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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL][RELEASE] CarbonROM | cr-6.1 [taimen]

    Are there any additional Slot switching done or manually needed when restoring my stock backup? I haven't flashed this yet but curious if twrp will do what it needs to do upon restoring my stock backup. Also, from this point forward is Sytem never to be wiped when switching ROMS?
  2. eighty1

    Post [Pixel 2XL][TESTING] Unofficial LineageOS 15.1 builds

    Thanks! I was able to get it to boot back to factory. flash-all.bat wouldn't work for me. I had to manually flash all the images individually.
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    Post [Pixel 2XL][TESTING] Unofficial LineageOS 15.1 builds

    I tried a couple reboots but still no go. Thanks for your suggestions. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. eighty1

    Post [Pixel 2XL][TESTING] Unofficial LineageOS 15.1 builds

    I did just that but phone has been sitting with the G logo on the screen like it wants to boot but hasn't yet Not sure how long to let it sit. I've been trying to get it working when I have time on and off when it happened the other day. Yesterday it got passed the G logo but would think forever...
  5. eighty1

    Post [Pixel 2XL][TESTING] Unofficial LineageOS 15.1 builds

    Tried that and it still didn't want to take my password. ---------- Post added at 08:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:17 PM ---------- It was Flash Kernel. Not sure which route to go with twrp no longer accepting my password except flashing factory image. I don't mind it just wish I...
  6. eighty1

    Post [Pixel 2XL][TESTING] Unofficial LineageOS 15.1 builds

    I flashed in this sequence 1. ROM 2. TWRP 3. Kernel 4. Magisk 15.3, after booting phone it went back to TWRP and I did a factory reset assuming thats what it needed. Couldn't boot up again and now TWRP doesn't accept my original password and not allowing me to restore a backup or flash anything...
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    Post Dbrand Skins Pre-Order

    ordered last week around Thursday-Friday and got tracking today.
  8. eighty1

    Post [GUIDE][SM-N950U1 Stock Recovery] [Unlocked_XAA] Odin Recovery N950U1UEU1AQH7-BRA5

    So, I have the unlocked Note 8 version and I am on Verizon. I could flash the verizon userdata only to gain the missing features?
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    Post [ROM][ALL VARIANTS] LineageOS-14.1 for LG V20 [Weeklys']

    With us996 build on Verizon I get same SIM error, corrupted SD card, and loss of data once rebooted. Same issues as build in other thread. Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
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    Post Delete Thread

    Dowloaded the ROM again and I do have data this time and I confirmed by doing a web search. The fc's I got were qualcomm.timeservice and .dataservice. I have gotten sim card not detected twice in first few minutes but stopped. External sdcard still isn't working. Its saying its corrupted and...
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    Post Delete Thread

    I did get dc's. One was time service and another I can't remember at this point. I do believe I downloaded 2nd upload. Currently restoring apps but I''l check the time of download. ---------- Post added at 11:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:15 PM ---------- It did boot and I...
  12. eighty1

    Post Delete Thread

    I have the uss996 and I couldn't get data with Verizon. I went into APN settings and ticked the right APN but data never activated. :confused: I did a restore but my passcode no longer works, although its correct. I know this isn't a result of the ROM just also a heads up for people.
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    Post [ROOT] [MAGISK] Google Dialer (v31.0) & Google Contacts (v2.4.6) - March 27th, 2019

    I had the foreclose issue until I set it as the default app.
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    Post [ROM][T-Mobile H918]Maximum OvrDriVE LG V20 v5.4 update 1[3/27/17]

    I see its not stated but figured I'd ask. Is this compatible with the Unlocked US996?
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    Post [H918|US996|H830] recowvery, unlock your V20/G5 potential - now with TWRP!

    US996 Unlocked Disregard. Got it working on Unlocked US996. Thanks!
  16. eighty1

    Post [LGUS996] How To Unlock the Bootloader

    Thanks for the update.
  17. eighty1

    Post sprint/att locked bootloaders root discussion

    Off topic: What font are you using?
  18. eighty1

    Post Who else is looking to buy the unlocked US996 V20?

    I put my sim card in from my Pixel XL and have had no issues. HD voice/calling is working but cannot find an option to turn wifi calling on.
  19. eighty1

    Post For those who aren't satisfied with the V20 screen color temp and reproduction

    Does anyone know if using high contrast uses more battery, also what about comfort view? Thanks!
  20. eighty1

    Post Am I missing something?

    I've held down settings in the notification shade but nothing happens. I'm trying to get battery percentage but it does nothing. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Post Silver or Black

    I went with black for personal preference but felt the Silver looked cleaner with its white front. The silver back blended better than the blacks on the black one as well.
  22. eighty1

    Post Is VZW selling cases in their stores?

