more devs working on a standard codebase.
  3. djsubterrain

    Thread General An end to Magisk?

    https://www.xda-developers.com/magisk-developer-topjohnwu-leaves-apple-joins-google/ John Wu, the developer behind Magisk has joined Google's security team, I doubt they would look fondly on him continuing the project, providing a root access on the operating system they seem intent on...
  4. djsubterrain

    Thread How To Guide It's not the camera, it's you :)

    Pro photographer reviews the OnePlus 9 Pro camera setup and he's very impressed, possibly some tips users can pick up here (As well as so-called "reviewers" ) (Not my video, not self-promotion)
  5. djsubterrain

    Thread How To Guide How to extract image collection from rom releases (and root the boot image and apply root to the phone)

    1. To extract the image collection from your downloaded rom : Download Payload Dumper from here (It's a zip file but it's not flashable) to your computer Extract the zip file to a folder, make it a folder you can use regularly because this is the default tool you would use from now on Download...
  6. djsubterrain

    Thread Question LE numbers and applicable models

    Can people post here with the LE number shown on your phone under Settings > About Phone > Model so we can compile a list of which device is which? I haven't been able to find a definitive list, if you know of one then by all means post a link. Please include your country and provider if it's...
  7. djsubterrain

    Thread Accessories Screen Protector Thread

    Ultimate Shield LOCA Screen Protector (2 Pack) £29.99 from Ultimate Shield Website £29.99 from Amazon UK
  8. djsubterrain

    Thread Accessories Case Pr0n

    Just got this case delivered, the photos don't do it justice. Looks damn hot with the black model. TECHGEAR Case for OnePlus 9 Pro [Fusion FX Case] https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08ZKSYKX6 The back panel is frosted, top and bottom have a decent lip while the sides taper off to show...
  9. djsubterrain

    Thread Accessories Compatible charging cables

    Just making a thread for people to share cables to replace the ridiculously short one always supplied by OnePlus (WHY WON'T THEY MAKE DECENT 2M BRAIDED CABLES?!) : I'll start, found and ordered this one and it seems to warp charge correctly : ACAGET USB C to USB C Cable, OnePlus 9 Pro Charging...
  10. djsubterrain

    Thread Accessories Nillkin Textured Nylon Fiber Case released

    Very similar to the previous OnePlus Nylon Bumper cases I've seen it on eBay, AliExpress and one UK site so I'm guessing it'll be coming to Amazon soon. http://nillkin.org/smartphones-accessories/oneplus-accessories/oneplus-9-pro-accessories/nillkin-oneplus-9-pro-textured...
  11. djsubterrain

    Thread OxygenOS Android 11 Betas (OnePlus 7 Pro) released (Open Beta 4 now available)

    Hey everyone, Here are the latest open beta builds based on Android 11 for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro! Please bear in mind that this is beta software and, as such, may be less stable than stable MP builds. If you are installing this build, we highly recommend you make a full system...
  12. djsubterrain

    Thread OxygenOS 10.0.10 [EU] and 10.3.7 [India & Global] for the OnePlus 7 Pro

    Thanks, I took the leap (it's not really, just my own head holding me back) and everything works just fine. Crazy how one bad experience can cause trepidation.
  13. djsubterrain

    Thread OxygenOS 10.0.9 [EU] and 10.3.6 [India & Global] for the OnePlus 7 Pro

    Changelog System Newly added user assistance feature to help user master usage skills quickly (Route: Settings>OnePlus Tips&Support) Optimized power consumption of the system and improve user experience (OP7 Pro Only) Fixed the flashback issue with some third-party apps Fixed known issues and...
  14. djsubterrain

    Thread OxygenOS 10.0.7 [EU] OnePlus 7 Pro (Non 5G)

    Now available on Oxygen Updater. Full Zip Official Link (Full) : https://otafsg1.h2os.com/patch/amazone2/GLO/OnePlus7ProOxygen/OnePlus7ProOxygen_21.E.28_GLO_028_2007240026/OnePlus7ProOxygen_21.E.28_OTA_028_all_2007240026_57d2de.zip AFH Mirror (Full) ...
  15. djsubterrain

