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    Post Other party can't hear me on speakerphone... any ideas?

    So an update: disabling Advanced Calling (I am on Verizon) fixes the issue. Of course then I don't have data when I am making a call. Hmm.
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    Thread Other party can't hear me on speakerphone... any ideas?

    Hello all: Just got a Pixel 3 Verizon variant from BestBuy on Thanksgiving. When I try to talk with my wife over speakerphone she tells me it just drops out a lot. As soon as I switch to the normal headset mic it's fine. I am seeing on Reddit some similar issues but no fixes. Anyone else...
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    Post Pixel died this morning, no apparent reason

    Same hardware, same issue, happened to me on Thanksgiving. A week out of warranty and they replaced it. I feel like they know of this issue and have for a bit now....
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    Post 8.1 Final, updated adb/fastboot, & problems and fixes - update 12/17/2017 TWRP fixed

    Sorry, like I have my parents anniversary date in each of their contacts. Some worked by removing and then readding the birthdate as well.
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    Post 8.1 Final, updated adb/fastboot, & problems and fixes - update 12/17/2017 TWRP fixed

    Spent hours trying to fix contacts last night, haha. I got a few that kept disappearing on sync to sync and stay by erasing the anniversary date listed and then manually readding it on my phone after the sync.
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    Post [PC/MAC/LINUX] The official, full Andromeda thread for Substratum [Android 8.0.0+]

    I don't lose anything, but I get the notification and can't run Substratum unless I connect via USB and run the .bat again. Andromeda shows disconnected as well.
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    Post I might have bricked my brand new Pixel....

    I will say, I had this exact issue before. The issue was that I had inadvertently used an older version of fastboot. Worth double checking.
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    Post [ROM][N7-2013 flo][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum ★[07/25/17]

    OMG, it was 3 separate videos listed as 1080p that were actually 720p. Tried a 4th and it works fine. Verified the 3 crap ones on my desktop now that I am home. Completely false alarm :/
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    Post [ROM][N7-2013 flo][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum ★[07/25/17]

    Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, I did search the thread :) YouTube in the app is limited to 720p for me, no 1080p option shows up. Is there a specific version of the YouTube app i need to grab or a setting I missed? On the latest version, WiFi model. Thanks!
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    Post [APP][7.0+] Custom Navigation Bar - Customize your own navigation bar

    Hello all! Been using this with root for a while, but went back and locked my bootloader so I could get OTAs and such. If I use the adb command to enable this, will it disable my ability to take OTAs? Thanks!
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    Post MAGISK+ Root+ safetynet - Pixel Guide

    So... does Netflix show up in the play store for you?
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    Post [Guide] How to install June Security Update via Image and retain Data (plus Root)

    Does anyone know if once rooted and bootloader signed via this method Netflix becomes available again?
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    Post [BETA][2017.10.01] SuperSU v2.82 SR5

    Hmm, said binary needed updating this morning, update failed, lost root.
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    Post Screen burn in

    Invert colors and increase the screen brightness, don't decrease it. You want that invert to make the pixels' lighting decay to match the rest as fast as you can. Do that for a few days and it should even out a bit at the cost if making all your backlighting decay a little (it won't be...
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    Post [KERNEL] [October 7] Pixel ElementalX 5.06 (Android 10)

    Do you mean on the bottom of the phone? The pixel only has one speaker there, on the left. The right is the microphone
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    Post [ROM][flo|deb][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS 18.1] -> 2021-11-05

    Tried searching, but has anyone had issues with the home and recent apps buttons not working? Clean install of rom, gapps micro, and SuoerSU. Thanks!
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    Post bootloader unlocked warning

    Some people just don't like so see it. And they buy Android for the customization :)
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    Post TWRP 3.2.3-1 for Pixel Devices

    I did not. But I've already factory reset now, so no biggie :)
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    Post TWRP 3.2.3-1 for Pixel Devices

    I installed RC1 from A2, backed up in RC1, then restored in RC1, and I am stuck rebooting to TWRP. Oh well, time for a wipe and flash I guess.
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    Post Unlocked and rooted my Pixel, how to I take the new update?

    Hey, thanks for replying :) 1. Indoor was an autocorrect I guess, was on my phone before. I meant: 'do I need to unroot.' I'll correct that now. 2. Well, I have a Google Play phone, but a Verizon SIM in it. As such, I receive the Verizon specific firmwares, that's how the Pixels pull (I...
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    Thread Unlocked and rooted my Pixel, how to I take the new update?

    Title kind of stays it all. I have a Google Play Store phone, unlocked the bootloader and rooted. Do I need to unroot to take the update VZW says is coming today? Unroot and re-lock the bootloader? I do not have TWRP installed. Should I install that and just wait for a flashable .zip...
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    Post Ready for Black Friday and cyber monday deals?