    Yes. They have Speck case in black, Incipio dual protection in black, clear Incipio hard case and Tech21 in black.
  23. eighty1

    Post AT&T's VoLTE/WiFi Calling or T-Mobile's EVS on Pixel XL?

    The verizon version is working out of the box on T-mo with Volte. No APN editing needed for those who maybe wondering.
  24. eighty1

    Post Who is still using their Note 7?

    I guess I should've also said I wouldn't fly with it again. I honestly don't care to be a rebel. As I got to the airport I got the notification about it being banned. At that point I chose not to discard the phone with such short notice. I took the risk. #shrugs I will be keeping it for a time...
  25. eighty1

    Post Who is still using their Note 7?

    Not true. I flew Friday out of Atlanta to Detroit then flew back on Sunday. No issues at and they are not specifically checking for the Note 7. Obviously, you don't want to be that person whose not catches fire . What are the chances though? I will keep mine because I got it for free due to a...
  26. eighty1

    Post Are you returning your Note 7? If so, why?

    This is always the case regarding root and locked bootloaders concerning Samsung phones in recent years, my friend. I have been using this phone without a case and love the ergonomics of the phone. I use it mainly for business and an iPhone 6s Plus as my personal. The S-pen comes in handy with...
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    Post Help Thread [Moto Z Force] Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    Anyone using a hotspot tethering app or have a solution?
  28. eighty1

    Post Hotspot

    Yes, It works natively on the 6p. sent from Shadow Moses
  29. eighty1

    Post Who's going to dump AT&T N5 for a T-Mobile variant?

    Anyone here using the international note 5 920i? Just ordered it on ebay last night, but then read that samsung pay doesn't work and now I'm assuming Volte won't work either? I am currently using the AT&T variant and don't mind using it stock because, like a few of you the ROM'ing isn't as fun...
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    Post The LG-V10 Lounge

    Wish I could ask Chevrolet to figure my bluetooth situation out? Wonder what LG put in or left out that my Nexus 6 and Moto X Pure edition has that allows it to work with no issues.
  31. eighty1

    Post The LG-V10 Lounge

    I went to Verizon and the store manager whom is very friendly tried a demo unit with my truck and it wouldn't work either, but it did work in his Audi. Maybe only certain software in vehicles work at this point.
  32. eighty1

    Post The LG-V10 Lounge

    Anyone have issues with bluetooth in car? I've never had an issue with any phone not playing or working correctly, so I'm not sure if it could be related to the phone or vehicle. My bluetooth headphones work fine but when connected to the car it connects then disconnect and when connected the...
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    Post [ROM] [(De)Odex] Stock X1572/75 5.1.1 LPH23.116-18 + Semi-Stock X1575 Build 11-02-15

    I've been missing calls as well. Flash https://download.chainfire.eu/696/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip when flashing the rom.
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    Post Moto X Style Order Now Up.

  35. eighty1

    Post Moto X Style Order Now Up.

    Did the same. Got the black 32GB for $485 and delivers on 10th.
  36. eighty1

    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r29] XenonHD 7.1.2 (01/10/2017)

    Long press recents is greyed out, is this purposely done? Thanks!
  37. eighty1

    Post KingRoot method you tube

    Take the plunge and let us know.
  38. eighty1

    Post Enable Talk and Data simultaneously [Verizon]

    Same thing happened to me yesterday on a hangouts call. Phone got ridiculously hot and had me wanting to return it because I felt there is no way this is normal and something is definitely wrong with my phone. Like you, I dropped at 20% of battery. Still holding on and hoping something comes...
  39. eighty1

    Post twrp recovery updated to v2 fully working and for 5.1.1

    I curiously wanted to check if my phone was deal sleeping after reading this thread, something that I've never payed attention to, and wake lock detector says awake 100%. I assume that means my phone is not not deep sleeping at all but should be when its off? I flashed stock recovery after...
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    Post S6 Edge Platinum Gold waiting room!

    What case are you looking to go with? I've gotten used to big phones so I'm looking for a case to help add a tad bit of bulk and grip.
  41. eighty1

    Post S6 Edge Platinum Gold waiting room!

    What case are you using?
  42. eighty1

    Post [ROM] Terminus [Android 5.1.1_r1 LMY47V][shamu][RRO - Layers]

    Anyone on T-Mo have to add APN? Not a big deal just trying to understand if its because of the radio I am on or just needing to add correct APN. I am on radio d4.0-9625-02.98 and not sure if that matters or if I need to flash the radio from M build. Thanks!
  43. eighty1

    Post [ROM] Terminus [Android 5.1.1_r1 LMY47V][shamu][RRO - Layers]

    I assume 5.1 doesn't enforce encryption? Thanks!
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    Post Unlimited Data status and "dumb phone" data charges.

    Would it work just like my home comcast router? Basically, does it put out the same reach and signal strength throughout home or would I need to be close by it since a cell signal and sim card?