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    Thread Phone calls are going through phone speaker

    My AA enabled head unit and Galaxy A52 have been working fine together but recently the audio from phone calls has starting coming from the phone speaker whereas before it came from the car speakers. Other audio, ie music, navigation directions etc all continue to come from the car speakers as...
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    Thread Question Cant answer calls on Google phone app

    I have both the Google and Samsung phone app installed. Either one works fine to make outgoing calls but if I set the Google one as default, I cannot answer incoming calls. When I swipe up on the green dot it just drops back down again and the call cannot be answered. Any suggestions on fixing...
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    Thread Question Raw or DNG not working.

    I am using Open Camera set to take raw or dng photos but after taking a photo there is nothing in the download folder. I thought this camera was supposed to be able to take this format?
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    Post External mic on head unit stops working when navigating

    Sorry, its called Atoto S8 Premium Second Gen so Chinese origin running Android 10.
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    Thread External mic on head unit stops working when navigating

    I dont know if this is an AA issue or a bug in my new android-powered head unit. The head unit has an external mic mounted on the dash and an internal one that is accessed via a button on the unit. When I start AA and Maps is running I can use the external mic as per normal but as soon as I get...
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    Post Atoto S8 General Discussion

    Can anyone explain to me how to make Android Auto start automatically when I connect my Android phone? At the moment I have to use the Car Link app each time I want Android Auto to run. Thanks.
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    Post Atoto S8 General Discussion

    To anyone that has the 360 Birds Eye View camera, can the top down view be toggled to the normal rear view? Thanks.