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    Thread Question [ROOT] [TASKER] [APP] OnePlus Parallel App Installer

    Hey all, I was at recently looking for an app to add unsupported apps to OnePlus's Parallel Apps feature, and found that there were only two ways to do it -- manually install them via a pm command, or use an Xposed Module. In response, I went ahead and made a Tasker App/Task that will list all...
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    Thread Unlocked Bootloader Warning Skip

    Hi all, I've had my bootloader unlocked since practically my first day with the phone. The phone has always exhibited this behavior, but I've just now decided to try and fix it if I can. Basically, on the warning screen about the bootloader, it says you can hit the power button to pause boot...
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    Thread [MAGISK] Andromeda Enabler - Enable Andromeda ON DEVICE With a Command!

    Hello, folks! I've written a Magisk Module which includes a modified version of the Linux activation script for Andromeda, allowing you to enable Andromeda with a single command (two, if you count su)! I was inspired by the OTHER local Andromeda enabler script here on XDA, as I had downloaded it...
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    Thread Fingerprint Scanner While Plugged in

    My fingerprint scanner doesn't work while plugged in, is there any reason or explanation for this? I'm using a third-party charger, and will try my official one when I get home, but it doesn't make much sense to me and I'd like to get an explanation as to why this happens, if anyone has one
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    Thread Any Luck Unlocking LTE Bands?

    I've been trying, using QPST, and several general guides, but haven't found anybody that has gotten it to work on a Note 3. Has anybody managed to do this? I have my Note 3 on Cricket and want to be able to use LTE, if possible. Thank you!
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    Thread [REQUEST] Disable Screen Overlay Security in Android Marshmallow

    You cannot do anything that modifies the phone when there's an overlay, and I can't find a way to fix that, besides disabling the overlay for a while. If it's a HW overlay, you can't watch videos, and no matter what kind of overlay it is, you can't install apps. Is there any chance a mod can be...
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    Thread Home Button not Working

    I'm having issues with the home button not doing anything and everything except "power off" being gone in the power menu. The key is still mapped correctly and I've tried a factory reset. These issues began after installing and uninstalling mounts2sd. I am on a Kyocera Event, I'd that helps...
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    Thread Issues with in game offers for premium currency

    When I do the offers for premium currency labeled "install and run this app" I don't receive my currency because the game closes when I remove focus from the app. Can anyone help me fix this? Sent from my Event using Tapatalk
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    Thread Screen Cover Bubbles?

    My cat bit my phone, leaving marks on 3 of the 4 corners of my phone. I put on a new screen cover to... Cover... My screen, but thanks to the marks, there are air bubbles where he bit it. Is there any way to remove those bubbles, or is my OCD about that gonna kill me for as long as I have this...
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    Thread Gallery Picasa

    Please help me get rid of the Picasa images from my gallery... I've tried all the tutorials out there and then some and still want to use the stock gallery app, so any help would be appreciated. Sent from my Event using Tapatalk