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    Thread [Guide/Share] Shoot RAW photos with stock camera app (Root)

    According to some early reviews for the Honor 6X, the phone was already capable of shooting RAW images, but I couldn't find it in the stock Nougat camera app (wasn't really searching for /or using it anyway). (Correct me if I'm wrong ofcourse) Then the thread mentioned below appeared on the...
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    Thread [Xposed & Root] Use External SD as Internal SD

    -------- Standard Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for bricking, breaking or otherwise harming your device, please be aware of your options and the possible dangers. Make yourself familiar with the installation/disable process of xposed. ALWAYS make backups before doing anything xposed/flash...
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    Thread Moto G Basically Waterproof - Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVaTKG5q4YI Moto G performs perfect in this test. Have a look see :).