    Thread OxygenOS 10.0.6 [EU] OnePlus 7 Pro (Non 5G)

    10.0.6 now released for the standard 7 Pro in EU Available either from Oxygen Updater or from the links below : Android 10 10.0.6 (EU) : Full update : Official ...
  16. djsubterrain

    Thread Oxygen OS 10.0.5 is now live - Oxygen OS 10.0.5.GM21BA (EU)

    Just to match the other threads for issues and discussion : Official links : Incremental : https://otafsg1.h2os.com/patch/amazone2/GLO/OnePlus7ProOxygen/OnePlus7ProOxygen_21.E.25_GLO_025_2003270113/OnePlus7ProOxygen_21.E.25_OTA_024-025_patch_2003270113_ad17667b654b.zip Full ...
  17. djsubterrain

    Thread New dbrand internal "Teardown" skins available now

    For anyone who doesn't follow JerryRigEverything, he just made an announcement video for new limited edition skins coming from OnePlus called "Teardown" which show the internals of the phone so you don't need to remove the back but can still have the same effect. They show the OP7Pro too ...
  18. djsubterrain

    Thread Face unlock and custom roms, dead and buried?

    So this is the Questions and Answers forum, I think this is a question a lot of people want to ask. Is face unlock on custom roms dead? OnePlus, from what I can gather, won't release their face unlock code in case competitors use the improvements they have, so that can't be used in custom...
  19. djsubterrain

    Thread OnePlus 7 Pro USB Cables/Chargers

    Hi Folks, Didn't see a unified thread so why not make one :) Cables I've tested so far, all seem good quality, none allow Warp charge sadly : Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB 3.0 cable (6ft/1.8m), High Durability, for USB Type-C Devices Including Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S10, MacBook, iPad Pro 2018...
  20. djsubterrain

    Thread Cross thread for Magisk Font Modules

    Hi folks, Just wanted to let people know about this great thread which has a list of magisk modules for various fonts. I've got Helvetica Neue applied now and there did not seem to be any issues, just the usual Magisk Module install process. They also have SF Pro available which is the font...
  21. djsubterrain

    Thread Remove pre-installed Netflix

    Why OnePlus? Why? Anyway, if you want to remove the pre-installed Netflix crap, here's the app locations : Obviously you'll need root access as the items are in the system folder. Just use a root browser (I used root explorer) to change the permissions to 777 (full access for all) to all of...
  22. djsubterrain

    Thread Anyone else having issues using buttons (icons) on the edges?

    As the subject title shows, the main one I have an issue with is the Play Store's burger menu on the top left, it's hit and miss, even more so with a TG screen protector applied.
  23. djsubterrain

    Thread Do NOT change DPI in your developer settings, it breaks the FP reader

    Yeah, bizarre though it might sound. I changed my default DPI in the developer settings from 411 (default) to 454 and it moved the interface for the FP reader away from the actual sensor, that's bizarre that OnePlus didn't account for that in the coding. The small green circle used to...
  24. djsubterrain

    Thread OnePlus 7 Pro 6/128GB [Three.co.uk] Review

    Hi Folks, Here is the Three.co.uk OnePlus 7 Pro 6/128GB. Firstly, let's get the most important bit out of the way, since we are on the XDA forums, :) as you can see from the photos below, the OnePlus 7 Pro 6/128GB on Three.co.uk can be unlocked right out of the box, thankfully something...
  25. djsubterrain

    Thread EE (UK) 5G information released, OP7 Pro 5G also shown for pre-order

    [Source : NeoWin] Presumably a rollout of 3rd July means a release for the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G with a similar date. What does everyone think to those prices? What about the speed? 100Mbps to 150Mbps, Megabits per second so divide that by 8 for MBps to make 12.5MBps to 18.75MBps. Not exactly...
  26. djsubterrain

    Thread O2 (UK) will not be offering any of the OnePlus 7 range

    Like many others, I would guess, I joined O2 due to their partnership with OnePlus. Like many others I was looking forward to getting (maybe not the 5g but) another OnePlus phone from them. Sadly their twitter representative confirmed that they will not be offering any of the OnePlus 7 range...
  27. djsubterrain

    Thread dBrand ready to go with the OnePlus 7 Pro, pre-ordering for the OnePlus 7?

