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    Thread 20140606 KK Gapps-slim and custom for CM11

    gapps-slim1.6_CM11_kk4.4.4.zip (your link to simplicity) change-log coming to post #7. Recent changes: Google Play 5.0.31 Google Play services 6.1.74 new Link2SD script added to avoid remounting script and reboot after gapps flash; thanks to Fiouz @ XDA for original script edited 70-gapps.sh to...
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    Thread [app] ICS Themed MiuiMusicV3 for Gingerbread ROM

    Found a nice ICS blue themed miuiV3 music player app for gingerbread ROMs; however, the lyrics and online music features still do not work. It wasn't displaying properly for stock dpi so I modified the layout and corrected some pixels and swapped a few images. Here's a link to the original...
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    Thread [Theme][TW-GB][EI22,EL30, FC09][MTD] Legacy Theme with or without pull-down animation

    New Theme for gingerbread-TW-MTD ROMs (In reference to LegacyRom, notable differences) This Theme adds none of these: build.prop tweaks, V6 SuperCharger, SuperSU, third-party-apps. (see ROM linked above, if interested in flashing ROM for these features or reading more detail...) But does add...
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    Thread [ROM][FC09][TW-MTD] Legacy ROM; new LegacyBlackDogROM1.04_MTD.zip [Updated 9/26/2013]

    New ROM with integrated BlackDog V6_SuperCharger script; BlackDog script LegacyBlackDogROM1.04_MTD.zip mirror server MD5 Sum: f2de1fee666b90ce9064e51e0525c48f Change log: thanks to J2k3, SB03 and cerchiara for suggestions and feedback! removed custom gallery and added stock 3D gallery due to...