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  1. brokenworm

    Thread Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE [EU] Original Recovery

    original recovery img . EU VERSION https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x4GG2G0F5f0gy_xAJpcLjJ1mN-rBJ6Ha Regards Marsdroid
  2. brokenworm

    Thread [ROM] Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (EU)

    Perfectly Working Rom. Simply install TWRP Recovery, Format Data/system and reboot recovery then copy the folder with the the extracted ROM to watch and RESTORE ROM. No country restrictions in NFC/ Google Pay. "Dont update Google Pay" Prerooted. LTE ESIM working and tested with 3 in Denmark...
  3. brokenworm

    Thread WearProxy With Pay Enabler ! SDK29.0.2

    Build from sources of RootPayEnabler & PermanentProxy-for-WearOS. big thanks to those guys. It simply enable a thosen proxy , and enable Google Pay when enabling the proxy. Install it on your Wear OS watch directly using ADB with "adb install WearProxy.9.1.apk". Enable the Developer Options ...
  4. brokenworm

    Thread Working Online Shortcut Maker For Stock "Leanback" Launcher "Android 9 & 8

    Working Online Shortcut Maker For Stock "Leanback" Launcher "Android 9 & 8 Makes those apps for mobile that has no shortcut show up in the stock launcher ! CLICK HERE
  5. brokenworm

    Thread How to remove data encryption on emui 9.1 stock roms and root

    Im Using C432 .. Rom Newest Stock Update Here In Denmark First Unlock Bootloader : flash oem unlock ********code****** Enter Bootloader Again, Now Flash Modded_recovery_ramdisk : fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk r.ram.mod.img And Flash Erecovery_ramdisk with TWRP.img From kilroystyx...
  6. brokenworm

    Thread DELETED

  7. brokenworm

    Thread [ROM] Very Lite .. I8190XXALK6_I8190XEFALL1

    I8190XXALK6_I8190XEFALL1 FIRMWARE updated several google apks , su and busybox iv removed most adds in market by replacing hosts added LUCKY PATCHER to do the rest.. removed samsung services and keept google much more like cwm manager ... wipe your phone before or after flashing..before is...
  8. brokenworm

    Thread [Misc] How To Change EMEI

    Xda's administrator REMOVED my post about changing EMEI on "saga" ... Anyone know why ?MOD EDIT: REMOVED Sent from my HTC Desire S using XDA Premium App
  9. brokenworm

    Thread [MISC] ENG HBOOT is here !

    ORIGINAL ENG HBOOT FOR HTC DESIRE S from asd0r :) SAGA PVT ENG S-OFF HBOOT-0.98.2000 (PG8810000) RADIO- eMMC-boot Can also be used to S-ON AND return to stock THX Http://marsdroid.6te.net
  10. brokenworm

    Thread [MISC] New Splash Screen

    Splash Screen ...android pissing on appels logo PLZ PUSH THANKS BUTTON ! Apply in prober manner , or leave it be. thx marsdroid
  11. brokenworm

    Thread [SERVICE] sjællandsk xtc-clip hjælp

    This is for danmark specielt SJÆLLAND . jeg har brug for s-off , og jeg kører IKKE til jylland. så jeg beder igen om xtc service på sjælland Give reponce ..Nogle ? need s-off THX marsdroid
  12. brokenworm

    Thread [MISC] Enable Adhoc Networks

    Root and apply in recovery.. PLZ PUSH MY THANKS BUTTON ! THX Marsdroid
  13. brokenworm

    Thread Change MAC address

    Can this be done... ? THX Marsdroid Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA Premium App
  14. brokenworm

    Thread [MISC] Enable Adhoc Networks

    Enables Adhoc networking on ALL HTC official and test releases so far allso GINGERBREAD thread continue here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1071138 you need root update in recovery v2 is for the new ext4 recoverys "EDIFY" V3 is added on the new continued thread. ! added files...
  15. brokenworm

    Thread [MISC] Defeat data throttling on 1.34.405.5

    Found great INFO on how to use smali,backsmali from SINO8R and HOW-TO remove the 7 trottling files "sins" :D THX Sino8r for this great info... you can find his thread way bigger ....my file ONLY works on mentioned software I recompiled services.jar . removed the 7 files .. "throttling" with...
  16. brokenworm

    Thread HTC Sence Froyo ROM ?

    were is it ..? why dont we port a desire htc sence froyo rom ? is it done ?
  17. brokenworm

    Thread HTC Wildfire Ruu Update Testkeys

    Im looking for the HTC WILDFIRE test Ruu release ..the exe. Do someone have a link ? Brokenworm Sent from my HTC Wildfire using XDA App
  18. brokenworm

    Thread [RECOVERY SCRIPT] 1 klik to enter

    make. sh cat /data/local/update.zip > /cache/update.zip;echo '--update_package=CACHE:update.zip' > /cache/recovery/command; reboot recovery;recovery this is allso the start to flashing permanently recoverys.. u just need to edit the script like koush did with clockworkmod recovery this...
  19. brokenworm

    Thread HTC Tattoo flashing

    is it possible to get windows mobile on this device HTC Tattoo ? is it possible to get info on how to use the hboot and fastboot menu proberly ? im not allowed to edit with fastboot and adb dont find device brokenworm
  20. brokenworm

    Thread Flashing With HBOOT,FASTBOOT,RECOVERY meny

    to enter hboot,fastboot menu press and hold: BACK and END while powering up.. :cool: in the bootloader menu: click pvt ship s-on hboot-0.52.0001 (clic10000) microp-0203 radio- sep 22 2009, 14:40:39 options in hboot bootloader menu: hboot mode fastboot mode reset power down...