    Vinyl Skins OnePlus 7 Pro : https://dbrand.com/shop/oneplus-7-pro-skins OnePlus 7 : https://dbrand.com/shop/oneplus-7-skins Interestingly the OnePlus 7 skins show a pre-order option, this could add some truth to the rumour that only the OnePlus 7 Pro is coming at launch. Grip Case OnePlus 7...
  28. djsubterrain

    Thread An old favourite is back - Spigen Rugged Armor for OnePlus 7 Pro

    Spigen, Rugged Armor, Case Compatible for OnePlus 7 Pro Compatible with OnePlus 7 Pro (NOT COMPATIBLE with OnePlus 7) [ORIGINAL DESIGN] Original patent design, genuinely designed and manufactured by Spigen [PERFECT FIT] Exact fit, perfect cutouts with minimum bulk. Ensuring slim protection...
  29. djsubterrain

    Thread dBrand ready to go with the OnePlus 7 Pro, pre-ordering for the OnePlus 7?

    Vinyl Skins OnePlus 7 Pro : https://dbrand.com/shop/oneplus-7-pro-skins OnePlus 7 : https://dbrand.com/shop/oneplus-7-skins Interestingly the OnePlus 7 skins show a pre-order option, this could add some truth to the rumour that only the OnePlus 7 Pro is coming at launch. Grip Case OnePlus 7...
  30. djsubterrain

    Thread First OnePlus 7 advertising miss-step - It's waterproof, no wait, it's not.

    OnePlus has made marketing and advertising miss-steps in the past, whether sexist or encouraging users to destroy their existing phone on the offchance they might get a free OnePlus phone, they've also never had an IP rating for their phones either. Now they've said the reason for this is...
  31. djsubterrain

    Thread Anyone managed to get a Treble rom booting on the OP5 yet?

    I've tried both an unofficial AICP Treble build and the official RR Treble build on the OnePlus 5 after installing OB13 (Which the Treble app said had the vendor partition working), neither will boot. Both show a black screen with frozen cyan notification light. Flashed both using the latest...
  32. djsubterrain

    Thread Android P coming to 5/5T "later this year"

    For anyone who didn't see it on the OnePlus forums, If you watched the Google IO18 keynote, you would have seen the Android P beta being available for a few non Google devices...including OnePlus. The device will, of course, be the OnePlus 6 as it will most likely be the first, and only...
  33. djsubterrain

    Thread Xtremeskins vinyl covers

    I think we should keep individual manufacturers in their own thread, so here's one to start off Xtremeskins I've just received the new Matt Morpheus skin from them, here's a short video of the effect on the back. UgmiZehTxXQ I'm not applying it just yet, I have another Honeycomb skin that I'm...
  34. djsubterrain

    Thread Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for OnePlus 5 - GunMetal

    OK, I might be biased but I think this case is so good that it needs it's own thread. UK : MobileFun, Amazon UK France : Amazon France Germany : Amazon Deutschland Spain : MobileFun.es, Amazon España US : Spigen, Amazon US Canada : Amazon Canada India : Spigen, Amazon India Can't wait to...
  35. djsubterrain

    Thread [UK/EU] Armourdillo and Rhinoshield cases now in stock at MobileFun

    For all you UK/EU users, the excellent Armourdillo case is now in stock at MobileFun for the OnePlus 5, I really enjoyed this case for my 3T, it provides excellent drop/front protection for your phone at a reasonable price. Sadly they don't have a large range of colours yet, only black or...
  36. djsubterrain

    Thread Luphie Sword OnePlus 5 Aluminium Bumper Case - Hot or Not?

    What do you think? Comes in Gold, Red, Silver and Purple. Not sure how much drop protection an aluminium bumper would provide though, not much I would guess. Red: http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/luphie-sword-oneplus-5-aluminium-bumper-case-red-p64322.htm Gold...
  37. djsubterrain

    Thread Can't sideload full rom? Getting an error saying it can't read the file? Try this.