    I had to do it online and use an upgradable line. In store they gave me the run around that we had to use an upgrade, and then when we finally agreed, they said her old phone HAD to be traded in to get the deal. Came home, used a line that wasn't eligible for 2 more weeks and didn't trade...
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    Post Verizon Pixel

    Was the bootloader unlock (dePixel8) patched?
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    Post Post Your Home/Lock Screens Here

    I like a minimalistic layout :)
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    Post Screen on time

    By 2pm yesterday I had 1.5 hours of screen on time and 30% battery left. Something is killing mine quick. What's the best way outside of the default battery app? It didn't show anything being too crazy (the screen was still the top battery item).
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    Thread Unlocked Pixel: Can I restore the normal boot image?

    Not a fan of the nag screen stating that the system image can't be verified. Thanks!
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    Post Motorola Droid Turbo gets soak test prior to Android 6.0 Update!

    That is correct, I forgot jcase posted that. Still, I believe they've canceled a soak after a bug was found before, so I will still stay cautiously optimistic :)
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    Post Motorola Droid Turbo gets soak test prior to Android 6.0 Update!

    They've done this with soaks in the past. Sent the invites, waited, and then just released it. So it could go either way still.
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    Post Battery issue - Volcanic Hot

    Are you rooted? When I get this problem (ever few months or so), I charge up to 100% (then leave it on the charger), run this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playfulgeeks.gservicefix&hl=en, and when it tells me to reboot I go straight to TWRP, wipe dalvic cache and cache (3...
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    Post Google Pixel/XL Shipping Status Discussion

    Same here. Ordered Oct. 18th. Quite Black Pixel 128gb.
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    Post how to install TWRP on locked bootloader droid turbo

    No. It is not. You have to have the bootloader unlocked to flash anything like this. If you try without unlocking at best it will fail, at worst you will brick the phone.
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    Post Computerfreek274_Turbopop_Android_Pay 1.1 (SU4TL-44) 11/7/2015

    Gotcha. No worries then :). But yeah, if you get a new contract the line access is $40. They almost got me, lol.
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    Post Computerfreek274_Turbopop_Android_Pay 1.1 (SU4TL-44) 11/7/2015

    Yes, $300 now. Plus $20 more each month in line access fees (for a 'bring your own device' the access fee is $20, if you get a 2 year contract it is $40). So they are making back $480 over those 2 years. Add that to the $40 upgrade fee (that you don't have to pay if you bring your own phone)...
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    Post Root?

    Sure is. haven't tried it myself since I ordered from the Google store, but these guys are legit.
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    Post All About Pixel Screen Protectors

    Gotta hate that 2D rounded edge for screen protector purposes. Had the same thing on my Droid Turbo.
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    Post On a fence: pixel vs XL

    Ordered the small myself, I feel like my Droid Turbo is too big. But man, oh man, am I going to miss that battery life :(
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    Post Phone upgrade

    Happen to see the number on that update? Were you unlocked and rooted? I would try to reboot to recovery and wile the cache as a first attempt.
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    Post Marshmallow confirmed for DROID Turbo

    That's great if you don't need to use data while making a call, but some people need that functionality :(
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][Stock][Odexed]MPG24.107-70.2 Brazilian 6.0.1 for XT1254[TWRP Flashable]

    Nice, will try later. Is the option for Volte/Advanced calling there and it just doesn't work? May just need the Verizon app (you need it in 5.1 for advanced calling). Sent from my XT1254 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post I may buy an S2 8.0 tomorrow. Can I root it?

    I didn't even know there was a 713. Is that easily obtainable in the US? I see it has a better CPU but a slightly worse GPU? I will game on this , so maybe I'd still want the 710? Also, it is only $299 for the 710 8" right now.
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    Thread I may buy an S2 8.0 tomorrow. Can I root it?

    So this would be bought at a local BestBuy in the US. SM-710 model. I've never owned a Samsung device. Where do I start? Can I root the firmware that's in the box? Should I upgrade to MM now or wait? Thanks all, tried searching and there seem to be a lot of S2 model numbers out there....
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    Post ROM Computerfreek274_Unlocked.49_1.3.7 6/5/2016 Tether, Advanced Calling, Audio Mods

    Ok, install radios, then install rom. Gonna be a fun day tomorrow, thanks CF. You are the man :) Sent from my XT1254 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post ROM Computerfreek274_Unlocked.49_1.3.7 6/5/2016 Tether, Advanced Calling, Audio Mods

    Oh boy, new update to the base rom today. Hope you are ready for the flood of people asking about it Computerfreak274, lol.
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    Post [Q] Enable FM Radio on Droid Turbo

    Not holding my breath or anything, but this would be amazing. I really miss the FM radio from my Droid X.
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    Post [Q] Am I correct that there is NO WAY to root this phone for free?

    Maybe he meant kingroot? And by revert, OP, we mean before a reboot even. Kingroot only kept it for like 15 minutes for me (before we had moforoot). Mofo was what, $10? But that root did not allow system writing, so a lot of things people use root for would not work or stick.
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    Post Encryption questions

    Had you encrypted before installing the rom then?
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    Thread Encryption questions

    Hello all. I always keep a pass code on my phone and use smart devices and locations to keep it unlocked in trusted places. I am thinking of turning on encryption to keep the data secure if the phone is ever truly lost. I am running CF's rom on an unlocked bootloader. If I backup in TWRP and...