    There is a file size limit when you're using ADB, it's usually fine for sideloading apps, if you try to sideload a full rom though, for example the stock rom when you're trying to restore the device back to default, you might get an error saying it can't "read" the file. Try using this fix on...
  38. djsubterrain

    Thread Look at the guts! :eek:

    JerryRigEverything is at it again! You just can't leave him alone with a phone before he's trying to destroy it or ripping it apart... S3RQTIydUis
  39. djsubterrain

    Thread Who else would be interested in a fast charge cradle?

    As the subject says, due to the lack of wireless charging I would really like to see a cradle for the OnePlus 5 (as well as the 3/3T). I know there are plenty of USB cradles for phones out there but there are none with dash charge, I'm not sure a standard usb cradle would be able to transfer the...
  40. djsubterrain

    Thread Erica Griffin finally reviews the OnePlus 5

    Really enjoy Erica's reviews, they're always much more technical and informative than the usual YouTube journo type channels: OGHtf8flFPY ...and yes, she went there with the benchmark "cheats" :D Her final judgement seems to be a lot like mine, it has great potential so give OnePlus and...
  41. djsubterrain

    Thread The phone isn't even a week old, stop making rant posts!

    The subject just about says it all, there's been 3 software updates already. Just install the updates and wait for OP to fix the issues.
  42. djsubterrain

    Thread OP5 Extracted Audio

    Just extracted and uploaded the audio files for anyone who wants them, haven't really heard anyone discuss the speaker and vibrator on the phone, both of which seem to be much improved from the 3T, the vibrator especially, it's now at least noticeable. I don't think any of the sounds on the OP5...
  43. djsubterrain

    Thread Bye bye Zuk?

    Source: http://www.gizchina.com/2017/04/26/zuk-mobile-going-shut-according-analyst-pan-jiutang/
  44. djsubterrain

    Thread [OP3T] - Beta 9 Flashable firmware & modem - Abandoned

    Thread abandoned due to change of phone, continued by kamilmirza here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3t/how-to/firmware-beta-10-t3631166 ---------------------------- Here you go, if you're not using the stock rom and want the latest firmware & modem. Latest update (Official 4.1.6)...
  45. djsubterrain

    Thread [Firmware] 4.0.2 Firmware flashable update zip

    Just grabbed the firmware files from the latest 4.0.2 release (same pack as someone else uploaded for 4.0.1, I just replaced the files with the newer versions. Here is the 4.0.2 : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298924614 Here is the 4.0.1 if you decide to go back...
  46. djsubterrain

    Thread GET LOGS!

    There are a lot of roms in these forums, a lot of devs also, if you experience an issue while using those roms then you will most likely post the details in those threads, in order for a dev to correctly diagnose the isssue they really need to have logs from the phone to see what's going on...
  47. djsubterrain

    Thread GET LOGS!

    There are a lot of roms in these forums, a lot of devs also, if you experience an issue while using those roms then you will most likely post the details in those threads, in order for a dev to correctly diagnose the issue they really need to have logs from the phone to see what's going on...
  48. djsubterrain

    Thread Is the charging block safe to leave plugged in

    Looking to get the OP3T tomorrow, as with my current OP2, I like to have 2 charging blocks and keep one at home and one at work, when at work I just charge my OP2 from the USB port on my computer. With the OP3T, of course, fast charging is only possible with the provided block but the powerstrip...
  49. djsubterrain

    Thread Fixing script for boot looping on OOS 3 [Windows]

    OK, I just did another rescue script, it's using the files from the final release but it will install them one at a time using your computer instead of trying to install the rom. THIS GUIDE IS FOR WINDOWS ONLY! If someone else wants to convert it for Linux/OSX feel free but please make a new...
  50. djsubterrain

    Thread Spring sale now on!

    Just got an e-mail from OnePlus for their Spring Sale: I got a Kevlar styleswap cover for 50% off, not sure about the other accessories but not bad anyhow :) https://oneplus.net/oneplus-2-styleswap-cover Sadly the postage is still the same price.